Monday, September 12, 2016

A Day to Remember and September Grocery Shopping Week 2

September 11, Patriot Day, is a day to remember.  It is one of those days which we will always remember.  One of my cousins worked for the New York Port Authority (he has since retired).  He was in the first tower to be hit, but he was able to make it out alive.  He sent me a copy of a newspaper article in which he was pictured, walking down the street, covered in ash from head to toe.

September 11 is also the birthday of another of my long-time friends.  I met her the first day I arrived in Wisconsin to attend university, back in August 1974.  We were in the same student apartments building; I was in an apartment upstairs and she was in an apartment downstairs, but located in the same stairwell.  The Dean of Students had told her about me and suggested she introduced herself to me.  I heard a knock on the door sometime in the evening; I opened the door, she introduced herself and we sat and talked until way past midnight!  We've been friends ever since then!  

I had a quiet morning.  My neighbor called and we had our Sunday morning chat.  Then, I watched some specials commemorating the events of 15 years ago, today, on TV.

In the afternoon, I went to the pharmacy to pick up one of my prescription refills that was ready and I stopped by the grocery store in the same shopping mall to pick up a few items:

September 11 Groceries
I bought a small loaf of sourdough bread ($1.99), one vanilla yogurt ($.44; I wanted plain yogurt, but they didn't have a single serving size of plain yogurt), and another piece of steak ($2.40 @$4.99/lb). 

My total came to $4.83.

Total spent on groceries so far in September = $5.86 + $4.80 + $4.83 = $15.49

Balance left in budget = $77.95 - $15.49 = $62.46

After I came home, I cleaned the sofas in the family room.  I keep them covered with old bed sheets to keep the cat fur off the sofas, but the sofa covers had got disarranged and the sofas needed to be gone over with a lint roller to remove the fur.  I covered the sofas with different sheets and washed the old sheets.  That, I'm afraid, is all the cleaning I did in the family room, today!  Maybe I'll revise my cleaning schedule to keep Sundays free.

Later in the evening, I spoke on the phone with one of my aunts and video chatted with my daughter.  
Today, I am grateful for:
- Those who risk their lives to save others
- Every day we are blessed to be alive
- My daughter
- Family
- Friends

How was your Sunday?


  1. I think September 11th will always be one of those days where you remember exactly what you were doing when it happened, I know I do. I can remember what I was doing at work, what I cooked for tea, a neighbour popping in, Amy being dropped back home from a day out with her aunty....all the while watching the horror unfold on TV. Thank goodness your cousin managed to get out to safety.

    I'm still in touch with a school friend from my first day at High School back in 1978. We don't see each other that often but we can always pick up from where we left off.

    Hope you are keeping well. xx

    1. Yes, I, too, remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the news. I was at work and since I work in an area where government buildings are clustered and in one of the more iconic buildings in the city, we were all concerned that there might be an attack, here, too. Finally, around mid-morning, we were all told to go home and I decided to collect my daughter from school early. I just wanted her home with me.

      I am keeping well, thank you. Hope you are too and that all is going well with you.

  2. That is incredible that your cousin was in the first tower and managed to make it out alright. Definitely something to be grateful for. Well done on your grocery shopping. I'm always frustrated when I can't find the single cups of plain, nonfat yogurt (not vanilla!). Nowadays I buy the larger container (32 oz) at Aldi and I use it instead of whipped cream on cakes or instead of cream in creamy soups if I don't eat it all as yogurt. You can also use it in baking (some cakes call for sour cream but I'll use yogurt instead). And it lasts a long time in the fridge too!

    Have a good Monday, Bless.

    1. Thank you, Nathalie.

      With my taste buds being so off, I wanted to try just a little yogurt to see if I still liked it or not. The vanilla yogurt tasted OK. I had half of the container with some granola, last night. I normally make my own yogurt, but I need a little plain yogurt to use as the starter.

  3. I feel like it has been forever since I commented on your blog or even visited. I apologize, life has been hectic here. :) I have been trying to get caught up on all your posts.

    I am so thankful that your cousin got out safely when the first tower was hit. I have a cousin who was there just minutes before the plane struck. She was staying in a hotel right near there and took the subway that ran under the towers to go to an appointment. Such a sad a scary day for so many. I am thankful that our family members are still here with us and my heart breaks for those families that lost loved ones.

    I wanted to tell you how great your kitchen looks (I saw it in another post)! I saw the pictures in another one of your posts. :)

    Be blessed!

    1. No need to apologize, Debbie. It's perfectly OK. There are only so many hours in a day and we often don't have enough time to do everything.

      Glad to hear that your cousin was safe, too. It is a sad day for many.

      Thank you for saying the kitchen looks great. I'm trying my best to keep it looking so!

      Hope you have a blessed week.

  4. Even 15 years later, 9-11 is so sad. I too watched some of the shows.. and it made me so sad.. I am so very happy your cousin made it out..
    You are doing a great job managing your cleaning schedule.. Dont over do... smile.
    Your grocery budget is doing good this month.
    I spent the day doing some fall cleaning.. [I did not get to all on my list either.eeeeh.. smile]

    1. It's a rare day when we get to all the things on our to do lists, isnt' it? I'm glad you were able to get some of your fall cleaning done. Hope you have a blessed week, Judy.

  5. I remember 9/11. It was early afternoon in the UK when it hit and I remember watching appalled as it unfolded. I remember ringing my husband at work (which I normally wouldn't do) because I couldn't bear not to reach out. I remember going to pick up a paper on the way back from a meeting and the man at the counter said they were all sold out and he didn't know why. I said it was because of the awful news - and he didn't know. I'll never forget the look of shock on his face, and he had an American accent. I didn't know enough to tell him properly. We were all horrified over here, and I don't think any nation was unaffected. It's good that we don't forget. If we forget then it is more likely to be repeated. x

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories of the day, Lyssa. I remember there was an outpouring of shock and sympathy from countries around the world.

  6. Yes, I too know where I was and what doing that day of the attacks. It seemed incredible ... and now I know your cousin was there! Needless to say, I'm glad he was able to escape. Such times.

    1. Yes, he said that they heard and felt the explosion of the plane hitting, but, didn't know what it was, and were told to stay inside and that's what he was doing, when his wife called him - she was at home watching it on TV and urged him to leave!

    2. How shocking that in those precious minutes people were cowering inside because of bad advice, when it was already generally known what had happened. I'm glad your cousin was one of the lucky ones who knew to run, and did.


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