Friday, September 30, 2016

Sepember Balanced Life Goals Review

-  Continue with daily prayers and gratitude; attend the September monthly prayer meeting (first weekend in September); visit the temple - I continued with daily prayers and gratitude and attended the monthly prayer meeting; I spoke with the monks at the temple but didn't visit the temple. 

- Continue to declutter; deep clean and organize the 3rd bedroom and family room; call and schedule a pick up of donations; really try to establish and maintain a cleaning routine! - I called and scheduled the pick up of donations (not till October, though);  since all the bags of donations are piled in the 3rd bedroom, organizing that room has come to a halt!  I started on the family room but haven't quite finished.  Will continue with both rooms in October, as well.

I did work out a cleaning schedule, but, as always, I'm struggling to keep to it!  As I've mentioned before, implementing the schedule is where I fail!  I have plenty of reasons (or are they merely excuses?) for not keeping up with the schedule - I'm tired, it's too hot, etc.  All quite valid excuses, too, of course.  I am still dealing with a fair amount of fatigue; not like before when I slept the whole day, but not exactly back to normal, yet.  And it has been hot.  But, I am keeping to the schedule after a fashion.  I will tweak it a bit more in October and maybe make it a bi-weekly (i.e. fortnightly) schedule.        
- There are no plans for her to come down for a visit in September.  We will continue to keep in touch by phone and on-line - Daughter and I spoke on the phone, texted, and video chatted every day.   

- Keep in contact with family members by phone and on-line; ride with one cousin to the monthly prayer meeting; another cousin has offered to accompany me to my medical appointments this month -  There were several phone calls and on-line messages; I rode with one cousin to the prayer gathering; the other cousin accompanied me to my medical appointments; and I attended the baby shower for another cousin's daughter.  Met several other family members at the prayer gathering and the baby shower.        

-  Keep in contact with friends by phone and on-line; meet some friends at the prayer meeting; visit one friend with a belated birthday gift for her daughter -  I kept in contact with friends by phone and on-line; met some friends at the prayer gathering and at the baby shower.  But, I've been unable to connect with the one friend whose daughter's birthday I missed; I've left several phone messages, but she hasn't returned my calls.  :(
-  Continue to work from home for the first half of the month; make plans to go back to the office later in the month.  -  I worked the whole month from home, partly because, when I spoke with my supervisor about returning to the office, she told me to take my time and recover completely before I do. 

- Review monthly budget and continue to spend mindfully because that's how I am.  - Doing well on the finances.

-  Continue to focus on health:  I've an appointment with the radiation oncologist on September 9 and an appointment with the medical oncologist later, that same morning.  I will be starting my hormone therapy after that.  I also have an appointment to have my eyes checked, later in the month.  I need to focus on a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting sufficient sleep. - I went to my medical appointments and started on the anti-hormone drug.  So far, I have not had any major adverse side effects - just a little fatigue and aches at times, but that could be for a number of reasons.  I seem to be having some sinus problems, however.  I will discuss it all with my doctor at my next appointment (in one week's time).  Still working on healthy eating, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, getting my sleep patterns under control, etc.  

Time Management:
- Always a struggle!  Focus on establishing a work schedule and routines.  But, at the same time, be mindful that I am still recovering and the new medications might have side effects which might have an impact on my energy levels.  -  Doing as well as can be expected, I think, given the heat and everything else!  Work assignments were completed on time; I've kept my medical and social appointments.  :)  Other things are fitted in between as energy and inclination permits! 

- Read at least one fiction and one non-fiction book; resume sewing the two quilts I have in progress; resume crocheting the rag rug.  - I did some reading but didn't finish two books, didn't resume sewing and didn't resume crocheting the rag rug.  :(  I did finish crocheting a baby blanket, made a card, listened to music, watched some TV programs, and played a lot of Solitaire! 

 And that is the review of my September monthly goals for a balanced life.  Definitely some wonky segments that need attention, but, for the most part, things are as balanced as they can be, under the circumstances.  I am not complaining.  I am grateful to be alive. 


  1. I think you have a wonderful balance in your life. I am impressed with the number of goals you managed well this past month. I need to be mindful of keeping my social life as part of my balanced goals. All work and no play.....

    1. Thank you, Susan. Yes, make time for yourself to do activities you enjoy. Part of the reason why I joined the prayer group is for the social aspects of it. Otherwise, I'd never see half these people all year! A fact which was made very clear when I temporarily stopped attending the gatherings while undergoing chemo.


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