Thursday, October 26, 2017

Slow Wednesday

Wednesdays are known as hump day, but, to me, today was slump day!   I didn't get a lot done. 

I went to the office in the morning and took the cranberry cake I had bought for the prayer gathering to share.  There were so many desserts at the prayer gathering, I didn't even serve the cranberry cake.  It didn't take long for the cake to disappear, at the office. 
It was freezing cold (to me) in the office, today, and I forgot to take a scarf to keep my neck warm (I find that I feel warmer if my neck is covered).  It was in the upper 90s or maybe even in the low 100s outside, but I found it cold inside.  I was wrapped in my cardigan, but there were others in sleeveless blouses, so, obviously, not everyone felt as cold as I did.  I do sit under a vent, so my cubicle is cold, and the way the built-in furniture is configured (in a U shape that wraps around the cubicle) I can't move my chair from under the vent.
I had a fairly productive day at the office.  But the drive home tired me, I think.  I had to take a different route than the one I normally take in order to avoid traffic due to a baseball game.  I think everyone else had the same idea, because the freeway was a parking lot!   On the way home, I was tempted to stop and buy a pizza for $5, but I didn't.  I have plenty of food at home.

I had intended to do paperwork and filing, this evening, but, I didn't do anything.  I had a cup of tea, called my neighbor T to check on her, and took it easy.  I do paperwork at the office all day, I don't feel motivated to do more paperwork when I get home.  I hope I can get myself motivated to work on them, tomorrow.
Today, I am grateful for:
- A productive day at the office
- A safe drive to the office and back
- A compliment on my appearance by a colleague
- A fridge full of leftovers
- Video chatting with my daughter
Wednesday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Get started on paperwork/filing that was pushed aside
- Other things such as putting away dishes and laundry and cleaning the litter box - DONE
Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Paperwork/filing
- Water the garden
- Make soup with some of the leftover roast chicken
How was your Wednesday?  Hope it was more productive than mine!


  1. Are you excited that the Dodgers are in the World Series or just annoyed with the bad traffic the game caused? It's hard when you live in a place where fun things are happening. I used to live in New Orleans and the Mardi Gras parades would start about two weeks before the actual day, so there were always traffic problems somewhere during that time.

    1. You are very good, Live and Learn! :D I am not a big fan of baseball, I'm afraid, but, I have got caught up in the excitement, a bit. Enough to watch a little of the 1st game, the other night, and check the outcome of yesterday's game. On most days, I drive right past the entrance to the stadium on my commute to and from work, so I get caught to traffic jams whenever there is a home game because I am not sufficiently aware of game times to take an alternate route!

  2. I bet your office enjoyed the cake! It is hard to get anything done when you are cold! My husband's office was always cold, all seasons. He used to layer clothes. I keep my house warm in the winter because otherwise I wouldn't get anything done. Sometimes it is a nice pause to not get much done....we all feel we have to be productive for some reason! Andrea

    1. Andrea, the cake just disappeared! Yes, time to pull out the warmer clothes and layer up. Yesterday, I wore a long sleeved blouse and a cardigan with a pair of slacks; today, it was a short sleeved knit top with a different cardigan, a skirt (with a slip) and a scarf of the same fabric as the skirt. Even so, I still needed to go outside the building, twice in the afternoon, and walk around the block to warm up!

  3. Thank you for helping us better understand your religious celebrations. It's very much appreciated. Do the monks see the numbers of faithful dropping? Is attendance more a matter of tradition? How often are these celebrations scheduled each year? I miss the photo of the buffet table as food seems to play such a major part for participants. Lovely to share the extra foods with guests to take away. Perhaps next event you'll consider reducing at least by one dessert. If you have 15 guest, is it the custom to have 15 items for example?

    We recently celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and there was an over abundance of dishes, each carried a family story of tradition. It was overwhelming. If I do Christmas dinner, I want to modify the presentation somehow.

