Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Out and About on Tuesday

I emailed my supervisor this morning and requested three days of sick leave this week and my supervisor emailed me back saying to take as long as I needed.  I'm so blessed where work is concerned.  

Went for radiation treatment #3 of 7 in the morning.  I had noticed some areas where the skin had started to peel, so I mentioned them to the technician who called the nurse over to take a look.  The nurse said it was OK to continue with the treatment and told me to continue using the prescribed ointment.

Afterwards, I went out to lunch with daughter.  We went to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants.  I ordered my usual favorite, which is chicken teriyaki with rice, a salad, and edamame.  For the first time in a long time, the food tasted good and the same as it used to taste.   I ate almost what I would have normally eaten, which is about half the tray of food!  I brought the rest home and will have it for lunch, tomorrow.  After that, we stopped by our favorite Japanese bakery and bought some melon buns for daughter and raisin buns for me.

After lunch, we went to the dermatologist's.  He diagnosed the rash on my face as an allergic reaction and prescribed a cream.  I am to apply it for a certain number of days and if the rash hasn't cleared I'm to come in again.

We stopped by the pharmacy to get the prescription filled and daughter ran over to the dollar store next door to pick up two lint rollers for me while I waited for my prescription.

I had a relaxed afternoon.  Daughter, however, went to a free cardio work out class at a nearby dance studio, where a certain pair of brother and sister professional dancers were making a guest appearance!  The highlight of the class, for her, was taking a "selfie" with them, afterwards!  :D

Later, daughter went out to dinner with my neighbor's daughters.  They went to a pizza place and daughter brought me a slice of her pizza, afterwards.  It had pesto sauce instead of the usual tomato sauce, grilled chicken and arugala, and no cheese because she doesn't like cheese.  A few minutes after my daughter returned from dinner, my neighbor called and she and her daughters came over for a visit.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Radiation #3 is behind me.

- An enjoyable lunch out with daughter.
- My supervisor and workplace being so understanding about my need for some time off.
- Visit from my neighbors.
- Phone call from my cousin and a nice, long chat.

I didn't get through my To Do List, today.

- Call/email office - DONE
- Go for radiation - DONE
- Go to dermatologist appointment - DONE
- Clear dining table
- Clear  coffee table
- Bring trash cans in - DONE
- Water back garden

All the undone tasks will be moved to tomorrow's list.

Wednesday's To Do List:

- Go for radiation
- Clear dining table
- Clear coffee table
- Water back garden
- Wash dishes

Hope you had a good day, today.  What are your plans for tomorrow?


  1. Glad you enjoyed your meal. The melon buns sound delicious, I've never seen them over here.

    Your company sounds very understanding. It can make the whole situation a lot worse if you're worrying about work on top of everything else don't you think. Have you been able to work from home all through your treatment and does taking sick days mean they won't expect any work from you at all for the 3 days?

    Your daughter is so thoughtful. I know you're her Mum and so obviously she is amazing in your eyes, but honestly, whenever I read about her she comes across as so kind and caring. I'm sending her a virtual hug for looking after you so well :) xx

    1. Suzanne, I gave my daughter a hug and said it was from you! :) I told her you sent it for looking after me so well and she replied, "But you're my mother!" :)

      Melon buns seem to be very popular in modern Japanese cuisine. If you happen to come across a Japanese bakery or grocery store, ask if they have melon buns. We were in a part of town known as "Little Tokyo", yesterday, where there are lots of Japanese shops and restaurants.

      Yes, I have been working from home all through treatment, except for one week at the very beginning, when I took a week off because I didn't know how I'd respond to the chemo. I've worked there for 33 years now and they know me to be a conscientious employee. I had the option of taking a medical leave of absence for the duration of my treatment, but I chose not to, for a number of reasons. I have been able to keep up with my usual amount of work output, but just lately, I've felt a bit overwhelmed between the daily treatments, putting in a full day's work, decluttering the house, etc. I've been pushing myself to get things done, but I decided I needed a little time off from work. I won't be expected to produce any work at all for the 3 days I've taken off.

  2. Sending hugs. I'm really glad that your medics are on top of keeping you well. x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. Yes, everyone has been very responsive. I tend to minimize things and my doctor always tells me that they can't do anything unless I tell them, but whenever I do tell them, they have all been very responsive. :)

  3. I'm glad you're taking time off. Don't run yourself ragged trying to clean your house, though. Rest, rest, rest! And enjoy your daughter's company.

    Were the dancers the Hough brother and sister? I don't follow Dancing with the Stars but I do recall reading their names back when I cared about entertainment news much more than I do today. Plus until recently Julianne was on those ProActiv commercials at least 20 times a day on TV. Anyhoo, it must have been exciting for your daughter to get a picture with celebrities!

    As for you, how exciting that your sense of taste has finally returned! Now you can enjoy all the yumminess that you've been missing. 30 lbs lost, by the way, congratulations. I seem to recall that your doctor had wanted you to lose a little weight so I'm assuming that it's actually a good thing.

    Take care and enjoy your time off.

    1. Hi Nathalie, you guessed correctly! Yes, they were Derek and Julianne Hough. I just didn't want to name drop in my blog post! :D

      Yes, losing 30 lbs. was a good thing, as I am overweight.

      Thanks; I didn't do half the things on my to do list; instead, I've rested. Just don't have the energy to do much.


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