Monday, May 23, 2022

May Meal Planning - Week 4

This had been the meal plan for last week:

Brunches: Leftover Armenian pastries (Monday), salads, toast and scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc.

Dinners: Roast pork (from the freezer) made over with onions, tomatoes, broccoli, etc. (Monday and Wednesday), leftover ham and split pea soup (which needs to be finished - Tuesday), stir-fry with cooked sausages from the freezer and noodles or rice (Thursday and Friday), roti and chicken curry (Saturday and Sunday). 

How did it work out?


Brunch - Leftover Armenian pastries (so good!)
Dinner: Roast pork (from the freezer) made over with onions, tomatoes, etc.

Tuesday: Pizza!  For both lunch and dinner!

Brunch: Salad (oh, I feel so virtuous!)
Tea: Shredded pork sandwich
Dinner: Ham and split pea soup; cookies!

Brunch: Banana, Salad
Dinner: Leftover soup, strawberries (there might have been a dollop of whipped topping, too)

Friday:  Frozen ravioli - for both lunch and dinner!  I guess I liked it, after all!  Also, it was easy and I didn't feel like cooking!  Strawberries for dessert (yes, whipped topping, too).

Breakfast: Banana
Lunch: Soup, slice of buttered toast
Dinner: Rice, broccoli, omelet curry; strawberries for dessert (without whipped topping!  Ooh, such self control!)

Brunch: Sauteed garbanzo beans
Dinner: Barbecue and other goodies, compliments of neighbor S

And that is how it worked out!  LOL.

On to Week 4:

Once again, I am going with options and no set meal plan by day.  I've some leftovers to finish, too.

Brunches: Leftover garbanzo beans and pork fried rice (Monday), scrambled eggs on toast, or egg salad sandwiches

Dinners:  Leftover pork fried rice, Spaghetti with cooked ground turkey (from the freezer); Stir-fry with cooked sausages (from the freezer) and rice, Coconut roti and chicken curry or Kotthu Roti with chicken curry (depends on what I feel like making), Leftovers.    

Let's see how that works!  LOL.

Did you make a meal plan, last week?  If so, how did it work out for you?  Are you making any meal plans for this week?


  1. I love reading what you are planning and what you ate. Exotic is the first word that comes to mind most weeks.
    I want some Armenian pastries!

    1. Thank you, Anne; plans maybe changed at any time, as you know, but, that's part of the fun of meal planning, isn't it? The Armenian pastries were delicious. I highly recommend them!

  2. I'll be doing some batch cooking later this week. Until then I'm using up things from the freezer and cupboards to make my meals - I have a list of options to help me use up the ingredients that have been hanging about for the longest. I'll need to restock the cupboards once I've done the batch cooking ... it's going to be an expensive couple of months!

    1. Sounds like a good plan to me, Eileen. Restocking will be expensive, but, hopefully, you'll find some good deals when you are restocking.

  3. I'm glad you are liking your ravioli after all. It is nice to have something quick when you don't feel like cooking.

    1. It was an easy meal and I already had the pasta sauce on hand. I froze some of the pasta sauce and today, I added the last packet of frozen cooked ground turkey I had to the rest of the pasta sauce and had spaghetti with it. There's enough leftover for tomorrow, too. :)


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