Friday, May 20, 2022

Productive Thursday


Lunch Salad

Yesterday (Thursday) turned out to be quite a productive day.  I didn't experience any more cramps and I made it a point to drink at least 8 cups of water!

I picked up my groceries in the late morning, which required two trips to the grocery store as I've already mentioned in my previous post.  After I came home, I had one of the bananas I had bought and then, made myself a salad for lunch - iceberg lettuce, a carrot cut up into sticks, the last of the old cucumber, and some canned garbanzo beans (or chick peas as they are also called), and bottled salad dressing.  

After lunch, I did another Random Act of Cleaning (RAOC) - I took my long handled duster and dusted the tops of all the doors and the tops of the door frames!  It's not something I remember to do every time I clean a room, which is why I call it a RAOC.  Then, I washed the duster.  

On Monday, when I did laundry, the washing machine did a little jig and angled itself:

"Spin your load and do si do"

I couldn't budge it, but, on Wednesday, M was able to get it back into position.  Since my laundry "room" is actually closet sized and there isn't much space to move around in there, he had to move a couple of things out in order to have enough room to shift the washer.  So, on Thursday, I pulled everything else out, swept and mopped the floor, and put everything back in place, again.  

Laundry Room

There are two plastic coated wire shelves above, which store various items, including the cat carrier, new bath mats, and odds and ends.  The attic access space is directly over them!

Looks messy, doesn't it?

New pack of extra hangers are hanging from the edge of the top shelf (bought after we received all those clothes from my cousin) and the hangers on the lower shelf are used when I hang up laundry to dry indoors, from the door frames.

Then, since Thursday is my kitchen cleaning day, I scrubbed the stove top including under the burners (I use baking soda as my cleanser of choice), cleaned the toaster (where did all those crumbs come from?), cleaned the microwave, wiped down the counters, and scrubbed the sink.  Finally, after a break for tea, I swept and mopped the kitchen floor.  I didn't get to the vent hood, but, that's for another day. 

I didn't accomplish all the things I had listed on my To Do list for Thursday, but, I did a couple of things that weren't listed (RAOC and laundry room) and I am happy with what I was able to accomplish.  

Thursday's To Do List:
- Pick up groceries ✔
- Clean the kitchen/ continue tidying the drawers ✔
- Vacuum if up to it
- Paperwork/filing
- Do more mending
- RAOC - dust door frames and tops of doors ✔
- Clean the laundry room ✔

Dinner was soup (I guess I made more soup than I thought I did!) and strawberries for dessert.  I had some cereal as a late night snack.

On Thursday, I was grateful for:
- Being able to receive all the groceries I ordered, even if it took two trips!
- Safe drives to the store and back
- Not getting any more cramps
- Phone chats and emails with friends; video chats with my daughter
- What I was able to accomplish

Thursday's joyful activity has to be receiving all my groceries!  LOL.  

How was your Thursday?  How is your Friday coming along?


  1. That's all you need, a washer trying to go for a walk! I see you have wire shelves just like ours and they are so useful to hook things onto, aren't they? I have some "S" hooks and with two small ones I hooked a length of plastic cord underneath to hold a roll of paper towel.

    We had lunch out with several friends, by the river under an open tent. With a good breeze blowing it was certainly well-ventilated! We had all preordered our food via the internet, which saved wasting part of our visit choosing and ordering.

    1. Ha, ha, I think I've a dance partner if I ever need one! :D I do find the wire shelves to be useful, but, I think I might make a couple of fabric covered boxes to put up there to hold all the odds and ends!
      Oh, that sounds like a lovely spot for having lunch with friends - well ventilated, as you say, and probably with a nice view, as well. How clever to preorder your lunch! :)

  2. Your salad looks very tasty. Your laundry room is compact and I thought my utility room was small but as long as there is room for everything you need then that's OK and it looks neat to me. Good to know you didn't suffer any more cramps and you certainly did some good housework, I'll have to remember that phrase, random acts of cleaning :)

    1. Thank you, Eileen. When I first bought the house, the washing machine was located in the garage. But, when I had the family room addition put in, I wanted a laundry area to be included in the addition, so I didn't have to go outside to the garage to do laundry. At first, I wanted to have the washer and dryer side by side, but, that would have required a wider space. This space works, but, every now and then, I wish I had a slightly larger space so I could store my vacuum cleaner in there.

