Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Monthly Goals: Review

-  Attend August Monthly Prayer Meeting; continue with daily prayers and gratitude: I attended the monthly prayer meeting and continued with daily prayers and gratitude.

- Continue to declutter; deep clean and organize the 3rd bedroom and family room:  Let's just call this an on-going project, shall we?  I had the best of intentions, but couldn't carry it through.  Will continue with this in September. 
- She has completed 2 months of full time employment and has adjusted nicely; as my treatments come to an end, she will not need to come down as often, either.  We will continue to keep in touch by phone and on-line: Daughter came down for a week to be with me during the last week of my radiation treatments and it was lovely to have her company and spend time with her.

- Call aunt on her birthday; make and send her a card; give a ride to cousin to monthly prayer meeting; meet family members at the prayer meeting:  I did all that and there was more, as one of my cousins blessed me by insisting on accompanying me to a couple of my medical appointments and cleaning my house for me, afterwards. 

-  Call neighbor on her birthday/make her a gift; meet other friends at monthly prayer meeting; keep in contact with other friends by phone and on-line:   In addition to all that, I had a visit from a friend.
-  Continue to work from home while treatments continue; make plans to go back to the office towards the end of the month:  I worked from home during the entire month, with some days of sick time and a few days of vacation interspersed.  Returning to the office will take place sometime in September. 

- Continue to be mindful of spending: August finances were well under control.  

-  I am almost 2/3 of the way through my radiation treatments; I've 11 more treatments to go.  I've also another appointment with the medical oncologist in August and an appointment with the dermatologist, as I've developed a rash on my face.  Also continue with healthy eating, getting sufficient exercise and sleep : I completed my radiation treatments!  There was a slight delay due to side effects, but everything was completed before the end of the month and I was seen by the radiation oncologist as well as the medical oncologist.  The appointment with the dermatologist went well, too; I was prescribed an ointment to apply to my face and the rash has cleared.   

Time Management:
- This month's focus will be managing my medical appointments, getting my office work assignments done on time, and developing a routine when it comes to accomplishing housework, etc.  I did well when it came to managing the medical appointments and work assignments completed on time.  Housework routines appear to be another on-going "work in progress" for me!

- Read one fiction and one non-fiction book; resume sewing the two quilts I have in progress, make birthday cards and gifts: I did some reading and made the cards and gifts but didn't sew.  Just didn't feel like it.   

How was your August?  Did you make any goals?  And if you did, how did you do?  Were you able to attain your goals?  


  1. No I don't write down my goals and I should. I would get more done and I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed all the time. My biggest "goal" this past month is to reorganize my Craft Room, as you know. That work will continue into September.

    1. Maybe you'll write down your goals for September. We'll both be working on our Crafts Room - mine is actually a multi-purpose room which is part guest room, part crafts room, part home office! At present, it is mostly storage room! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. :)

  2. BLess, I did accomplish some goals in August, but not as much as I would like. I am going to post my Sept goals on my maybe it will make me more motivated.ha
    I did decide to start fall cleaning in September, but actually stated the last week in August.. I hope to do a room a week??? we will see. I made jelly's and jam's during August. I have not sewed, not sure why??? But hope to do that in September,
    Hope you have a great week end.. Take it easy, and dont rush back to work [at the office] unless, you have too. You have been through a lot, and need to take it slow.. hugs.

    1. So glad you accomplished some of your August goals, Judy. I think we often make more goals than we can reasonably accomplish in a given month, but that's just how we are, isn't it?

      Thank you for the reminder to take it easy and not rush back to the office - I just feel guilty, for some reason, for continuing to work from home!

  3. I think the way you organise your goals and keep them in mind is really healthy. I take inspiration from this. x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I started doing this a little over 11 years ago, at a time when I felt my life was very unbalanced. I was a single parent to a very active young daughter (lots of extracurricular activities), care-giver to my mother who was in declining health, worked full time, was active in my daughter's school and our temple, etc. I felt stretched thin and overwhelmed and like whole areas of my life went ignored. Making goals to cover various segments of my life helped. Something else that helped was realizing I wasn't Superwoman and scaling back on my goals! :D


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