Monday, October 30, 2017

Productive Procrastinating on Sunday

I slept in again, this morning.  Then, woke up determined to start on my paperwork!  But first, I had to have a cup of coffee, go on-line for a bit, talk on the phone with my daughter, etc.  Then, I had to eat something for brunch (toast and peanut butter), empty the dish washer, clean up some stuff that Dancer had regurgitated.

By then, it was early afternoon and I put gas to the car for the week ahead.  Gas was $2.89/gal. and I spent $27.09 to top up the tank (I was at less than half, but more than a quarter). 

After that, I went to the grocery store across the street from the gas station to pick up a few items - bread ($.99), bananas ($.76), coffee creamer ($1.99), cold cuts ($3), a box of mac&cheese ($1), and two individual sponge cakes ($1.00), and a bag of cat food.  The groceries came to $8.74; the bag of cat food (plus tax) came to $9.84.  I posted about my October grocery shopping in a separate post; I came under budget by $5.66, so I am happy. 

Came home and ate one of the bananas and a sponge cake and had a cup of tea. 

Then, I decided enough procrastinating on the paperwork, and started on it.  I went to the spare bedroom to get a file (my file cabinet is in that room). 

But first, I had to put away the baking pans back in the oven where I normally keep them - I had taken them out of the oven when roasting the chicken and stored them temporarily in the spare room.  They've been there all week and suddenly, it seemed very important to put them back in the oven.

Then, I had to take some of my medications and I needed to cut a pill in half and it was important to cut a whole month's worth of pills in half.  Once that was done, I had to dust my bedside table.  Then, I needed to dust the top of the chest of drawers.  Then, of course, I had to strip my bed and do a load of laundry.  And remake the bed with the other set of sheets.  Dancer came to help:

Smoothing Out the Fitted Sheet

"I'm helping Mummy make the bed"
"Making beds is tiring"

"Nothing like a nap on a freshly made bed"
I got him off the bed to finish making the bed with top sheet, blanket, and quilt (nights are starting to get a bit chilly), then he jumped on top of the quilt to finish his nap!  

Then, I started on the paperwork.  But first, I had to hang the laundry to dry.

Then, I realized I needed some past paperwork to compare with the current paperwork.  That document was somewhere on my very cluttered desk.  Which meant I had to clean the desk first - put away the quilt tops and fabric until I am ready to work on them again, make a pile of all the papers, dust the desk, clean the lamp, wash out the microfiber cloth I was using to dust, because it was dirty.

Eventually, I found the document I needed and compared the two.  Now I have questions I need to ask before I go any further!  So, I put both documents into my tote bag to take to the office, tomorrow, and make a phone call, before I do anything else on that particular piece of paperwork! 

I really should procrastinate more on my paperwork - I get a lot of house cleaning done when I do that!  LOL!

Today, I am grateful for:
- A sunny, warm day
- A productive day
- Coming under budget on my grocery shopping this month
- Making a start on the paperwork
- Having "help" with making my bed!

Monday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Make my phone calls
- Pay 2 bills
- Go to the post office
- Go to the bank
- Do 30 minutes of paperwork
- Empty the waste baskets
- Take the trash cans to the curb
- Put away the dried laundry
- Clean the litter box

How was your Sunday?  Are you a procrastinator?  Do you find yourself doing anything and everything but what you have to do when you procrastinate? 


  1. I did a little bit of paperwork I had been putting off this weekend, as well. I don't like doing it at all, so I do put it off more than I should!

    1. I think it's because I spend all day dealing with paperwork at the office, so I don't feel like doing it when I get home, too. Once I come home, I toss the day's mail on to a table and ignore it! Bills get pulled out and paid, but the rest of the stuff sits there, often unopened! *hangs head in shame*

  2. Well you certainly got a lot of useful things done and in the end your paperwork had to wait anyway, so the procrastination didn't matter and turned out well.
    I had a long nap yesterday and when I got up I made a cup of tea and then I needed to lie down a bit longer before starting supper. In the evening I did undo my knitting and started on the ribbing again.
    I'm thinking of another nap right now, my cold seems to be over but I'm very tired still.

    1. Yes, I did get a lot done while procrastinating on this one thing, didn't I? It sounds like your body is recovering from the cold and needs more rest. Be kind to yourself and take the time you need to rest and recover fully.

  3. Paper work is one of my least favorite things to do, so I, too, find a lot of other things to do on my way to the desk. :)

    1. Ha, ha, I had to find my desk, first! It was buried under a mountain of paperwork with quilting projects piled on top of the files and papers! Have you read "Motel of the Mysteries" by David Macaulay? My desk reminded me a bit of that - buried under a junk mail explosion! :D

  4. BLess, I had to laugh at your procrastination.. What a productive day you had.. smile.. I wish my procrastination days would turn out this well.
    Hope your having a great week.

    1. The productive streak is still continuing, Judy, and I even did some paperwork! Hope all is well with you (did you hear from the doctor about your test results?)


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