Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September Grocery Shopping Week 2: Part 2

It was another cool, cloudy day, today.  In fact, it was rumored that some areas of the city even received some drizzle, but there was no precipitation where I live.

I spent most of the morning and afternoon doing office work.  But, I made a quick trip to the bank a little after 4:30 p.m. and stopped by the Armenian grocery store on the way home.  I didn't need a lot of things, but I was out of some essential items.  Green chilies, for example!  I usually keep some in the freezer, but the other day, when I went to cook the lentil curry, I discovered that I was all out of green chilies and had to use dried red chilies, instead.  And I was out of coconut milk, which is a pantry staple for me.   Also, I used the last of the bacon, when I made fried rice, last week, so when I saw that bacon was on sale, I picked up a packet of that, as well.   

September 13 Groceries
I bought:

1 lb. bacon = $2.99
1 doz. medium eggs = $.89
1 celery = $.34
Serrano chilies, @$.79/lb = $.10
1 lb. carrots = $.45
2+ lb. potatoes, @$.25/lb = $.56
1 lb. strawberries = $.99
2 cans coconut milk, @$.89 = $1.78
1 lb. container plain yogurt = $1.39
Total = $9.49

I debated between buying the loose potatoes at $.25/lb. and getting a 10 lb. bag for $1.69, but decided that I only needed a few potatoes.  Better to pay more per pound and use up what I buy than pay less and toss part of it because it spoiled before I could use it up.

Celery is another item I like to have on hand to add to dishes.  I don't like to eat it raw, however.  I plan to chop up most of it and freeze.

Total spent on groceries so far in September = $5.86 + $4.80 + $4.83 + $9.49 = $24.98

Balance left in budget = $77.95 - $24.98 = $52.97

After I came home, I cleaned my bedroom, made dinner, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, did some paperwork, and video chatted with my daughter.  My neighbor brought in my trash cans for me, so I didn't have to do that.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Another cool day
- Helpful neighbors
- Keeping to my cleaning schedule
- The car started!
- There was no damage from this morning's earthquake in Piedmont and daughter slept through it

Piedmont is a city near Berkeley and Berkeley sits right on top of the Hayward earthquake fault line (which goes under the University of Berkeley's football stadium!)

Wednesday's To Do List:

- Office work
- Paperwork/filing
- Clean bathroom(s)
- Do a baby step or two in the family room

How is your grocery shopping/grocery budget coming along?


  1. Wow, Bless. Great prices on your groceries! I'm like you -- I'd rather buy a smaller amount of potatoes at a higher price and use them than buy a larger quantity for less $$ but have them go bad. To some extent it's about money, but a LOT of it is about how gross potatoes get when they go bad! Ew!

    1. Thanks, Laura. I'm especially glad I didn't get the bag of potatoes, because, once I came home and looked at this week's grocery ads (prices change on Wednesdays, here), I found out that the 10 lb. bags will go on sale for $.99 next Tuesday (a one day only sale). However, I don't know if I'll buy a whole bag of potatoes then, either. I have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday and I might not feel like going grocery shopping afterwards.

  2. BLess, your grocery budget for September , has been fantastic.Some great deals.Strawberries were wonderful.. Ours have went to $3.eeeh.
    I am happy daughter is ok.. And she slept through the earthquake.
    We eat out of freezer/pantry before moving [to empty my stash as much as possible]..After we got moved in, I did not have the big pantry , I had I wanted to use it down, until i could figure out where to put my stash and how much ahead I needed now?? Plus, I live a farther distance from a grocery store..ha
    This past week, Kroger was having a big sale.. I went and bought a lot of pantry stock and re-supplied.. I made a list of regular used items.. I spent $130.00 [our monthly budget for groceries, cleaning supplies and personal supplies is $220]. I had intended to go over ,if needed to stock pantry and freezer..I was so happy that I not only stocked my pantry but also a good bit of meat at this sale. [I bought 15 sacks of grated cheeses at $1.00 a bag..- I keep these in the freezer, as I use cheese a lot]. I got chicken legs for 69 cents lb. I got ground chuck for $2.23 lb. Roast for $2.78 lb.
    I understand about the potatoes.. when it is just one person, it is hard to use 5 pounds before they go bad.. We use alot of potatoes at my house.. My husband and grands love them. So I cook them , almost every day. smile
    Hope you have a good day.

    1. Judy, that's a great price for roast! I haven't seen prices like that here in a long time. You did well with stocking up. I, too, try to take advantage of sales. There are only a few things I'll buy at full price, if I can help it.

  3. I think you are right about the potatoes. You end up with more waste. The store cupboard staples are interesting. I have three cans of coconut milk in my cupboard. If we were nearer I would give them to you. I saw a recipe and really wanted to try it, but you needed coconut milk, which I have never used. The cans were on offer, so I got three. I can't remember the recipe or where I saw it. So I have three cans of coconut milk along with my staples of baked beans, kidney beans, tinned sweetcorn and tinned tomatoes.

    I'm really glad your daughter is okay. x

    1. We have to get you started on some curries and desserts to use up those cans of coconut milk! Basically, coconut milk can be substituted for regular milk in most recipes. If there is any unused coconut milk left in the can, pour it into a glass jar, cover with a lid and store in the fridge. It can be kept in the fridge for at least a week.


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