Monday, August 8, 2016

Restful Sunday

I've had a quiet day, today.  I experienced some swelling in my left foot, last night, and it was still swollen when I woke up this morning.  So, I've stayed off my feet and sat on the sofa with my foot elevated most of the day, watching TV.

I did make a wreath for my neighbor's birthday gift, using items I had in my stash.  She had told me that sunflowers were her favorite flowers. She tried to grow some in her garden but the seedlings died and she was so disappointed. These sunflowers won't die. I made the wreath base using cuttings from my jasmine vine.

Sunflower Wreath

The wreath base and flowers will be my declutterings for today.

My daughter called in the morning to say she has received a text from the bank saying there had been some suspicious activity on her credit card!  Apparently someone tried to use her account to purchase stuff for over $1,000 from an office supplies store!  Fortunately, the bank had declined the charges because it seemed unusual based on her past purchases.  So, tomorrow, after work, she will go to the bank to have her card changed.   

My aunt and cousin called and dropped in for a visit in the evening.  My cousin brought me more of the cheese/dried fruit/nuts snacks that she brought me on a previous visit and small bottles of apple juice.  Very convenient to take with me when I go for treatments, etc.

I also received a phone call from a cousin in Australia and another phone call from a friend, so my family and friends spokes of my life were well plumped, this weekend.

Today, I am grateful for:

- The bank caught the suspicious activity on daughter's card and took steps to stop the charges.
- I was able to make a gift for my neighbor with items I had on hand.
- The swelling on my foot went down after resting.
- My aunt and cousin visiting and bringing me treats.
- A restful day.

My to do list for Monday include:

- Office work
- Radiation treatment
- Pick up medications
- Grocery shop
- Clean out the fridge
- Make birthday cards
- Take the trash cans to the curb
- Water the indoor plants
- Water the garden, front and back

What are your plans for Monday? 


  1. Lovely late summer wreath, easily transitions to fall with large, fall type colored bow. Wonderful to have materials at hand to use creativity and skill to spread joy. Sending cheers for your successful July de-clutter project. Hope you've made arrangement for pick-up by your Thrift of choice. With school supplies needed now, families will appreciate your blessings more than ever.

    Can bank explain how identity thief/hacker gets card numbers to try? I got a W/Mart card a few years ago primarily to take advantage of a short term promotion but subsequently I have had three incidents of changing the card as someone tried to use the card. I haven't used the card since it's initial promo and W/Mart offer no explanation for these incidents. The collection of cards remain in my small home safe.

    I think it's important to identify the underlying cause of foot swelling. Anything that hampers mobility is serious.

    1. Thanks, Hon. :) I was happy I had the supplies on hand to make the wreath. I used to make a lot more wreaths in the past and used to buy the floral picks, etc. when they went on sale. I've had to put a stop to my purchases of craft supplies until I bring the stash down!

      I wonder if the bank really know how credit card numbers are stolen. I once had several hundred dollars worth of small charges applied on one of my expired cards, all originating at a vending machine in Pennsylvania, which the bank actually paid! When I brought it to the bank's attention, they credited me the charges, then cancelled the expired card and issued a new card. I didn't even activate the new card and there were additional charges applied to it, again for vending machine purchases in Pennsylvania! I just cancelled the card, altogether! I hate using credit cards because of it.

      I have a couple of other on-going health conditions; the foot swelling is due to them.

  2. The wreath is beautiful.. Know your neighbor will be very happy to have it.
    SO sorry about your daughters credit card and some one trying to fraud her.. But happy the bank caught it.. So sad, that people do these things.
    Hope your foot is better, Did you hurt it??
    All is good here.. Not accomplishing much.. Still having asthma not enough breath.. I have been sitting under oxygen mostly. I did take the time, and made brownies for my granddaughters. Who came to visit on Sunday. They enjoyed them.[and I did too..though, I didn't need]
    Hope your radiation treatment goes well today..

    1. Thank you, Judy. My foot is fine, now. I have some other chronic health conditions which cause my feet to swell. I don't talk about them that much, but my primary care doctor tells me she is more concerned about the long-term effects of those health conditions than she is about the effects of the cancer!

      I'm sorry you are still having asthma trouble. Hope the doctor's visit tomorrow will bring relief. Yum! Brownies! I'm sure your dranddaughters appreciated the treat.

      Hope you feel better, soon, Judy.

