Monday, August 22, 2016

Taking it Easy

I have spent a quiet weekend, taking it easy.

On Saturday, daughter went to Universal Studios with two of her friends.  I strolled around the garden and took some pictures.

Then, I washed the 5 lbs. of strawberries I had bought:

Washed Strawberries

And cut them up for freezing:

Sliced Strawberries

A lot of slicing!  I froze the sliced strawberries.  They will be made into jam, later, when it is not as hot and I am more up to standing and stirring for an hour.

After that, I washed the dishes that had piled up in the sink.  The rest of the day, I watched Olympics coverage, played on the computer, chatted on the phone with my cousin and aunt, etc.

I had a very short To Do List for Saturday and it got done.

Saturday's To Do List:
- Clean litter box - DONE by daughter
- Prepare strawberries for freezing - DONE
- Do dishes - DONE

Today (Sunday), daughter went out with some friends to the mall in the afternoon and with other friends to an Escape Room and Korean barbecue dinner.  I watched more Olympics coverage and some cooking shows on TV, spoke on the phone with my half-sister who called and with my neighbor,  and enjoyed a visit from one of my friends and her family.

In the afternoon, I decided to tidy the computer desk in the family room.  It was piled high with work-related material - documents, reference material, etc.  I put everything back into the box in which I had brought them home from the office.  I can always take them out as needed and return to the box at the end of the day.  I found a couple of items that needed to be filed, so I went ahead and filed them.  I put some odds and ends into the pink basket  to go through and deal with at a later date.  Then, I dusted and polished the table.  I had originally planned to spend only 15 minutes tidying the computer table, but it took me a total of one hour.  This is how it looks now:

Tidied Computer Desk

I hope to keep it looking like this so that, in the future, it will take me less than 15 minutes to give it a quick clean.

Later in the afternoon, I sewed the cushion covers back on.  There are six cushion covers:

Cushion Covers

The cushions covers were made from the curtains I used to have in my kitchen window and fabric scraps I had in my stash (for the borders and the backs).  There is a matching table cloth, too.

Other items I'd like to get done:
- Sew cushion covers back on - DONE
- Tidy dining table
- Tidy family room - STARTED
- Round up dust bunnies  - DONE by cousin!

Today, I am grateful for:

- A call from my sister
- My neighbor calling to check on me
- A visit from a friend
- Hugs from my daughter and her friends
- Being able to watch the Olympics

Monday's To Do List:

- Go for radiation
- Shop for a new laptop for daughter
- Office work
- Take trash cans to the curb
- Water the front garden
- Tidy dining table

How was your weekend?


  1. I don't think you know what "taking it easy" means, Bless! You still did more than I did! Is "Escape Room" part of the name of the restaurant? If not, what it is?

    And, what are you going to watch now that the Olympics are done? I didn't watch even one second of it. Saw some headlines but I shall remain woefully uneducated about the Olympics for the next 4 years now, lol. But at least I won't go through withdrawal!

    1. An Escape Room is a real life puzzle game. People are divided into teams and each team is locked up in a room in which there are clues/hints to puzzles that they must first figure out and then solve in order to escape the room before time runs out (usually about an hour). :)

      You know, I really don't watch a lot of TV on a regular basis. Often, I'll go for days without turning on the TV. If I do put it on, then, it's usually news or something like Antiques Roadshow on PBS or some cooking shows.

      I've a feeling I'll be a bit more productive now that the Olympics are over! :D

      Hope you are having a lovely day, today.

  2. You are so creative! I respect anyone who makes jam. I think you are very wise to wait. I hope you're feeling good x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. There are some microwave jam recipes, which I haven't tried, but which might be something Bear might enjoy trying. ;)

  3. Your computer desk looks great.. Congrats on getting it done.. And the strawberries looks so yummy. .Hope you eat some too..I could not have resisted.ha]
    Hope your having a nice day..
    [proud daughter is home, so you two , can enjoy each others company.]

    1. Thank you, Judy. Yes, I did sneak a strawberry or two! :D It's lovely having daughter home.

  4. Hi Bless, I've just been catching up with your blog. I can understand your frustration at lack of energy but honestly, if you re-read what you've done over the past months I think you'd be surprised at what you've achieved. Your mammoth de-cluttering task will probably go down in blogging history.

    I know it's easy for me to say but hang in there and be kind to yourself over the last few days of treatment. I think shedding a few tears is to be expected and I don't know about you but things never seem as bad after a good cry - a little bit like a rainbow popping out after a shower.

    I would love a sofa like yours but no material furnishings here I'm afraid until our doggy days are over.

    Did you daughter and friends manage to escape? Have to say it was one of the best family things we've ever done. Great fun. xx

  5. Suzanne, thank you. I just need to remind myself that although I feel much better than I did when I was undergoing chemo, I am still not fully recovered and I must make some allowances for that.

    It might also be that the decluttering took more out of me than I realized.

    Yes, my daughter and her friends managed to escape in time and had a blast doing it, she said. :)

  6. Freezer strawberry jam is wonderful and very fresh-tasting.

    1. Thanks, Marylynn. I've actually never made any, but I looked up a recipe and I might try making some, next time. Sounds much easier than boiling and stirring until it sets!


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