Sunday, May 1, 2022



Daughter's Dollar Store Grocery Haul

My daughter did her weekly grocery shopping, today, at the dollar store.  The dollar store has increased the prices on a lot of things, my daughter says, so, not everything is a dollar, anymore.  But, the strawberries were $1 for a 1 lb. container.  She bought bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, salad mixes and kits, a packet of cold cuts, a box of granola bars, freeze dried peach slices, dried seaweed, and some snacks.  Her grocery total came to $31.54.  She will get some half and half from a different store, later in the week.  

I haven't done any grocery shopping since we went to the Sri Lankan store on April 10!  I had thought I'd go over my April grocery budget, but, I didn't because I didn't go grocery shopping after that!  I thought I might have to grocery shop last week, but, I didn't need to.  

Today, I did a freezer inventory.  What I have is a side-by-side fridge/freezer.  I had gone through and sorted the fridge, shortly after my daughter went back to her apartment. Today, it was the freezer's turn.  I took everything out, shelf by shelf, making a note of what I had (and on which shelf) and putting things back.  I guess no one will be surprised to know that I have quite a lot of zucchini in the freezer!  LOL.  

I did use up some of that zucchini, today, when I finished cooking the packet of ground turkey I had browned the other day.  I added onions, a package of chopped zucchini, some tomatoes, and celery to the ground turkey.  I had some of the turkey with fried potatoes for my dinner, kept some of it in the fridge for meals next week, and froze some of it.  

Later, I did the dishes, chatted with friend R on the phone, and video chatted with my daughter.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- A full freezer
- Last year's zucchini harvest!
- Phone calls and video chats
- Mail delivery of medications
- A relaxed day

Today's joyful activity was crocheting.

How was your Saturday?  How is your Sunday coming along?


  1. That's great that your daughter's Dollar Store has fresh fruits and vegetables. She was able to get quite a bit for her amount spent.
    The Dollar Stores in my area don't have fresh fruits and vegetables.
    They do have fresh bread delivery and a freezer section but other than that it's canned and boxed food.

    Congrats on going so long without buying groceries and finishing up your month in a good position. Do you already have things in your cart at the store? I play around with my food cart online. I usually start the cart on the first day of their sale week, adding and subtracting things for days before setting up the pickup.
    I love a new month's beginning and doing my new monthly budgets:)

    I know you will be making your milk rice today. Happy May.

    1. This is a chain of stores called 99Cents Only (at one time, every item in the store was 99 cents, but, not any more!) and they have fresh produce and frozen foods in addition canned and packaged food items as well as household items. It's located very conveniently to her apartment (basically, across the street) so, she doesn't have to carry her groceries in the bus, etc.
      LOL, thank you! :D It wasn't my intention to go without grocery shopping for this long! But, the fridge and freezer were full. No, I don't have anything in the online store cart, right now! I have a list on the fridge door, of items I want, though. I will, however, do a grocery pick up sometime next week. I mostly want some fresh fruits, but, I'll get some pasta, too, and maybe some canned stuff. I'm going back to $100 per month for groceries, starting this month; wish me luck! :D
      Yes, milk rice and a fish curry is on the menu for brunch, today. :) You know me well! :D

  2. Your daughter picked up a good selection for her meals. It must please you to know that she cooks decent meals for herself, unlike my friend's children who all seem to rely on ready meals and takeaways! I don't know how they afford to live like that.

    Will you be adding to your zucchini stockpile or do you have enough to last the year out?

    I'm having a very quiet Sunday, trying to read but I keep getting interrupted by phone calls from family and friends and haven't finished the first chapter yet!

    1. Yes, she prepares healthy meals for herself; of the two of us, I am the one who likes fast food! :D She has been having salads for lunch, so bought a bunch of salad mixes for variety and to make it easier to pack lunches to take to the office on the days she goes in. She will cook her dinner dishes, tonight, and keep in the fridge for the week.
      Ha, ha, yes, if all goes well, I'll be adding to my zucchini stockpile, later this year! Just 2 or 3 plants, this time, around! Maybe 4! :D
      Oh, such inconsiderate family and friends to call and disturb you when you are trying to read! :D Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Eileen; you might have to catch up on your reading, tomorrow! :D

  3. I'm always amazed at what people find at their dollar stores. The ones around me don't have nearly so much food.

    1. The one my daughter goes to is called the 99Cents Only store, although, things are no longer only 99 cents there! They started selling fresh produce several years ago and I guess found that there was a demand for it. Even if things are no longer 99 cents only, their fresh produce tends to be a lot less expensive than they are at supermarkets.

  4. I love that you are still using up your zucchini :)

    1. Jules, I think that at this rate, I'll still have zucchini in the freezer well into this summer! :o

  5. Your daughter shops well for herself and that's a good selection of food. You've done well not needing a grocery shop since before mid-April. It's good to do a freezer inventory now and again as you can forget what's hiding in there, I was surprised what was in my frozen vegetable drawer yesterday

    1. Thank you, Eileen; yes, she does well with her shopping and cooking, too. I didn't realize quite how much food I had on hand, especially since it's back to cooking for one! I do want to shop for more fresh fruit, this week, though, and not let the pantry items get too low. :)

  6. zucchini (courgette here) is notorious for being prolific, but it's not a bad thing to have in the freezer. It must feel odd for your daughter to be grocery shopping again. I'm sure that she's learned good habits from you.

    1. It's good to have zucchini/courgette in the freezer. I am using it to extend ground meat and to sneak in some more vegetables into my diet. Even so, this year, I refuse to plant more than 3 or 4 zucchini plants at the most! :D
      My daughter does enjoy grocery shopping and being able to do so in person (when she was here, she helped me order the groceries online).


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