Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Monthly Goals for a Balanced Life

My monthly goals are meant to bring more of a sense of balance between the different segments of my life, so that I don't feel one particular aspect is taking up more time and energy while other aspects are being pushed aside or ignored.  For the past year, of course, the health aspect dominated, and health will continue to loom large as I move forward.  But I shall continue to make goals for all the other areas of my life, as well.  My intention is to do something in each area at least once a week.  Here's to a more balanced life in September:     

-  Continue with daily prayers and gratitude; attend the September monthly prayer meeting (first weekend in September); visit the temple. 

- Continue to declutter; deep clean and organize the 3rd bedroom and family room; call and schedule a pick up of donations; really try to establish and maintain a cleaning routine!
- There are no plans for her to come down for a visit in September.  We will continue to keep in touch by phone and on-line. 

- Keep in contact with family members by phone and on-line; ride with one cousin to the monthly prayer meeting; another cousin has offered to accompany me to my medical appointments this month.     
-  Keep in contact with friends by phone and on-line; meet some friends at the prayer meeting; visit one friend with a belated birthday gift for her daughter.
-  Continue to work from home for the first half of the month; make plans to go back to the office later in the month.   

- Review monthly budget and continue to spend mindfully because that's how I am.  I have no financial obligations as my mortgage is paid off and I have no other debts.  This is the first September/beginning of the academic year since 2010 that I don't have to pay for my daughter's college tuition, fees, text books, etc.  :) 

Eventually, I will meet with my financial planner to go over things and review my long-term goals (retirement in a couple of years), but not this month.  I met with her last September, before my surgery, to make sure everything was in place for my daughter should anything happen to me and I've spoken with her on the phone a few times since then as she calls regularly to see how I am.  For now, I will plan to meet with her sometime in November. 

-  Continue to focus on health:  I've an appointment with the radiation oncologist on September 9 and an appointment with the medical oncologist later, that same morning.  I will be starting my hormone therapy after that.  I also have an appointment to have my eyes checked, later in the month.  I need to focus on a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting sufficient sleep.    

Time Management:
- Always a struggle!  Focus on establishing a work schedule and routines.  But, at the same time, be mindful that I am still recovering and the new medications might have side effects which might have an impact on my energy levels.

- Read at least one fiction and one non-fiction book; resume sewing the two quilts I have in progress; resume crocheting the rag rug. 

So, those are my goals for September.  The ultimate goal is a more well-balanced life.

Anyone else wants to join me in making goals for September? 


  1. I'm going to watch this with interest, as I have failed completely, utterly and without reservation to establish a cleaning routine. Your attitude is so healthy.x

    1. Um, thanks! :D I will definitely have to put something together now, won't I?

    2. Or you can watch with amusement as I have another go at it with my usual results :D You have done so well with the decluttering so it is bound to make cleaning easier. x

    3. That's what I am hoping - that the decluttering will help with the cleaning as I won't have quite so many things to clean and move around while I dust, etc.


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