Friday, October 7, 2022

Errands on Thursday and Friday

Daughter's Inktober Drawings for Week 1

My daughter is, once again, participating in Inktober, where one is given a set of prompts and you are supposed to draw a picture to illustrate the prompt.  The prompts for the first seven days were: gargoyle, scurry, bat, scallop, flame, bouquet, and trip.  

I've had a couple of productive days, yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday)!

Yesterday, I picked up the groceries at noon.  Jennifer was a sweetheart!  There were a couple of items I had wanted which appeared as "available for delivery only" and I had mentioned it to her; she immediately went back to the store and got me those items!  I thanked her and she brushed aside my thanks, but, then, asked me if I baked; I said yes and she said she'd love to try something I've baked and chocolate is her favorite flavor!  LOL.  Yes, I will be baking something chocolaty and taking it over to her!  

On my drive home, I noticed that there was a flex cord type thing hanging down in my car, from under the steering wheel, just above the pedals.  I could feel it brushing against my foot as I moved my foot from the brakes to the accelerator and back.  I didn't know quite what it was, but, I was pretty sure it shouldn't be hanging loose like that!  So, after I put away the groceries, baked the frozen pizza and ate a piece of it, I called the car service people and asked if I could come in to have it checked out.  They said yes and I drove over.  I spoke with Paul, the service consultant I usually deal with and he looked at the dangling flex and even he didn't know what it was!  But, he went in search of a mechanic and then, I remembered what it could be!

Several years ago, when I had first bought the car, the auto insurance company had required me to install a mileage monitoring device - having it installed (free of charge, at a service station of their recommendation) was supposed to give me a discount on my insurance and so, I had it installed.  Needless to say, after a year or so, they gave up on that requirement, but, the device had remained in place until, I guess it came loose on its own accord!  When the mechanic took a look, he confirmed that it was what I thought it was, the auto insurance company's monitoring device, and it was just hanging loose from a zip tie.  We didn't see any reason to keep it there and so, he cut the zip tie and handed me the device.  It has the auto insurance company's logo on it and I am not sure if I am supposed to return it to them or what, but, I doubt it.  I think I'll probably just toss it!

While I was having that tended to, I remembered the dead battery in the key fob!  Even though it sort of "recharged" itself that one time, it has been dead since then!  I mentioned it to Paul and he said their parts shop sells batteries and will install it for me.  The battery cost $6.65 with tax and the guy there installed it for me; he offered me the old battery, but, I didn't know what I'd do with it, so I asked him to recycle it for me (although, I think he just tossed it in the trash can that was under the counter!)  So, that was another task crossed off my To Do List and I was very proud of myself to have remembered the key fob battery!  LOL.  My mind is truly like a sieve, these days, and I don't always remember other related tasks when I am tending to one thing.  

After I came home, I relaxed and watched news, cleaned the litter box, chatted with friend R, called and left a message for neighbor T, chatted with Aunt C, and, later, video chatted with my daughter.  Dinner was a home cooked frozen hamburger patty on a bread ends "bun"!  Mango for dessert and there might have been some chocolate wafers, too!  LOL!

Today, Friday, I had a phone call from cousin V in the morning.  Afterwards, I changed the dust sheets on the family room sofas and did a load of laundry.  I hung the items up to dry.  There was another "weekly bill tracker" email from the gas company - 17 days into the billing period, with 12 days remaining, I have a current bill of $17.17 and an estimated bill of $29.30.  I guess I am using $1.01 worth of gas per day!  No mention of how many therms I've used! They also helpfully mentioned that my bill for the same month, last year, was $22.19 - but, omitted the fact that the price per unit of gas was less, last year!  LOL.  I have saved bill statements which allow me to see the actual therms used and cost per therm, etc.

In the early afternoon, I called CVS pharmacy to book a flu vaccine appointment and was told that I didn't need to make an appointment, they are accepting walk-ins.   Apparently, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, some of their pharmacies have hired an extra pharmacist to administer vaccinations to walk-ins.  I asked if there was a long wait and was told that there was a short wait.  So, I drove over within the half hour and signed up to get not only the flu vaccine, but also the pneumonia shot.  I decided not to get the Covid booster on this visit because I didn't want to overwhelm my system with too many antigens at the same time!  I especially don't want to get a sciatica flare-up as a result!

