Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Kitchen in All Its Glory!

I am not brave enough to post any "before" pictures; only one of my friends has seen them because she is about the only one with whom I felt comfortable sharing them!  And, of course, recent visitors to my house have seen my messy kitchen, much to my chagrin!   

But here is the kitchen after I tidied and cleaned it yesterday and put away an additional couple of items, this morning:

Taken from the doorway to the dining area

A slightly more angled look, below, showing the wall to the left of the stove and glimpses of the tall, floor to ceiling cabinet and fridge/freezer (along the left margin of the picture); there is another doorway, opening into the hallway, set into that wall to the left, between the floor to ceiling cabinet and the 3-drawer unit:
Another Look

The plate hanging on the wall behind the stove has a poem titled "My Kitchen Prayer"; I bought it from a thrift shop during my undergrad years for 25 cents.  Obviously not the best place to hang it, since it gets splattered and grimy and requires constant cleaning, but I like to read the prayer, sometimes, when I cook:

My Kitchen Prayer

Here's another view of the kitchen taken from the doorway to the hallway (with a glimpse of the family room, beyond):

Another View
The kitchen measures 8 ft. by 10 1/2 ft.  I still feel that I have too many things out on the counters (all those small appliances!), but there isn't enough room in the cabinets to store them and I do use the toaster, microwave, rice cooker, and toaster oven, etc., often enough to have them out all the time.

The counters tend to get cluttered very quickly because I am not always good about putting things away!  That big white enamel pot on the stove, for example, should be stored in the garage until I need it next, not on top of the stove! 

It is my goal to keep the kitchen counters clear and the kitchen looking presentable!  There is still some decluttering and deep cleaning to be done.  I will get to that later, as I continue implementing my cleaning schedule.

What do you have out on your kitchen counters?


  1. Your kitchen looks amazing! I haven't got the courage to post a pic of mine. I love that prayer - it is lovely and such a good message. x

  2. Your kitchen looks so inviting! Good work!

    1. Thank you, Angela. It had brown cabinets and a corner sink when I first bought the house and looked dark, even with a window where the pass-through is now. I remodeled the kitchen and put in new cabinets, etc., when I added on the family room and 2nd bathroom. I only wish I had room for a kitchen table. That would have been very nice.

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful. I don't think it looks cluttered at all. I'm a visual person so everything is on my little counter space, right at my fingertips: 2 kitchen knife blocks, a revolving organizer with tons of kitchen utensils in it, cutting boards, spices, small organizer with all my measuring utensils in it, stand mixer, toaster oven, food processor, dish drainer, some cleaning products, composting bin, and usually a bunch of dirty dishes too although this past week I have been much better about keeping up with the dishes. I would have a really hard time keeping all those white cabinets looking nice and clean, though. Maybe once all the kids are out of the house...

    1. Thanks, Nathalie. I think I alternate between being a visual person and wanting nothing out except one or two items! LOL. Well done keeping up with the dishes!

  4. Bless, your kitchen is beautiful. LOVE the white ..looks so clean and pretty. The prayer is beautiful too..
    I have too much on my kitchen cabinets too.ha I have been trying to decrease the things , I dont use as much.. [and try to make myself, always put things where they go.. a work in progress, ha]

    1. Thank you, Judy. I love the look of the white cabinets, but they show every bit of dirt! As for putting stuff away - that's a work in progress, here, too. I think I need to declutter some of the cabinets a bit more to make it easier to put things away. And being short doesn't help, either!


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