Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A Good Start to the Week

My Daughter's Painting: Apple Blossoms

My daughter decided to take an on-line painting class, today (Tuesday), after work, as a fun activity.  

Daughter received an email from someone she supervises, this morning, saying that she  had been exposed to Covid at the office on Thursday (I suppose she received a notification from the office contact tracing people) and had woken up this morning feeling ill.  She had said she was going to get herself tested, today.  Their cubicles are diagonally across from each other's and they had both been in the office on Thursday!  Fortunately, my daughter keeps her mask on in the office, all day.  Daughter said she is feeling fine, but, she will be testing herself tomorrow morning, as required, prior to going into the office.  I am, of course, hoping that daughter will be fine and her rest will be negative.

I have had a couple of productive days, so far.

Yesterday (Monday), I did my usual Monday weekly cleaning tasks and dusted the living room and dining area, did a load of laundry, emptied all the waste baskets in the various rooms, cleaned the litter box, cleaned the fridge, and took the big trash bins to the curb for pick up on Tuesday morning.  Then, I continued with my pantry inventory and reorganized some of the kitchen cabinet shelves that act as my pantry shelves.  

Cousin P called while I was in the middle of doing my pantry inventory and we chatted for a good hour or so.  Then, I made myself a cup of tea and turned on the news to catch up on what was going on in Sri Lanka.  I checked with the daughter of one of my cousins in Sri Lanka and she hastened to assure me that they were all OK.  Later I spoke with friend R and she said she had been in contact with her daughters and they were OK, too, but, of course, she was concerned about them.  

I made a pot of soup, yesterday, with a ham bone that I had kept in the freezer for the purpose and dried green split peas that I had put to soak in the morning.  I added carrots, tomatoes, broccoli stems, onions, garlic, etc., to the soup and let it simmer for several hours while I did other stuff.  But, I finished some leftovers for my dinner, yesterday, and kept the soup for today.

Today (Tuesday), I brought the trash cans in after they had been emptied by the City's solid waste collection trucks, watered the front garden, and picked fresh flowers for the altars and mantelpiece.

Then, I finished the pantry inventory, going through and organizing the last shelf where I keep pantry items.  Some people have a pantry room or a dedicated pantry cabinet.  I don't.  I keep various pantry items in various places, some in the kitchen, some in the spare bedroom, some in this kitchen cabinet and some in that cabinet, etc.  So, my pantry inventory not only lists the items, quantities, and expiration dates of some of the items (although I am of the opinion that most canned items are good for several years after their best by/expiration dates), they are also listed by where I store them!  My old lists were all hand written lists; this time, I typed them into the computer, to make it easier to update and maintain.  That took a little extra time.  But, it is all done, now, and I added one or two items to the running list of items needed that I keep posted on the fridge door to order.  

After that, I took a look at this week's grocery ads, online.  I usually receive the paper ads with the mail on a Tuesday, but, didn't receive them, today.  Well, I was very unimpressed by this week's grocery offers.  I am very glad that I did a grocery order, last week, instead. 

After tea, and a phone chat with my daughter, I dealt with the stack of papers I had wanted to sort through.  It took me almost one hour to do that, but, everything has now been filed.  That is not the end of the paperwork (there's another stack on my desk), but, this particular stack has been dealt with.  Of the original "brain dump" list of 10 items I posted on Saturday, I have now checked off 8 items, started on the 9th item (the second baby blanket) and have only one item left to do (sew on new borders to a quilt).  I am very pleased with what I have been able to accomplish since Saturday.

I changed my mind about having a salad for brunch and had a slice of toast, instead, half of it with a slice of cheese, and the other half with ginger marmalade!  Dinner was a bowl of the ham and split pea soup and I made a batch of American-style drop biscuits to go with it, adding some fresh rosemary leaves to the dough to flavor them:

Rosemary Drop Biscuits

They were very tasty, if I say so myself!  And rather addictive!

Soup and Biscuits

There is more soup and biscuits left for several meals, this week.  I might change my meal plan, again!  LOL.

Today, I am grateful for:
- My daughter is feeling well
- My family in Sri Lanka seem to be safe and OK
- What I have been able to accomplish these past couple of days
- Water for the garden
- Working appliances

Today's joyful activity was opening this box which was delivered today:

Surprise Box

To find it filled with these little foam pieces:

Hope they're recyclable!