The pharmacy worker (Irene) who helped me register for the vaccines recognized me from pre-Covid days when I used to go to the pharmacy in person and we chatted a bit.  Then, she handed me the forms to fill out for the vaccines and I walked off to sit near the vaccination booth to fill them out.  About 5 minutes later, Irene walked over and handed me my medical insurance cards!  I had handed them to her when registering and had forgotten to get them back from her!  Did I say that my mind is like a sieve these days?

There were two other people ahead of me in the line to get the vaccinations and my wait time was about 15 minutes.  Afterwards, I took a quick look around one or two store aisles on my way out, but, apparently that urge to shop is only a side effect of the Covid vaccine!  I noticed that daughter's favorite brand of coffee was on sale for $6.99, but, I have several packs of her coffee in the fridge and didn't buy any more.  

There was a non-Sri Lankan Buddhist monk behind me in the line, also waiting for a vaccination; according to one of the Buddhist discourses (the Mangala Sutta), the sight of an observant monk is a blessing, so I took it as a good omen that the vaccination will go well.  I greeted him and spoke with him while we waited in line and, later, offered him a chair so he could sit while he waited for his turn to be called in to the vaccination booth.

After I came home, I had my brunch (a banana and an egg salad sandwich) and relaxed.  M arrived to tend to the garden and we chatted a bit; he watered and tidied the garden a bit.

My arms are starting to feel a bit sore; I plan to take it easy and relax in the evening, too.  

I am grateful for:

- The flex cord that was hanging from the car was not something important
- I was able to get the battery replaced in the key fob
- The availability of vaccines
- M helping with the garden
- Helpful customer service assistants such as Jennifer, Paul, Irene, and many others who help people every day.

Today's joyful activity is relaxing and taking it easy.

Weekend plans will depend very much on how I feel after the double vaccinations.  If I feel up to it, I might do some sewing.

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Now I know why I am impulse buying toasters in the supermarket it's a side effect of the Covid vaccine :) Jennifer is a lovely person and she will be thrilled when you present her with a chocolatey treat that you have baked for her. I'm glad you found out the hanging flex cord was nothing major and had it removed and had the key fob battery replaced at the same time. If it's any consolation you are not the only person with a memory like a sieve, another Covid vaccine side effect maybe. I hope you don't suffer any side effects from your two jabs, take care.

    1. Yes, the urge to shop is definitely a side effect of the Covid jab! :D I, too, am glad that the flex wasn't for something important like the power steering! :D The car is 8 years old, but, it's not old enough to start falling apart! :D

      Thank you, Eileen; I worry about my memory because, well, there is a history of dementia/Alzheimer's in my family! I do word games and sudoku, etc., to keep my brain active!

      My arms are a bit sore, right now, the left one with the pneumonia jab more than the right arm with the flu jab, but, I am hoping that I'll be fine, tomorrow. :)

  2. You got a lot of important errands done. I bet that feels good. You've reminded me that it's time to get a flu shot. I'll have to figure that out this week. I got my COVID booster a couple of weeks ago, so I won't have to double up.

    1. I am happy with what I managed to get done, June. Glad you've got your Covid booster already, that's the next one I have to have. Hope you find it easy to fit in the flu vaccine and you have little to no side effects from it. :)

  3. I love your daughter's drawings, she's very talented.

    I didn't suffer from the urge to shop when I had my Covid jab this time mainly because the injection was done by the pharmacist and all the shelves in the store were empty!

    Good news that the dangling flex wasn't expensive to sort out and also that you now have a new battery in your key fob. Have you decided what you are cooking for Jennifer yet? I'm sure she will appreciate whatever you choose too make.

    I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend and aren't suffering after effects from the injections. xx

    1. Thank you, Eileen; it's something she enjoys doing. :)
      I was shocked by my lack of urge to shop! :D I didn't have a list of anything I needed and, I guess there was nothing that I wanted, either!

      I was glad that the dangling flex was nothing serious and I have a new battery for the key fob. I could have managed without the remote on the key, but, it is convenient to have.

