Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August Grocery Shopping: Week 1

First, my grocery spending in July:  $12.25 + $23.02 + $16.12 + $10.40 = $61.79.  I had budgeted $75 for myself, with another $25, if needed, since I sometimes buy groceries for daughter to take back with her.  But all I spent was $61.79 and that included some items, including chicken, for daughter.

$75-61.79 = $13.21 remaining in the budget.  It will be carried over to August. 

August grocery budget will be $75 + $13.21 from July = $88.21.

I went  grocery shopping yesterday and bought:

August Week 1 Groceries

1 loaf of bread = $1.29
Bananas @ $.69/lb = $1.50
1 apple juice = $2.00
2 chicken salad & crackers snack packs, @ $1.29 = 2. 58
4 pack tapioca pudding = $2.49
1 individual size frozen pizza = $1.00
6 pack soda = $2.49 + $.30 CRV = $ 2.79
1 can spaghetti sauce = $1.00
1 box microwave popcorn = $1.00
= $15.65

Amount left in the August grocery budget:  $88.21 - $15.65 =  $72.56

I forgot to buy condensed milk, yesterday and I was going to buy some today.  But I didn't go grocery shopping today, as I've had an upset tummy and wanted to be in close proximity to my bathroom!  I'll revise the grocery spending amounts once I buy the cans of condensed milk.

Have you gone grocery shopping yet in August?   



  1. Hope your tummy feels better soon! x

  2. Hope your Stomach feels better soon.
    Great job on your July Grocery budget.
    I am still having asthma troubles... SO no grocery shopping.. Just eating out of pantry and freezer [and this is good] Hubby did go yesterday and buy:
    Loaf bread
    Hamburer buns
    SLiced ham sandwhich meat
    I am scanning the grocery ads this week, if the asthma breaks, I will do some shopping at the end of the week.
    Hope you have a nice day.

    1. Thanks, Judy. I am recovering, slowly. Sorry to hear you are still having asthma. Hope you feel better, soon.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I could do with getting to grips with my grocery shopping. I don't do too bad with the once a week trip but it's all the extras I end up buying for Amy and Thomas. It mounts up and I know I'm spending too much on rubbish so need to rein myself in. xx

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. Hope you are able to rein in the spending on the extras. The best way to get the spending under control is to have a firm budget and make a list. If the extras are snacks, then include those snacks on your list for the weekly shopping. Then, when you are tempted to pick up more during the week, remind yourself that you already bought stuff (or buy them and deduct the amount from next week's budget).

  4. Good job on having extra money from your July budget! I'm sorry that your stomach has been bothering you. Maybe that's why you didn't have much of an appetite a couple of days ago? I hope you were feeling better today.
    I spent a lot more than I had planned this week but it's all good as I stocked up on a lot of meat on clearance as well as baked goods (one clearance as well) for my son's snacks. He is a string bean. I am not so I've been trying to resist them :)

    1. I've been reading your grocery shopping post! Lots of good deals! Even if you spent more than you planned, this week, it will be offset by what you will be saving later, because you have all that meat and baked goods in stock. Good luck with resisting all the baked goods!

  5. I hope you're eating some nutritionally well-balanced meals in addition to all those snacks. Your tummy may be telling you something. Hopefully your freezer, refrigerator and pantry have a lot of nutrient dense foods in them and you're eating good meals.

    1. Actually, I have been on a modified BRAT diet since Monday! Bananas, apple sauce, and toast. No rice because I don't like plain rice.

  6. I'm sorry your tummy is upset. I hope that passes quickly and that are you are feeling better ASAP. ((((HUGS)))


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