  3. Does your daughter have a chip card yet?
    I'm glad to hear you're sitting and relaxing because your body greatly needs rest to heal.

    1. Marylynn, yes, her card was a chip card. I guess nothing is tamper-proof.

  4. The wreath is lovely. What a thoughtful gift, especially as her sunflowers died. Hope keeping your feet up has helped the swelling go down. Thank goodness the bank caught on to the fact it was a suspicious transaction. I bought something unusual once and my bank rang me just to make sure I'd authorised the transaction. Saves a lot of hassle and upset to check before rather than afterwards so good on them. xx

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. Yes, very glad the bank detected it in time. Credit cards are convenient, but they come with their own headaches!

  5. So glad the swelling went down. And that's such a cheerful wreath! Am sure your neighbor loved it!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. Although, the more I look at the flowers, the more I think they look like black-eyed Susans than sunflowers!

  6. I love the wreath and you were so smart to use the jasmine vine to do the crown!

    Sorry to hear about your foot and that you're having other health problems on top of your fight with cancer. I'm happy that your foot wasn't as swollen after you put your feet up. My mom gets swollen legs and feet as well, especially when it's very hot.

    I think it's great that banks know enough about our habits to contact us to make sure a transaction was ours, but don't you think there should be safeguards before it even comes to this point? Why do we even sign receipts and screens anymore? It's so pointless when crooks are going to be able to use our cards willy-nilly. Years ago my bank called because someone had bought a puppy for $5,000 in Brazil and charged it to one of our cards. They reversed the charge but it had been initially authorized. Why?! we've never been to Brazil, back then neither Greg nor I had been out of the country for many years, and why would I charge $5,000 in a pet store when I only used that card for grocery shopping locally?

    I like the idea that Bank of America had to print the user's photo on front of their card, years ago. I wonder if they still do that. Of course that won't help when the card is used online. We've had problems with almost all our credit cards, data breaches occur almost on a daily basis nowadays so it doesn't matter if you keep your cards in a safe at home. And you never know if your card has actually been used somewhere else and where. They just contact you via mail now or email to let you know your card might have been comprised, offer you 1 year of free credit monitoring, and issue you a new card. Some of the card issuers are apparently very predictable when they issue new card numbers and today's hackers are very very savvy so they use algorithms and other methods to predict which card numbers will be issued by the banks. Or so I read on some of the technical blogs that I follow. In a case like your daughter's, the positive is that they caught it and she won't be liable for the charges, but it really is an inconvenience to her to have to get a new card (in my case, we'd always have to wait 10 business days to get it in the mail, I was always nervous that something like that would happen when I was in France and I only had the one credit card that I knew worked over there!), but then of course she'll need to change her account information for any recurring charges that she might have on the hacked account. This is a pain in the patootie but I guess better than having your bank account drained because you used your ATM card and that's the one that got hacked...

    1. Thank you Nathalie. I also have a large grapevine wreath base I made out of trimmings from a friend's grape vine!

      Today's local evening news had a story about skimmers installed in ATM's in places like convenience stores and gas stations that steal info. about people's cards. :(

      Hope all is well with you and your family.

  7. So glad that the bank was smart enough to realize that things were not right. I've seen a video showing a skimmer in a tourist area in Vienna, and now, even in our local bank which is pretty trustworthy, I still feel the need to give the card entry portal a bit of a twist to see if it comes off like the fake one on the video!

    We've had a few calls supposedly from a CC company offering to reduce our interest. When DH asks where they are located, they ring off!

    I hope you don't have any more problems with your foot. Must have been that extra bit of "climbing up the mountain" that you are doing!

    1. Bushlady, those skimmers are everywhere! Even this evening's local new had a story about them, saying they are located in ATM machines in convenience stores, at gas pumps, etc. I rarely use my cards, but I told daughter to use her card to build up credit. She's very careful about where she uses her card, but I guess the hackers are very good.

      Ha, ha, those extra steps are taking a toll on me!

  8. I posted the link on your Facebook page to a very good article on chip cards. I think if your daughter has a chip card and is using it as such, she shouldn't need to get a new card because of the way they work. Perhaps she could read this article and then ask questions of her bank as to how far along they are in the process of converting over. If she indeed has a chip card she would have received it fairly recently.

    1. Thank you, Marylynn. She has already spoken with the bank and they are issuing her a new card.


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