Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October Grocery Shopping: Week 2-Part 2

Silk FlossTree(Ceiba speciosa) in Bloom at the Grocery Store Parking Lot

Isn't it pretty?  There are thorns all over the trunk and branches, but the flowers are lovely, and later, they form pods that are filled with fluffy white fibers that help disperse the seeds.  It is related to the kapok trees which are very common in Sri Lanka (we use the fibers of the kapok as stuffing in pillows and cushions). 

Close Up of the Flowers

I didn't go grocery shopping on Sunday, as planned.  Instead, I went shopping today (Tuesday).  I went to two stores, the Armenian store (Store 1) and Ralphs, which is a Kroger affiliate chain of supermarkets (Store 2).  At each store, I bought some things for my personal consumption and some items for the prayer gathering.

10/10 Regular Groceries

Store 1:
Mostly for the prayer gathering:
10 lb. bag of basmati rice = $9.49*
3 27 oz. cans of garbanzo beans, $1.69@ =  $5.07**
2.81 lb. brown onions, @$.20/lb.  = $.56
Subtotal = $15.12

Regular groceries:
1 celery @3/$1.00 = $.34
1 lb. bag carrots @2/$.79  = $.40
1 lb. potatoes @3lb/$1.00 = $.33
2.29 lb. red grapes @$.99/lb = $2. 27
Green beans @$1.69/lb = $.51
Subtotal = $3.85

Store 1 total = $18.97

Store 1 receipt:

10/10 Store 1 Receipt
* The bag of rice is for personal consumption, as well, and for the year end almsgiving, as well.  I might use all of 1 lb. for the prayer gathering, and I could allocate $1 of the cost to the prayer gathering and another $1 to the almsgiving budget and the remaining $7.49 to the regular budget.  But, then again, I am planning to use a package of the cashews I have in the freezer (about 1 lb. @$.799/lb) and 2 of the packets of flan mix ($1.09@) I have in the cabinets, and curry powder and spices I already have.  I think it all evens out.  In previous years, I would just add the prayer gathering budget to the regular grocery budget and not keep the accounts separate, the way I am doing now, partly for this very reason.

**I could have bought a bag of dried garbanzo beans, as well, and it would have been cheaper ($1.85/lb).  But dried garbanzo require soaking overnight and boiling and I know, from previous years, that no matter how much I plan ahead, I tend to get a bit rushed on the day of the event.  Especially since the temple is also having a religious festival on the same day as the prayer gathering and I have planned to make a cashew curry to take to that as my contribution to the temple lunch.  So, the canned garbanzo beans will be a convenience food and time saver.  All I will have to do is saute the onions and other spices and add the canned garbanzo. 

10/10 Prayer Gathering Items

Store 2:

Mostly for the prayer gathering:
2 containers passion fruit juice cocktail, $2.39@ less $.80 coupon on purchase of 2 = $3.98
3 air fresheners, $.99@ less $.60 coupon on purchase of 3 = $2.37 + $.28 sales tax = $2.65
Subtotal =  $6.63

Regular groceries:
1 12 oz. bag frozen green peas @$1.00 less $1.00 off coupon = $0
1/2 gal. milk = $1.99
4 ct. fruit cups = $1.99***
2 cans condensed milk, $1.79@ less $1.00 off coupon on purchase of 2 = $2.58
Subtotal = $6.56

*** I had a coupon for $.40 off, which I handed to the cashier, but she was distracted because the customer before me had forgotten and left part of her purchases behind and she was telling the bagger about it and wondering what to do; apparently she forgot to deduct it and although I checked my receipt at the store, I didn't notice it until just now.  Oh, well.

