Monday, July 20, 2020

July Week 3 Meal Plan Review and Week 4 Meal Plan

July Week 3 Meal Plan:

I continued with meal options in Week 3, too, and it worked out quite well, as long as I remembered to put things to thaw on time!  I didn't manage to do so with the chicken, so, the chicken curry I thought I might cook on Thursday didn't happen till Saturday!  But, it worked out well enough, as I had something else that I was able to thaw more quickly!

These were my meal plan options:

Breakfast/Brunch: French toast, banana bread, pancakes, ham sandwiches, scrambled egg with toast or fried potatoes

Dinners: Rice with leftover smoked sausage stir fry (Wednesday); rice and chicken curry with green beans and cucumber salad (Thursday?), leftovers (Friday), paratha or coconut flat bread with chicken curry (Saturday?), spaghetti with meat sauce (Sunday?)

Snacks/desserts:  Fresh fruits (grapes, apples, oranges), banana bread, yogurt, cereal, snack crackers

This is how it worked out:

Brunch: Ham sandwich
Dinner: Fried rice
Snacks: The last of the frozen banana/peach dessert; snack crackers, grapes

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Rice and smoked sausage stir fry from the freezer, to which more broccoli and carrots were added
Dinner:  Breakfast for dinner - scrambled egg and fried potato
Snacks: Banana bread, apple slices with peanut butter

Brunch: French toast
Dinner: Rice, leftover smoked sausage stir fry
Snacks: Crackers, grapes

Brunch: French toast
Dinner: Paratha with pork curry
Snacks: Banana bread

Brunch: Milk rice with leftover pork curry
Dinner: Ham sandwich
Dessert: Sauteed apple

Breakfast: French toast
Lunch: Rice, chicken curry, cucumber salad
Dinner: Paratha with chicken curry
Snacks: Orange

Brunch: Scrambled egg and shredded potato hash browns, orange
Dinner: Paratha with chicken curry
Snacks: Cereal with milk, banana bread, grapes

I am realizing that I need to keep a better account of what vegetables, if any, I have with my meals!  It almost looks like I didn't have any vegetables with my meals, other than the cucumber salad, but, the fried rice had vegetables added to it, so did the sausage stir fry, and whenever I cook a curry, it always includes plenty of tomatoes and onions!

Week 4 Meal Plan:

I am starting out the week with leftover chicken curry, in the fridge.  Items I need to use up before they spoil include a little milk in left in the old half gallon, a zucchini, broccoli, the rest of the cucumber, strawberries (well on their way to being dehydrated!), and grapes. 

These are my menu options:

Breakfast/Brunch: French toast (again), pancakes/waffles, ham sandwiches, scrambled egg with toast or fried potatoes, cereal and milk.

Dinners: Rice with leftover chicken curry with sauteed zucchini and/or green beans and/or  cucumber salad (enough for two meals; Monday and Tuesday?), spaghetti with meat sauce and zucchini (enough for at least two, maybe three meals; Wednesday - Friday?), tomato soup and ham sandwiches (Saturday?), pot roast beef made into a stew (Sunday?)

Snacks/desserts:  Fresh fruits (grapes, strawberries, apples, oranges), the last piece of banana bread, yogurt, cereal, snack crackers, maybe apple pie?

We shall see how this plan works out!

Anyone else meal planning for the week?


  1. Yes, I am. I've listed the foods which have to be used up and have a separate list with meal ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. This approach is working well but I still haven't quite got the supply of fresh fruit and veg sorted properly - I have too much in the delivery and then have to rush to use it up. I need to find somewhere safe to do a weekly shop for the fresh produce.

    1. Can you freeze some of your fresh produce to be used later? Obviously, they won't be good in a salad, but, could be added to cooked dishes.

    2. I could do but then would maybe be better off buying frozen in the first place. It's keeping the salad items that's the problem so maybe the solution for next year is to grow my own!

    3. Growing your own salad ingredients will be a very good solution. :)

  2. Hi Bless! Your meal plans reminded me that I haven't had French toast in a long time! I think I will make some for my supper tonight!💖

    1. I'm glad I reminded you to have some some French toast, Susan. :D Enjoy!

  3. I love vegetables, but I still find that I don't eat enough of them sometimes. However, it's easier these days with things starting to ripen in the garden.

    1. I need to find more ways of sneaking the veggies into my meals! Let's see - zucchini bread, carrot cake, pumpkin bread...LOL.

  4. You are a wonder! I am not good at planning ahead and usually cook by the seat of my pants at meal times. lol I should follow your footsteps.
    Have a great week- xo Diana

    1. Not at all, Diana. I didn't meal plan for a long time, loosely basing what I cooked on what was on sale that week. But, now, I'm grocery shopping less frequently and basing my meals on what I have in stock. I am also paying full price more often than not and want to make sure I use up everything before it spoils and goes to waste. I really should do more bulk cooking and freezing, but, I don't have a lot of freezer space.

      Hope you are having a good week, yourself, Diana. Stay safe.

  5. I've got some kale stalks and part of me is tempted to put them in the compost although I have blanched them and roasted them before. I also need to bake or make pancakes to use up some rather thin yogurt that I bought when my favourite plain yogurt brand was unavailable.

    1. If you do a quick search online, Bushlady, you will find that kale stalks can be added to a stir-fry, blended into smoothies, etc. You've reminded me that I've some really old yogurt (labne or kefir cheese) in the fridge, which I should use up! Thank you!


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