Monday, July 20, 2020


Sunday morning, I put water to the back garden.  Friend M gave me a blackberry plant, the other day; an unwanted sucker that he had dug up from someone else's garden.  He planted it for me in the side yard.  I meant to water it, yesterday, but, I didn't.  I watered it this morning, instead.  I probably should have watered it yesterday, though!  I don't think it liked being dug up and transplanted, as it looks more dead than alive:

Blackberry Plant

But, hopefully, it will take root and grow and provide me with some blackberries in the future!  As my daughter said, "Live, blackberry plant, live!"

The sweet potato vine is doing well, though:

Sweet Potato Vine

It is starting to spread, although none of the vines have taken root, yet.  It will be a long time before I can harvest any sweet potatoes, but, at least it is alive! 

The two moringa plants are growing, too:

Moringa Plants

One of them even has a few first flowers:

Moringa Flowers

I don't expect them to form any pods, yet, but, I was happy to see the flowers!  The first one bloomed yesterday, but the picture I took was blurry (my cell phone camera focused on a leaf!) and, today, several more flowers had opened!

I also harvested the first ripe tomato:

The First Tomato!
Not very big:

A Miniature One!
There are two or three more tomatoes ripening on the plant.  That might be the sum total of my tomato harvest, this year, though!  LOL!

When I was not busy watering the plants and harvesting tomatoes, I sewed another mask:

New Kitty Cat Mask
I am planning to sew a few more masks to give to the cancer center when I go on Friday.  All patients are required to wear a face covering when they enter the clinic, but, I thought that some of them might like to have an extra reusable mask or two.

My day was fairly relaxed.  There were several phone calls, including one with friend S who is recovering from the virus.  She works in a grocery store and was probably exposed to someone who had the virus, but, didn't wear a mask.  She didn't require hospitalization, thank goodness, but, has been recovering at home.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Friend S is recovering
- My first tomato of the season
- The moringa plant is growing and has flowers
- The fabric stash
- Video chatting with my daughter

Today's joyful activity was video chatting with my daughter.

And, just like that, it is Monday again! 

Monday's To Do List:
- Collect the new piano music from S
- Piano lesson
- Load of laundry (sofa dust sheets)
- Dust living room & dining area
- Clean the fridge
- Take trash cans to the curb for Tuesday trash pick up

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for Monday?


  1. Your mask looks similar to the ones I've made. Are they just two layers, or do you put an inner layer in?

    1. They are just two layers, Angela, because I don't know if my very basic sewing machine could handle anything thicker.

  2. Have you eaten your baby tomato yet? I bet it's a better flavour than the ones you buy in the shops. Good luck with the blackberry bush, but do stay on top of the pruning as they can completely take over your garden.

    I hope your friend S fully recovers from the virus. I don't understand why so many people refuse to wear masks and don't consider how their behaviour and decisions can affect others at all. Masks are soon to be mandatory in shops in England but there have been several protests about it. They're already mandatory on public transport and in hospitals and doctor's surgeries.

    1. No, not yet. Confession time: I don't much care for the taste of raw tomatoes! I only like them cooked! So, this tomato and any others I will harvest will be added to a curry!

      Ha, ha, that's what M said, about the blackberry plant! We shall keep it pruned (provided it grows!)

      Thank you, Eileen. I, too, hope that she recovers fully. People tend to be very self-centered, I think. They are not considerate of others. Masks are mandatory in many of our stores and other establishments, here, and some people are up in arms about their rights being violated!

  3. A ripe tomato is a ripe tomato no matter what the size. Yum!

    1. You are right! For a volunteer plant, it has done well to produce even one tomato! :)

  4. Love your mask. Just a thought-you might want to cut that transplant back and just leave a few inches above ground. The plant will keep trying to 'repair' itself/leaves/etc. and won't do as well as it should.
    Have a great week! xo Diana

    1. Thank you, Diana. M is the gardener, so I won't do anything to the plant until he visits, again, on Friday. I will ask him if we should cut it back, then. In the meantime, I will keep watering it! :)

  5. Well done with the tomato! I hope your blackberry plant survives. Here we are finding that it is a poor year for blueberries, the raspberries are so-so, but if the blackberries continue to fill out and ripen, we should do well as there are plenty in the yard.
    I looked up Moringa plants and found lots of interesting information about their health benefits. They have a very pretty leaf and flower.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I tried a small piece of the tomato, raw, and it was very flavorful, but, I prefer cooked tomato to raw, so, I sliced the rest of it up and added it to the zucchini I sauteed for dinner, tonight. :) I watered the blackberry plant, today, too, so, hopefully, it will perk up. I hope you get a good crop of blackberries from your plants (and don't get too scratched up, picking them!). Moringa pods were my favorite vegetable, when I was a child. The leaves are very nutritious, too. I want to wait another year before I harvest any leaves, though.

  6. The moringa plants look very healthy.
    And look! You have a tomato. A beautiful tomato.

    I need to have 2 trees taken down that are right up against our garage. They are huge and the branches are getting close to laying on the roof plus I'm worried the maple at some point may buckle the garage floor. Not sure if that can happen but I'm worried. They've become a problem with their size and clogging the gutters, etc.
    I called this morning to the company I have hired in the past so now I will await their response and prepare the area for their work.
    We have too many trees quite frankly. I love them but after so many years, a few need to be dealt with.
    I always put things like this off because I don't like killing living plants. But sometimes it becomes necessary.

    1. Thank you, Debra; the moringa plants are coming along nicely, aren't they? And I ate the tomato, yesterday (added it to some zucchini I sauteed) and it was delicious.

      I, too, hate to cut down living trees, but, sometimes, it is necessary to do so. I had to cut down a mature orange tree that used to be loaded with oranges year round, when I built the family room addition. Broke my heart to do so, but, it would have been too close to the new foundation and roof. Had to cut down two lemon trees, too, but, I had three other lemon trees. I hope you hear from the tree trimmers, soon, and they give you a good quote. Can you use the wood from the trees in some way? Once, when I cut down a dead tree that was in the backyard, my neighbor took the wood for his fireplace.

  7. In my experience blackberry plants are usually quite hardy. Hopefully it will perk up in a day or two. X

    1. I hope it does, Jules; I've been watering it, diligently!


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