Store 2 receipt:

10/10 Store 2 Receipt

I bought 2 bags of cat food, as well, at $8.99 @, plus sales tax ($1.71) = $19.69

Store 2 total = $32.88 - $19.69 (for cat food) =  $13.19

October Prayer gathering budget = $300
Spent to date:
9/18:  $4.49 for smoked sausage
9/27: $1.29 for 2 cans of mixed nuts
10/4: $10.97 for 2 whole chickens
10/7: $2.06 for 1 dozen eggs and 2 boxes of mint chocolates
10/10:   $15.12 + $6.63 = $21.75
Spent to date:  $40.56

October regular grocery budget = $53
So far, I have spent $4.13 + $1.98 + $.61 + $5.94 + $12.04 + $3.85 + $6.56 = $35.11
Balance left in the budget = $53 - $35.11 = $17.89

How is your October grocery shopping coming along?


  1. The tree photograph is beautiful and really brightened my morning. It's very dark and very wet here today. X

    1. Glad it brightened your morning, Jules. Sunny and dry over here. We are waiting for rain, but there's none in the forecast for the next 10 days.

  2. The tree is beautiful. We get to see flowering trees like that here in the spring. Your produce prices are very good compared to here. I guess that's one of the advantages to living in a warm climate where things can be grown year round.

    1. Our produce prices vary a lot between stores. For example, at the 2nd store (part of a chain of supermarkets), the red grapes were $2.99/lb., celery was $.99, green beans were $1.99/lb., etc.

  3. That tree is beautiful. I love spring in the UK because of all the cherry blossom trees and it reminds me of those.

    I have loosely been monitoring my spends on food during October and the main culprit for overspending is Thomas which seems ironic as he only eats a certain amount of things - but therein lies the problem. I have to keep buying stuff because the list of what he likes might be small, but his appetite is pretty big these days. xx

    1. You might have to adjust your budget (and buying habits) to accommodate his growing appetite, Suzanne. I've heard about the appetites of growing boys! :)

  4. Beautiful photo of the silk floss tree at Ralph's grocery store . I didn't know they were part of the Kroger chain. Some years ago they left this area and I was sorry to see them leave.

    You are doing very well on getting the needed ingredients for your prayer dinner. Does "Dancer" like all the company or hide up?

    After another brief warm up it is cool and windy here today but another roller coaster this weekend - Saturday high 90 F, Sunday high 70 F, Monday high 66 F

    1. Dancer usually hides from company. There are some people who have never seen him and think I imagine him! :D If my daughter is home, she can pull him out from under my bed where he usually hides and bring him out to show; they, everyone exclaims how big he is (about 16 lbs.) and he'll burrow his face into the crook of her arm to "hide" from the people. He'll come out voluntarily only when two of my cousins and a friend visit; otherwise, he hides!

      I checked my prayer gathering grocery list, yesterday; I have one or two other things I can buy ahead of time, but the rest will need to be purchased on the day before or the day of.

      Our mornings are cool (66F), but the afternoons are in the 80s. I'm not complaining, though, as I like it warm. :)

  5. All these years I never knew that kapok came from a tree!! Such a pretty tree, too.
    You are well organized with your planning for the prayer meeting and even for your contribution to the temple lunch. I agree with you that it makes more sense to buy the canned garbanzos when you have a lot of things to make.

    I made soup today out of the turkey carcase that I had boiled and left in the stockpot overnight. I was able to scoop off the fat, and then came the tedious business of separating the remaining scraps of turkey from the bones to add to the soup later after the added veggies had cooked.

    I had a rest this afternoon, fighting off whatever cold is trying to get a hold on me. I think rest and fluids are called for. I wonder if turkey soup is as good as chicken soup for a cold?

    1. Bushlady, I hope you are able to get rid of that cold before it gets a hold of you! I am sure turkey soup is just as good as chicken soup. Don't forget some orange juice or lemonade for the vitamin C.

  6. Good buys...
    Don't you hate when you give the coupons to the cashier and it doesn't go through.. So frustrating.. Or either , I take them with me, And forget to give them. lol
    Have a great day.

    1. I have got to the point where I note on my shopping list if I have a coupon for an item. But sometimes, I forget to take them with me! :)


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