Friday, July 31, 2020

On the Last Day of July

Peach-Orange Juice

Nothing quite like being woken up by your neighbor calling to say that the police had just been to her house because, apparently, another neighbor had called them to report seeing a man with a knife walking around neighbor's property!  Yikes!  She was calling to tell me to keep my doors locked and windows closed!  I normally open the living room drapes to let in the sunshine, but, today, I kept them drawn!  Later, my neighbor's daughter called me; she had come by to check on her mother and she said that everything seemed fine.  We agreed that it was probably some transient, passing through.  I had seen an encampment a couple of blocks away, before the lockdown, when I was driving past there; I haven't driven in that area, recently, so I don't know if the tents are still there or not.

Later, I poured some of the peach canning juice into a glass and squeezed the juice from a fresh orange into it.  I didn't expect the orange juice to float on top the way it did!  Looked so pretty, I took a photo.  Then, I topped it off with water and it still looked pretty and I tried to take another photo.  Except, I knocked over the glass and ended up with a mess on my dining table!  Not an auspicious start to the last day of July!

It has been another rather warm day.  I think today's high was in the upper 90s.  I ventured outside around 9:30 a.m. to water the moringa plants and the avocado seedling and it was already hot!  The rest of the garden got watered in the evening when M came to tend to it.  He also did a bit of tidying up of the garden for me, removing the spent four o'clock plants, deadheading the roses, and cutting down the overgrown grass at the very back.  

I took it easy, today, doing a couple of blog posts, reading and commenting on other blogs, watching news and one or two other TV programs, etc.  Later, friend R called and we chatted for a bit.  I also watered the indoor plants.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Neighbor T calling to alert me about the visit from the police
- Being safe and unharmed
- Fans and electricity to run them
- M helping with the garden
- Warm summer days

Today's joyful activity was relaxing and eating more ice cream! 

Tomorrow is supposed to be another warm day, with highs in the upper 90s (97F, according to the weather forecast).  I don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow, other than making a couple of cards and maybe a little tidying up.

How was your last day of July?  What are your plans for tomorrow?


  1. Well that was a scary start to the day. I'm glad to hear that you and your neighbours were unharmed.

    The juice drink does look so pretty - I bet that if you'd wanted that layered effect it wouldn't have happened!

    I don't know how you manage in the heat. We had our hottest day yesterday, in the 80s, and I just wilted in front of the fan!!! Today it's cooler and it's been raining, so I will plonk myself in front of the TV this afternoon and watch Sunshine on Leith, a musical I've wanted to watch for ages but keep missing.

    I hope you have a good weekend xx

    1. Yes, it was! I went around the house checking to make sure all the windows were closed before I went to sleep, last night. I usually check them, every night, anyway, but, I double checked, last night!

      I usually add lemon juice to the peach canning liquid and that doesn't have a layered effect, so I was surprised to see the orange juice did that! I was disappointed when the whole thing spilled, however!

      Ha, ha, I love the heat! I did turn on the fans, yesterday afternoon, though, and I probably will, today, too. August and September are usually our hottest months. I'm glad it's turned a little cooler for you.

      Thank you, Eileen. I hope you, too, have a good weekend. Take care and stay safe!

  2. A man with a knife! It sounds scary. He must have had a big knife if the neighbor could see it from a distance.

    I too knocked over a glass of water the other day, on my kitchen table. I keep an extra bag of rice under the table, and luckily it didn’t get wet.

    July was a stressful month for me. I’m glad it was over. 😊

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend, Bless.

    1. Yes, it was a little scary, Nil; we are at our most vulnerable when we are asleep, aren't we?

      Good thing your rice didn't get wet! I'm sure you breathed a sigh of relief!

      I'm sorry that July was so stressful for you, Nil. But, you got through it and hopefully, August will be better.

      Thank you; I'm having a relaxed start to the weekend. Hope you are, too. :)

  3. Oh no - so you didn't get to drink you pretty drink.
    That's a shame.

    That must've been a startling wake up call from your neighbor T. I wonder what the story was with the person.

    Happy August. I hope it's a good month for us all and the virus levels come way down in your community.

    1. I was rather disappointed that I didn't get to have my pretty drink, Debra. It would have been very refreshing, too, I think. But, I still have a little more of the peach juice and I will make it again, another time (and hopefully, not knock it over!)

      It was a bit scary to hear that there had been someone prowling around while we were sleeping (or, at least, I was sleeping); T said her dog, which usually barks for the smallest thing, didn't alert her, so, I really don't know what was going on. Hope it was just a one time occurance!

      Thank you! Hope August will be a good month for us all. :)

  4. Well I would not want to start my day as you did yours. Now you may want to peek out before opening the curtains all the way. Always keep your doors locked...even if you are in your yard. Carry your key or hide,no not under the door mat. LOL. Just teasing about that But I always lock our doors when we are doing yard work. Blessings, be safe, xoxo, Susie

    1. It was rather disconcerting! I looked outside before I went to bed, last nigh, and then, laughed at myself - I mean, what would I have done if I saw someone looking back at me from outside?! Thank you for the advice - I will be locking the door when I am outside, from now on!

  5. Oh, that's scary. I'm glad no one was hurt. You were wise to lock your doors and windows and to close the curtains. I put up NO TRESPASSING signs at the cabin. It really makes a difference. Not very welcoming, but in this day and age...

    1. It was a little scary. I wonder if putting up No Trespassing signs will be of any use in my area. I should probably get a fence and automatic gate installed. Something to think about.

  6. It's good when neighbours look out for each other. Our son and family had a similar experience a year or two ago when a neighbour phoned to say that a man was wandering round their yard. There was no problem, he was probably homeless looking for something useful, but disconcerting at least.
    Too bad about the juice. I thought of you this morning when I managed to drop a plastic box of cereal. I almost caught it but not quite and it opened, of course, and half spilled onto the floor. I fished out the raisins and washed and dried them. I was glad it was something dry and not juice!

    1. I spoke with my neighbor this morning (our usual Sunday call) and she said she didn't know anything more about the incident. I've had someone come into the area in front of my garage, where I keep the trash cans, to go through my recycling bin to look for cans and things and another time, someone picked all my pomegranates! So, I know people wander into our yards from time to time.

      Oh, so sorry to hear about the box of cereal! At least you were able to save the raisins! That's something I would have done, too. :D

  7. You are blessed with such good neighbors, looking out for each other, especially during these trying times. I've been adding more fruit juice to my regimen these days. The best was when I finished the last two bourbon soaked cherries in the jar last night, and poured the remaining cherry juice into my Coke Zero for a Cherry Coke+. I used to buy cherry juice all the time at our old grocery, but haven't gotten into the habit at the new place. Don't even know if they have it. Fresh cherries aren't lasting long at the grocery these days, and were so picked over yesterday that I skipped them.

    1. I do have some good neighbors, don't I? I love cherry Coke! And fresh cherries are delicious, but, I haven't had any, this year.


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