And hidden under all those foam pieces were:


The rest of my Mothers' Day gift from my daughter!  Two cereal bowls in the Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" pattern to match my tea cups!  Of course, I love them!  But, I scolded her for spending so much money!    She said she set a budget for my gifts and the lotion and the bowls did not exceed that budget!  LOL.  The apple does not fall too far from the tree!  She said I was to use them for everyday use.  I washed them and put them in the cabinet to take out as needed. 

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Tend to the garden with M
- Start on the quilt borders
- Dust my bedroom

May decluttering so far have included:
4 items of clothing
2 note books
5 brochures/catalogs/magazines

How was your Tuesday?  How is your Wednesday coming along?


  1. Prayers that your daughter stays well. Your cereal bowls are beautiful. How thoughtful of your daughter to know what the perfect gift would be. We have been following along with the (distressing) new from Sri Lanka as we have church friends that have their families still there. There is just so much anger about the world.

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou; my daughter's test was negative, this morning. We both heaved a big sigh of relief! The cereal bowl are lovely aren't they? Almost too lovely to use, but, I've got to that stage in life when I feel that it is time to use the good china while I still can! :D I hope the families of your church friends are safe and doing well. The shortages the people have been experiencing is heartbreaking.

  2. I thought I recognized the pattern on those bowls. What a thoughtful gift. I'm glad that your daughter is okay. I've had three coworkers who have hd COVID (one of them twice), but masks and timing of when we worked together has never caused a problem for me. Here's hoping that keeps up.

    1. Yes, it was a very thoughtful gift; I love that pattern and I really needed some bowls. I had bought some smaller bowls from IKEA, several years ago, but, two of them broke and the other two have cracks under their glaze and should probably be decluttered. In fact, I might just do that, today, since I now have two new bowls!
      My daughter's test results (self test at home) came negative, so, we both felt much better about things. I'm glad you didn't catch it from your coworkers! Hopefully, their cases were mild and they recovered without complications.

  3. Your daughter's painting is beautiful as are the bowls she sent to you for your Mother's Day gift, indeed you must use them. I do hope she hasn't caught the virus, just goes to show it might have been better to continue working from home. So good to know your family are safe and OK, I've read a little about the situation there on the BBC news. You certainly are keeping yourself busy and your soup and biscuits look delicious. The sun is shining here after a very rainy morning so I've walked Tilly without getting wet :)

    1. Thank you, Eileen; I love that painting! I think she is going to hang it in her cubicle at the office. Yes, working from home could have been continued, but, I think she enjoys going into the office, too, for the chance to socialize a bit with her coworkers. She tested herself this morning and the results came negative, so, we are both very thankful.
      Yes, I will use my new cereal bowls. I will probably use them for other things besides cereal, too! :)
      I'm glad you had some sunshine after the rain and were able to walk Tilly without getting wet! I'm sure Tilly enjoyed it, too, or doesn't she mind the rain? It's sunny and windy, here!

  4. Your new bowls are beautiful and a lovely thoughtful gift from your daughter. Will you do as she says and use them regularly?

    I finished my inventories today but hadn't thought about adding use by dates. That's a really good idea but maybe for the next time I check amounts now, unless I can summon up the enthusiasm from somewhere!

    It's good news that your family in Sri Lanka are okay and hope that continues to be the case. It's a worrying situation isn't it?

    My Wednesday has been good. The piano lesson went well and C was pleased with how I'd done ... definitely a two sticker lesson! I had lunch out with L and then we both enjoyed the film we saw. Still to look forward to are two TV shows, The Repair Shop and the Great British Sewing Bee, both on tonight.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; yes, I will use the new bowls...very, very carefully! :)
      That's good that you finished your inventorying; checking the dates can wait until you next inventory them. I don't usually worry about expiry dates, but, I do try to use up the older items first.
      The situation in Sri Lanka is rather worrying, but, hopefully, things will improve. I watched some of the videos some of my family had posted; in some ways, the country has changed a lot since I left in 1973, but, in other ways, it seems to have remained the same!
      Yay for a good piano lesson! A double sticker performance! Glad you are having a good Wednesday. :)

  5. I forgot to say that I hope your daughter hasn't caught Covid and that she tests as negative xx

    1. Thank you, Eileen; she tested negative this morning and we are both very relieved, as you can imagine. :)

  6. Lovely bowls! How nice to expand your set. Your soup also looks really delicious. I could easily down a portion now! I think of you every time Sri Lanka comes on the news. I hope things soon get under control, and of course that the underlying problems are effectively dealt with. A few people are saying something similar is not out of the question in the UK as we enter a very real cost of living crisis. Energy is the big one but food prices are also rising quickly and the government doesn't seem to have too much inspiration for how to tackle either. The apple blossom has come out really well; I'd be proud to have painted that!

