Friday, August 5, 2016

Quiet Friday

I have had a fairly quiet day, today.  Spent a little time doing office work, responding to emails, etc., in the morning, until it was time to leave for my radiation appointment.

The radiation treatment, itself, went well.  The side effects are still relatively mild, but I am glad to have a break for two days over the weekend to recover.

I did more office work in the afternoon and completed this week's assignment by the end of the work day. 

In between doing office work, I gave Dancer a long over-due flea prevention medication (he didn't like that, but I gave him a little canned tuna as a treat, afterwards, and he forgot the indignity of having flea meds applied to him!  :D )

I also gave instructions to my gardener to prune back the euphorbia plant that is trying to take over my back garden and the loquat tree that got scorched during the heatwave. 

Later in the evening, I watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies, chatted with one of my cousins, video chatted with daughter, responded to an email from a friend, etc.

Today, I decluttered:

Old TV
The old TV which I had removed to the garage.  The garage is a mess because I haven't cleaned it in over a year.  Will get to it later this year, when it has cooled down a bit.  A lot of junk stored in there, too.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Another radiation treatment completed; one more step climbed.
- Side effects continue to be fairly mild and manageable.
- Having two days off from treatments over the weekend to rest and recover.
- Getting this week's work assignment completed on time.
- Another fairly large item decluttered.

Plans for the weekend include doing some housework, going grocery shopping, attending the monthly prayer meeting, and watering the garden.

How was your Friday?  What have you planned for the weekend?


  1. I'm pleased to hear that you still have some stuff to clear out in your garage. This means that you can still inspire us long after you have finished in the house. When you have finished your treatments and the weather cools down, we will have great expectations!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Bushlady, you will not be disappointed, I assure you! :D

      Thanks; I hope you have a lovely weekend, too.

  2. Bribery always works with cats! Glad you are getting a break. x

    1. Ha, ha, that it does! :D Thanks; hope your weekend is going well.

  3. Take it easy Bless. Be careful outside in that garage..It is so hot now.. whew.!!
    So happy the radiation treatment went well.. Praying for them to be over real soon.. And your life to be normal for you. Know this is difficult for you [even though you don't]

    1. Thank you, Judy. The garage can wait until it is cooler and the house has been dealt with.

  4. Just catching up with you Bless after returning from our break. I see you have started another de-cluttering project. The July de-clutter was fantastic, well done, but I don't blame you for taking it easier this month.

    Glad to hear radiation is still going well and that you're feeling relatively OK off it.

    Wendy sulks for hours after I've squirted the flea treatment on the back of her neck. No amount of doggy treats will bring her round. She just mopes around the house looking completely depressed. No idea why, it's the tiniest amount of liquid you could imagine! xx

    1. Glad you had a nice break, Suzanne. Yes, I'm taking it easy, this month, where decluttering is concerned.

      Wendy probably feels sorry for herself! :D

      Hope you have a lovely week.


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