Monday, May 16, 2022

May Meal Planning - Week 3

 First, a review of how things went during Week 2:

Breakfast:  Leftover cornbread
Lunch: Leftover waffles with the last bit of fish curry; and one with blueberries and whipped topping!
Dinner:  Leftover chicken drumstick, corn, vegetables.

Brunch:  Salad Toast, half with cheese and half with ginger marmalade 
Dinner:  Ham and split pea soup, rosemary drop biscuits

Brunch:  Salad, drop biscuits
Dinner: Leftover soup, biscuits, fruit salad

Brunch: Salad 
Dinner: Roti Parathas and chicken curry; fruit salad  

Brunch:  Leftover roti and chicken curry Fried rice
Dinner:  Baked battered fish fillets (frozen), with broccoli and corn

Brunch:  French toast (thanks, Debra!)
Dinner:  Fried rice Ground turkey mixture from the freezer with leftover corn, toast

Brunch:  Scrambled eggs and fried potatoes Armenian pastries (gata)!
Dinner:  Roast pork (from freezer), vegetables, rice or noodles Scrambled egg and toast; Frozen burrito

Well, that didn't go exactly as planned, did it?  LOL.

I'm going to try a different approach this week:

Brunches: Leftover Armenian pastries (Monday), salads, toast and scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc.

Dinners: Roast pork (from the freezer) made over with onions, tomatoes, broccoli, etc. (Monday and Wednesday), leftover ham and split pea soup (which needs to be finished - Tuesday), stir-fry with cooked sausages from the freezer and noodles or rice (Thursday and Friday), roti and chicken curry (Saturday and Sunday). 

Let's see how that works!  LOL.

Are you making any meal plans for this week?


  1. You started off well! And on the Sunday you can blame the gatas, LOL. I find that a list of meals always works better for me as I can cherry pick, I am too contrary. I am still doing HF and one meal for this week sounds interesting a Sri Lankan Potato and Cauliflower Dhal.

    1. The meal plans are flexible. I think having a list of meal options will work well for me. Oh, that potato and cauliflower dhal sounds good! :) You must tell me what you think of it. :)

  2. Yes you started off well but it doesn't matter that it didn't go to plan does it.

    1. It doesn't matter, at all, Eileen. The meal plan is just a suggestion, as far as I am concerned, although, if I have leftovers in the fridge, then, I do try to finish them (or freeze them) so that nothing goes to waste. :)

  3. You exchange enough food with your friends, that it's hard to predict what you will have to eat each week. But a plan is always good for a back up. :)

    1. Or, if I'm not exchanging food, then, I buy some! Today, for example, I picked up a pizza on the way home from the doctor's appointment, so, there will be pizza on the menu for this week! :D

  4. I've done the same as you this time and just have a list of ideas for the next two weeks. Some of those meals have dates by them and that's the date I must have eaten that meal by (because of how long certain ingredients will last). It's a different way of planning for me so I'll see how I get on - usually I pick from the freezer when I do a list of meals but this time I have lots of fresh ingredients to use up.

    1. I hope this way of meal planning will work well for you, Eileen. Oh, and, before I forget, those murasaki sweet potatoes I wrote about in an earlier post - I made a mistake and said that murasaki means sweet potato; it doesn't! Murasaki means purple in Japanese! I misread what my daughter had written! Lady Ella correctly said murasaki means purple in her comment on that post!
      And coming back to meal planning - I bought myself a pizza on the way home from the doctor's appointment, so that throws my meal plan off my a couple of meals, at least! :D


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