      I think I'll make a chocolate cake for Jennifer. Or, maybe brownies.

      Thank you, Eileen; I felt a bit feverish and cold, last night, and had to get another blanket and put on socks. My left arm was hurting, too, but, it is better, now. I've a load of laundry in the machine, but, I think I will take it easy, today. Hope you are having a good weekend, yourself. :)

  4. I love your daughter's colourful paintings. She is so talented. How nice that you now know what you can give to Jennifer as a thank you for her good service. That hanging cord must have been a bit of a concern, so it was fortunate that it was something no longer needed, and the price of having a new battery in the key fob was good, as I have always thought that these key fobs came with huge bills. We haven't seen any promotion of flu shots so far, but the booster is available and we are eligible, so we will be booking once we get the weekend over with. I have a large turkey sitting in the downstairs fridge, and I shall be happy when I get done with cooking tomorrow!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; she is enjoying doing these sketches. :)

      Yes, I'm happy that I can bake something chocolaty to thank Jennifer. :)

      I was very relieved that the hanging cord wasn't anything serious like providing power to the steering wheel or something like that! :D Replacement key fobs are expensive, but, the battery itself is one of those small round flat button like batteries. I have a second key fob as well, which needs a new battery, but, I keep that as the spare and hardly ever use it.

      I hope you are able to schedule your booster, soon. I am going to wait a couple of weeks to recover from the injections I received yesterday before I go for the booster.

      I'm glad you were able to get your Thanksgiving turkey and hope you have a wonderful celebration with your family, Bushlady. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. :)

  5. Your daughter is an amazing artist. X

  6. Enjoy baking for Jennifer! It's always more fun when it's to share. I'm glad she gave you an option for treating her. I have had some fun matching the prompts to the drawings. Some are obvious and I wavered between two possibilities for a couple but I wish I could draw as well as that! Are they entirely from imagination or copied/adapted? (One of them looks a bit like Alice in Wonderland...)

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella; yes, I will! Fewer calories consumed when you bake and share! :D
      As for my daughter's drawings, they are not all from her imagination. She bases a lot of them on anime characters, etc. I couldn't get the collage to come out in any order, but, from top to bottom, left to right: trip, flame, scallop (she drew a character from a series called Mermaid Melodies), gargoyle (a cat gargoyle), bats (Zubat and its evolutions from Pokemon), scurry (a rabbit based on the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland), and bouquet. Sunday's drawing for "match" is based on Mega Man series which includes a character named Mr. Match. :D

  7. Enjoying your daughter's artwork, especially the rabbit.

  8. Your daughter is incredibly talented!

    The thought of an unexpected wire loose in the car terrifies me. I don't know how you kept your composure and drove to the garage! Thank goodness it wasn't too expensive or complicated!

    1. Thank you, Lyssa; as I explained in response to an earlier comment, while daughter drew and colored the posted drawings, some are based on characters in anime/manga/video games, etc.

      Well, the car seemed to be safe enough to drive; I was hoping it wasn't the cord that provided power to the steering wheel or something! LOL.

  9. You checked some things off your list didn't you? - lots accomplished with those errands.
    I like that you did your own scientific research on exactly which vaccine induces the shopping urge :)
    I got the flu shot and the booster last Friday. We were luck and had no real side affects other than the sore arm.
    I've never had the pneumonia vaccine but my husband has. I'm glad you mentioned it as I see that is is recommended for adults 65 and older and that's me.
    Your daughter's drawings are wonderful. She has so many talents.

    1. I did get some errands crossed off my list!
      I'm glad you didn't get any major side effects from your flu shot and booster. The pneumonia vaccine was recommended for me (I'll be 67, next month!) and I decided to get it. Next up is the booster...going to wait on that for another week or so.
      Thank you, Debra. :)

  10. Your daughter is so very talented. I am looking forward to seeing her drawings, so I hope you'll be sharing more. Glad you got the car thing sorted. Must have been a bit unnerving not knowing what it was!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Some of her drawings are based on some anime/manga characters. :)
      Thank you; yes, I'm glad the car has been looked at and the loose flex was taken care of! Glad, too, that it wasn't anything important! :D


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