    Ella. (Posting anonymously as my Google ID isn't working. On some blogs I can't comment at all!)

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella, I'm delighted with the new bowls.
      I hope things can be resolved in a peaceful manner in Sri Lanka. The underlying issues are a big problem.
      I like the painting; it has a tropical feel to it, I think.
      I'm sorry you are having to post anonymously! I hope your Google ID will work again!

  7. I hope your family in Sri Lanka stays safe. The news from there is distressing. So much conflict in the world now, tho I guess there always has been.

    The bowls are lovely. Such a thoughtful gift from your daughter. Her painting is also lovely. It coordinates nicely with the bowls! I hope she hasn't gotten Covid. Fingers crossed for a negative test. You are so organized with your multiple "pantries"! My lists were hand written and keeping them updated a chore that I finally just gave up. It never occurred to me to type them up. Brilliant idea!

    1. Thank you, Celie; so far, it seems like everyone is safe and doing OK.
      My daughter's self test came negative and she went to the office, today. She put up the new painting in her cubicle and took down the old one (a painting of apples that she did) down.
      I don't think I'm all that organized with my pantry items being stored all over the house, but, I am grateful that I can stock up. Having the lists typed up makes it easy to keep them updated. There are also free printable lists on various websites, if you prefer that. :)

  8. That is a very pretty painting and I'm sure your daughter enjoyed painting it. I hope she will be free of Covid. At least she has been warned of the possible exposure. How splendid to have the Old Country Roses cereal bowls to go with your other items. It must be hard for you and your friends to hear of the goings on in Sri Lanka.
    Your soup and biscuits look delicious. There is something about biscuits and pastry of all kinds that make any idea of restricting carbs quite unwelcome! And my heart goes out to those who must stick to gluten free baking.
    Our sunny weather continues and we have 6 yellow tulips in the yard and 2 daffodils that come up every year. The serviceberry trees are just opening their white blossoms. I went out for groceries this morning and had a long phone chat with a friend in the afternoon.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; my daughter tested negative, which is a big relief! She went to the office, today, and took her new painting to hang in her cubicle. :)
      The new cereal bowls are lovely, aren't they? I look forward to using them!
      I do hope the political situation and the economy in Sri Lanka improve. It has been almost 49 years since I left the country, but, it still holds a special place in my heart.
      Thank you; the soup just called out for some biscuits to go with it! :D They turned out really well (in my opinion).
      Glad you are continuing to have sunny weather and the flowers are starting to bloom in your garden. Sounds like spring has arrived! :) Sounds like you had a good day. :)

  9. What a lovely painting. Your daughter is very talented. I hope she is negative and stays that way. Try not to worry. Easy to say, but your daughter is very careful and has been wearing her mask and has had her vaccinations.

    1. Thank you, Sharon; yes, she tested negative and we are both very relieved. The painting now hangs in her cubicle at work, she says. :)

  10. I hope your daughter's test is negative!
    You got a lot done . I have inventoried my food storage and it took almost two days to get it done and in order. I bought a dry erase notebook, listed the items in permanent marker then have amounts listed in erasable marker. The hardest part for me is keeping it properly updated.
    Maybe one day I will be completely organized. I doubt it but maybe.
    I love your Mothers Day gift. Use those dishes all the time, even if you are just eating a piece of toast!

    1. Thank you, Anne; yes, she tested negative. :)
      I have not heard of a dry erase notebook! But, I like the idea and how you've set it up! I, too, don't always keep the inventory updated; I am hoping I will be able to maintain it now that it's on the computer. Being organized is a goal for me, too! :D
      Yes, I promised my daughter that I will use the dishes! :)

  11. I'm able to comment again!
    Your daughter's painting is lovely. What an enjoyable activity to participate in and she has quite the talent for it.
    And those drop biscuits sound delicious, especially with soup. I have some rosemary growing in the garden so I might bake some myself during the week.
    How thoughtful of your daughter to send you those bowls. And yes, do make sure to use them every day. They are meant to be enjoyed :)
    Fingers crossed your daughter remains negative. Xx

