Saturday, October 14, 2017

Shelftober - Week 2

I was able to continue with eating from the pantry and freezer in the second week of October, as well. (Shelftober Week 1 is here.)  But I had a hard time with a lack of appetite and not feeling like eating what I made. 

Sunday, 10/8:

Breakfast was half a bagel with butter and freshly picked feijoa from the garden.
Lunch was rice, fish curry, and sauted cabbage:

Rice, Fish Curry, Sauted Cabbage
Dinner was the other half of the bagel with peanut butter for protein.

Monday, 10/9:
Brunch: A banana, followed by half a bagel spread with peanut butter.
Dinner: I am not vegetarian, but I felt like having a vegetarian meal, so cooked some lentils to have with the cabbage I cooked the other day:

10/9 Dinner: Rice, Cabbage, Lentil Curry

Tuesday 10/10:
Breakfast - banana
Lunch - Fish curry, pita, grapes
Dinner - Egg and bacon rolls

Egg & Bacon Rolls

Wednesday, 10/11:
Breakfast - yogurt (brought in by former supervisor)
Lunch - Egg & Bacon rolls, grapes
Dinner - Fish pie - last of the fish, flaked, mixed with a few frozen green peas and a white sauce,  topped with mashed potato and baked for a few minutes.
Dessert:  Pistachio pudding using up a box of mix I had in the pantry.
Snacks: Puff pastry cheese twists

Thursday, 10/12
Breakfast - yogurt (more of what my former supervisor had brought in)
Lunch - Egg & Bacon rolls
Dinner - Fish pie, pistachio pudding
Snacks - apple slices, puff pastry cheese twists

Friday, 10/13
Brunch: tuna sandwich, apple
Dinner: pasta with manwich and meat sauce (from the freezer); grapes
Snacks: Wafer cookies with chocolate cream filling
Late night snack: Homemade potato chips!  I had a craving for potato chips, so, sliced the second of the two potatoes I had bought (had used one to make the mashed potato for the fish pies), and fried it.

Saturday, 10/14
Brunch: Half a bagel with butter
Dinner:  Spicy "devilled" beef:  marinated beef from the freezer, cut into strips, sauted with onions and green chilies, curry leaves, etc. 

Devilled Beef
That used up the last package of beef I had in the freezer.  I had it with a pita bread:

Pita Bread and Devilled Beef
Some pistachio pudding for dessert.
Snacks: Grapes, calamondin from the garden.

Calamondin on the tree
Calamondin Fruit
Calamondin are like miniature tangerines.  They are about the size of a kumquat, but round, not elongated.  They are very acidic.

Peeled Calamondin
I will continue with Shelftober, next week, as well.  At the end of the 2nd week of Shelftober, this is what I have left of the freezer inventory:

6 4 king fish steaks
 3 pieces of salted dried fish
2 packages (approx. 1/2 lb. each) of cooked ground beef
1 package bacon
1 package mini sausages ("Lil Smokies")
3 packages of marinated beef steak (uncooked)
1 package sausage meat
1 package sausages
1 chicken breast
2 quart bags, each with 1/4 roast chicken 
5 turkey pot pies
5 3 packages of frozen puff pastry squares
1 1/3 package of something called "ulundu vadai" which is an Indian/Sri Lankan savory snack
3 1/2 lb. butter
1 bag (5 lbs.) flour
1 package (2 lb) red rice
1 package grated coconut
1 banana bread
3 1/2 packages of sliced strawberries (for eventual jam making)
3 large bags of cooked cashews (for making curry)
1 bag of frozen green peas (new)
- several  one baggy of frozen tomato, sliced onions, some green chilies, etc.
1 container manwich sauce
2 4 bananas
4 quart size zipper bags of bread slices
1 package smoked sausage and 2 whole chickens (for prayer gathering dinner)


  1. You ate well from your freezer and it looks like you have enough left to continue the trend.

    1. Yes, I have enough to do another week of eating from the freezer. Then, next weekend will be the rosary dinner and leftovers from that!

  2. I keep trying. The freezer goods are slowly going down. Those cheese twists look really yummy!

    1. The cheese twists were very good! I really enjoyed them and wished I had made more of them!

  3. Was your lack of appetite for all food or you didn't feel Ike eating what you prepared? I know occasionally I simply don't fancy the food I have made and don't seem to know what I'd really like. Often I am feeling a little bit melancholy and thinking of my mum and the wonderful simple meals she prepared.

    I hope you have a lovely week and your prayer dinner is joyful.

    1. Sandy, I think it is for the food I prepared, although, usually, I enjoy my own cooking (maybe even a bit too much! ;) ) Daughter thinks it is because I tend to make the same things over and over again; she might be right.

      You might have something there with the melancholy factor, too. October is my mother's birthday month; next Wednesday, in fact. Which is why I host the rosary prayer gathering in October (she was born into a Catholic family and had been baptized; although she converted to Buddhism, later). She's never very far from my thoughts, but she's even more present, right now.

  4. Bless, you are amazing! I haven't had time to update on my shelfober progress, but I'm not doing quite as well as you. Although I am steadily cooking up items from my freezer and pantry, so in that way it has been a success. Just not on the not-shopping part!

    1. Laura, I have been shopping, but I haven't bought any meat for my own, personal consumption (bought chicken for the prayer gathering dinner). It's good to know I have enough in my pantry to tide me over for at least a month, if there is an emergency, as long as I have electricity to keep the food fresh and a way to cook it! :D However, I am starting to run out of some items, so, in November, I will go off the challenge and start purchasing other items. Maybe. :D

  5. I hope you get your appetite back soon, Bless.

  6. (((((((HUGS))))) I understand about birthday months of those that have passed. You are doing well with your challenge.

    1. Thank you for the hugs, Debbie. I really appreciate them.


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