    I know you are thrifty and I thought I would mention, we find it beneficial to seek banks/financial institutions that offer short promotions of higher term savings. Our aim is to decrease risk and increase benefits. [We threw out our concept of 'loyalty' when banks got so incredibly greedy]. These can usually be done online and I thought you might explore their feasibility since you are more computer literate than I. These easily transfer with a few computer clicks. popped up as an example.

    Are you feeling more comfortable with your blog followers? I see the same names responding to your notes.

    1. Hon, you are welcome. I don't know if the monks see a decline in numbers, I haven't asked them. But I do know that most temple celebrations are well attended and the number of temples have increased. Attendance is voluntary, as going to the temple is not a requirement and there are no days of obligation. We go to the temple as and when we feel like it, but, the temple holds a special service at least once a month.

      No, the custom isn't to have as many different dishes as the number of guests, but a typical meal will have rice (or rice substitute) and several curries and accompaniments. Unless one is vegetarian, the curries will include at least one meat or fish and 2 or 3 vegetables. If it is a meal for a special occasion, then, the number of curries and accompaniments increase. As for desserts, I usually provide two, maybe three desserts - fresh fruits and some sort of pudding or cake. The rest of the desserts were brought by family and friends who attended.

      Thank you for the banking tips. I don't do any online banking, though, and find it easier to stick to one or two financial institutions; all that transferring of funds would be too stressful for me. :)

      Yes, I have a lovely group of friends who comment on a regular basis. I appreciate the fact that everyone is very positive and supportive. I get some spam, as well, but I try to filter them.

  4. Overly cold air conditioning is a pet peeve of mine. Given that it is expensive to use, why is it that so many places seem to think that the only response to a heat wave is a freezer-like room? Surely it is possible to maintain a pleasant 72°F indoors? Well, no problems with that here right now as we have to put the wood furnace on part of the day just to warm up the house if we want to sit down in the evening. I think you are right and that DH might think twice about a November 1 swim. The fall colours are still pleasant, even though the maples are mostly finished. The beech trees and oaks make up for them with their own show!

    1. I think, technically, our office building is supposed to be maintained at 78F during the summer, for energy saving purposes, but it has never been kept at that temperature!

      It sounds lovely with all your fall colors, Bushlady. Enjoy the season.

  5. Sorry you had a "slump" day.. Hope your feeling better.
    I had a long day ... Had to go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned, then was sent to my doctor today to check the xray.. Something on there that the dentist didn't know what was???? I think it will be fine.. but that led to having to go to the hospital to get xrays and ct scan.. whew.. tiring day..
    Hope you have a good Friday..
    The pumpkin cake sounds so good.

    1. Judy, so sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital for all those additional tests! Hope all the results will be good and everything will be found to be well. Take it easy and rest from your tiring day.

    2. Have rested this weekend.. Not much work happening. lol It has turned pretty cold here.. So I put on a pot of stew and making some corn bread.. Hoping to hear from the doctor on the test Monday???

    3. Keeping you in my prayers, Judy. Hope the results will all be good.

  6. "It didn't take long for the cake to disappear, at the office" - I remember someone bringing in a pan of brownies which to say the least were a bit overdone at the edges. By the end of the day the pan was clean and all the overdone (burnt) ones were eaten too!

    Well done on passing up the pizza on your way home. As I have said before I think you must be a really good driver negotiating LA traffic. I really don't like driving in rush hour any more. It seems to me like so many car drivers fly around and disobey the rules of the road. It is common here for quite a few cars to continue and fly thru when the traffic light changes to red. You must driver defensively all the time.

    1. That's too funny, Sandy, but I'm not surprised that even the burnt brownies got eaten!

      Thank you! The last time I stopped for pizza, I changed my mind while standing in line and walked out of the store! :D It's not so much that I crave pizza as, it's convenient (I'm passing right by the shop and I don't have to prepare it) and it's an inexpensive treat ($5 and I can get four meals out of it). But I had pizza earlier this month at the office luncheon for my former supervisor, so that's enough.

      As for driving, I've got used to it. But, yes, one does have to drive defensively and almost anticipate the other drivers and their moves.


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