Sunday, September 18, 2016

September Grocery Shopping Week 3

Went grocery shopping, again, this afternoon.  I mostly wanted to buy bread and some roast beef cold cuts (have been having a craving for 2 weeks) and to take advantage of a sale on soda - 6 pack bottles for $1.99 (+ Calif. Redemption Value) with the purchase of 4 participating items (preparing for the October prayer gathering).  Also wanted to buy some non-grocery household cleaning products and items.  I had some coupons, so I was able to get some good deals on the groceries.

September 18 Groceries
I bought:
1 loaf bread = $1.99
1 pkg. roast beef cold cuts; reg. price $4.49; on sale this week for $2.99; minus $.75 off coupon = $2.24
1 lb. pkg. ground beef; reg. price $6.49; on sale today (sell by date: 9/19) = $1.99
2 pkg. smoked sausages, on sale for $2.50@; minus coupon for $1 off 2 = $4.00
3 6-pk bottles of soda (only 1 shown) @ $1.99 + $.30 CRV; minus 3 $1.00 off coupons = $3.87
1 6-pk bottles of soda (not shown) @$1.99 + $.30 CRV = $2.29
Total:  $16.38


The total receipt came to $29.48.  Of which, $13.10 was for non-grocery items ($1.99 for Pine-Sol cleaner, $5.69 for Lime-Away cleaner; $3.58 for 2 boxes of small trash bags @$1.79; plus $1.84 tax for non-food items).  Since my grocery budget doesn't include household items, I usually deduct them from my total.  My grocery (food items only) total came to: $29.48 - $13.10 = $16.38.

Total spent on groceries so far in September = $5.86 + $4.80 + $4.83 + $9.49 + $16.38 = $41.36

Balance left in budget = $77.95 - $41.36 = $36.59

I wasn't planning to buy ground beef as I have a packet of browned ground beef in the freezer.  But the reduced sticker caught my eye and seeing it was reduced to $1.99, I decided another package would be OK. There were two packets of the reduced ground beef and I was debating whether to get them both.  But another shopper was also looking at the ground beef, and so, I took one package and pointed out the other reduced priced one to her.  I will brown this package of ground beef, too, and freeze it. 

It was the same story with the smoked sausages.  I wasn't planning to buy them, but they were on sale for $2.50 each and I had a coupon for $1 off the purchase of 2, making the final price of each package $2.00, which is my price point for smoked sausages.  I put both packages in the freezer, for later. So much for eating from the freezer, this month!

How is your grocery shopping and budget coming along?  Would you buy an item if it was on sale, even if it wasn't on your shopping list? 


  1. You found some really good deals, and having the coupons just made them better..Love when that happens.
    I definitely buy things that I did not intend to buy, when I get to the store and find them on sale. I have 2 freezers, so it is no problem to be able to keep them.. The ground beef was a really good buy.. How sweet that you just got one, and let the other lady know there was another one.. You are a very nice

    1. Thanks, Judy. We'll call it my good deed for the day. :)

  2. I spend more on some items this month than I planned because of sales. I'm still within budget and I like to be able to do that because overall it keeps costs down, but it always makes me laugh how my plans to do one thing are often overridden by a different, better idea. :)

    1. It's good to have the flexibility to be able to take advantage of sales. You are doing well with your grocery budget.

  3. Oh yes, I make unplanned purchases all the time, if I see a bargain! Mum is the same, in fact, while she's been unable to go into the supermarket these past months, sister and I have been doing the shopping. Sister does click and collect most weeks and up until January I was topping up with an in-person shop about once a month. One of the things mum liked best about that was the fact that I would scan the reduced shelf and bring her surprises at very low cost! She misses being able to shop for herself (and I do too, now - especially fruit and veg. And bargains!).

    1. Yes, ordering groceries online has been a lot more expensive, but, safer for me, too. I'm glad you and your sister are doing your mum's shopping for her. :)


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