  3. You have been really busy with your housecleaning chores since your "blah period" (I can't remember what you called it lol)
    It seems to have spurred you into a period of accomplishment.

    In your comments I see the laundry machines used to be in your garage until you had your addition done and moved them inside. That seems to be somewhat common in warmer areas - I know it's done in Florida sometimes.
    In my area the laundry is often in the basement. I always hated that idea. Dealing with steps and laundry. up and down up and down -
    When we bought this house I created a mudroom off the kitchen which leads into the garage and out into the back yard. (it is the only egress into the backyard from inside the house)
    I put the washer and dryer in there. Now that we are older I am especially glad I had that done.

    1. Ah, yes, my "slump". There were a couple of things that were getting me down, including the state of the house which needs some repairs, etc., that I am unable or unwilling to do right now. I needed to change my attitude from focusing on the negatives and what I can't do to the positives and what I can do. From, "No matter how much I clean the room, it doesn't look clean because the walls are dingy and need to be painted" to "The walls maybe dingy and need painting, BUT, they are still standing, the windows are clean, the furniture is dusted, the floor is swept". There's nothing I'd like better than to get a can of paint and paint the walls, but, before I do that, some of the walls need some repair work done and some ceiling fixtures replaced (I have 4 ceiling fans in this house and only one of them works properly), etc. I'm just not ready to tackle the repair work, yet. But, until I do, the ceiling fans will have their blades cleaned and I might buy a couple of additional stand fans to help keep the rooms cool this summer. Focusing on what I CAN do. :)

      I love having the washer and dryer inside the house. The only time that was a problem was when one of the hoses sprang a leak in the middle of the night, several years ago. I woke up to the sound of what I thought was the shower running and wondering who was taking a shower at that time of the night; when I got up to check, the bathroom had a pool of water (the laundry area is on the other side of the bathroom, separated by a wall) and there was water in the family room, too, and a fountain inside the laundry room! The plumber I called out the following day said the hoses should be replaced every 5 years or so. I'm glad you don't have to carry baskets of laundry up and down the steps to the basement and back. :)

  4. I'm so pleased to hear that there was no repeat of the leg cramps today ... long may that continue. I don't have a utility room so my washer dryer is in the kitchen, which is a tiny room, but it's enough for me. I keep the iron, ironing board, vacuum and cleaning stuff in the cupboard under the stairs. I do have a music room though!!

    1. Thank you, Eileen. :)
      You certainly have your priorities right when it comes to rooms! :D I love it! I keep the iron and ironing board in the laundry room; the ironing board is usually tucked in the space between the wall and the washer; currently, however, it is set up in the dining room, next to the sewing machine! The vacuum cleaner has no proper home. I usually keep it in the spare room, but, currently, it is hiding behind the door in my daughter's room!

  5. We have an adequate-sized laundry room in this house on the main floor. Having the washer on the main level instead of in the basement was one of the things we looked for when buying this last house. It's our age in place house, so when our knees don't like the steps, we won't have to go to the basement to wash our clothes.

    1. Wise planning on your part, June, to buy a house with the laundry facilities on the main level. :) My sister lives in a condo with three levels and I worry about her going up and down the stairs, but, her laundry room is on the same level as the bedrooms, so, she doesn't have to carry laundry up and down the stairs.

  6. Oh, sorry to hear you have been having cramps. I started having those in my toes after we went to the ballgame last weekend, and I know it was because I let myself get dehydrated. Took 2 days for them to clear up. So I am pushing myself to drink lots more water, and lots less soda with caffiene (it's my weakness).

    ROAC - I like that. Hubby is the king of the long-handled duster at our house, going after cobwebs etc. But I wonder if he remembers to do the top of the door frames. Hmmm. . . I better drop a hint.

    1. Yes, I've been making sure I'm drinking my 8 cups of water a day! I don't always remember to drink enough water when the weather is cool.
      Those tops of door frames (and the doors, themselves) tend to get quite dusty! I am not always good about cleaning surfaces that are above eye level and since I am vertically challenged, there are lots of things above my eye level! :D

  7. I'm so glad the cramps have subsided. I love how your lunch looks so vibrant and colourful. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. I'm trying to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. :)


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