    1. Yay! Glad you are able to comment again, Jules. :)
      Thank you; yes, my daughter tested negative this morning! The new painting now hangs in her cubicle at the office, she said. :)
      The drop biscuits turned out great and went really well with the soup (as well as on their own with a little butter!)
      I love my new bowls and I will be using them (very carefully!) :)

  12. The next time you have a bowl of that yummy looking split pea soup I'm sure your daughter would love it if you used one of those beautiful bowls she gifted you. But if you're like me you'll use them for special occasions only. LOL Your daughter's apple blossom painting came out beautiful! I hope she plans to hang it on the wall of her apartment. She did a really good job. Denise

    1. Ha, ha, I do tend to keep the pretty stuff for special occasions, but, I use the tea cups from the set daily and I have promised my daughter that I will use the bowls, too. :)
      My daughter took the new painting to hang on her cubicle in the office, she said. I really like how it looks. :)

  13. So pleased that your daughter was negative. Her painting is lovely. The cereal bowls are one of my favourite patterns, I have a cup and saucer n that pattern. Your pantry sounds like mind all in different locations, but I have tried to keep similar foods in the same place, I do need to do an inventory, but the immensity of the job scares me, LOL.
    I think of you whenever I see news about Sri Lanka, we have two families in my church who have parents and relatives there, it is so hard for them. Unfortunately there are so many hotspots in this world. Your rosemary drop scones look yummy as does the soup. Reminds me of the soup my mother made and that was always simmering on the stove we we came home from school during winter. Tonight I had the Haloumi Creamy Roast vegetable Salad, it took only 20 minutes to prepare and cook. I must say that HF portions are quite generous, there was enough for 3 portions rather than 2.

    1. Thank you, Sharon; it was a big relief that she tested negative! Her painting turned out well, didn't it? The class was an hour long and she said she took an extra 30 minutes to finish it.
      I have always liked the Old Country Roses design. :)
      Sigh, my pantry - I used to have it all in the kitchen cabinets, but, when the pandemic began, I decided to expand my "earthquake emergency" pantry and the extra bits have been stored in the spare bedroom. What's more, I don't have all the similar foods together, so, you really have to keep track of where the extra bag of sugar is, or which box has the extra cans of coconut milk! Not at all well organized!
      I hope the families of your church members are all safe.
      Sounds like the HF meals are easy to prepare and quite worth the money; I suppose they cater to hearty appetites! :)

  14. Reading through I see your daughter's test was negative. Thank goodness! I hope she continues to stay safe as she figures out this new world we all live in.
    The bowls are wonderful. What a thoughtful daughter you have :)

    You got a lot done! With your cleaning and your pantry organizing - you were so busy. Thank goodness Aunt P called so you could have a nice break in the middle of it all.

    Your soup looks so good, Bless. It inspired me to to throw some things together this morning in my crockpot so we would have some soup later. Lentils, some frozen cubed up butternut squash I had in the freezer from Thanksgiving, onions, carrots, garlic, etc.
    In the refrigerator, I have some of the chicken thighs thawing that I got on sale this week to cook later today. Food will be set for a few days :)

    1. Thank you, Debra; yes, we are both very thankful that the test results were negative. :)
      The bowls are lovely, aren't they? :)
      I am determined to get some of those items crossed off my list! The bigger items get broken down to more manageable segments, but, the house is looking much better than it did a week or so ago. :)
      Your soup sounds good, too. My freezer is full of bones that I have saved to make broth/soup, so there will be more soup in the future! :D

  15. She did a fabulous job on the painting! And the blooms on the bowls are pretty too. Royal Albert has a way with flowers -- I have a small perfume atomizer in one of their floral patterns that I just love.

    1. Thank you, Susanne. I really like how her painting turned out. She said she didn't have the paint colors the instructor used, so, just used what she had! :D
      I love the Old Country Roses pattern. :)

  16. Your daughter is awesome, and of course she wants to spoil her mum! I love that painting. You sound like you have been really productive. I agree that a proper list on the computer is a better way of keeping an inventory, but I like the handwritten lists. The drop biscuits sound incredibly tasty.

    1. Thank you, Lyssa; I do think my daughter is rather awesome. :) It's a very pretty painting, isn't it? Yes, I've been very productive! I am not quite sure how long I can keep it up, but, I am determined to maintain the momentum for as long as I can! :D


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