Friday, December 15, 2023



Cherry Tomatoes

Finally, we have a photo to go with the post about Thursday!  Yay!  I picked the last of the cherry tomatoes grown from the 10 year seeds!  Most of them are still green, but, the plants were looking half dead and I thought it was better to pick the fruit and compost the plants.  Maybe some of the unripe ones will ripen.  If not, I can make a version of salsa verde with the green tomatoes, instead of the traditional tomatillos.  Or, I could make a green tomato curry.

I woke up this morning to the sound of a chainsaw and a leaf blower!  New neighbor E and his crew were cutting down the big bottlebrush tree that was growing in his front yard.  There used to be a branch over hanging my driveway and the person with the leaf blower was blowing leaves that had fallen onto my driveway.  Then, he very kindly blew off all the leaves that had fallen on my parkway (some of which were from my eucalyptus tree) and the curb in front, as well!  My own bottlebrush tree grew from a seed from this tree and I have another seedling growing in pot, as well.  

I unraveled the scarf I was knitting and made it narrower (25 stitches instead of 35). Then, I spent most of the day reknitting the scarf! It is looking better and I think I will have enough yarn now.  If not, I'll knit a snowman face at one end!  Fortunately, my hands are not cramping, this time, and I am able to knit for longer stretches at a time.  I took a break to pick the tomatoes and uproot the tomato plants, to water some of the plants with water I had collected in buckets, for meals, to text with my cousin V (she replied to my text asking her what her grandsons are into these days), and to order the final gifts I needed to order.  I've completed my gift shopping and I've managed to stay under budget.  I just need to finish the gifts I am making.    

On Thursday, I was grateful for:

- Neighbor E's crew cleared leaves off my parkway and in front of the curb, as well
- The tomato harvest
- Being able to knit
- Daughter helping me with ordering the last of the gifts
- Hot water on tap!

Today's joyful activities included knitting and harvesting the last of the tomatoes.

Plans for Friday include going for my mammogram screening and having M bring in the artificial Christmas tree and set it up (which means I need to rearrange the family room to accommodate the tree!)

How was your Thursday?  What are your plans for Friday?


  1. That's a good crop of cherry tomatoes and making a green tomato chutney is another suggestion.
    At least your new neighbour tidies up after himself with the leaf blower which is a blessing.
    That's good that you've been able to re-knit the scarf and order the last of your Christmas gifts.
    I do hope your mammogram and the results are all good.

    1. Yes, green tomato chutney is another option, although I'm not sure if there are enough tomatoes for that. I appreciated the neighbor tidying up after himself. He and his crew are busy cutting down the main trunk of the tree, today. I hope to have the scarf finished, tonight. Then, I can knit one for her sister! It feels good to have the gifts ordered early! There have been years where I've shopped on Christmas Eve!
      Thank you, Eileen, for the well wishes on the mammogram results. :)

  2. I think the tomatoes will ripen. My green ones always do. They are not as good as ripening on the vine, but still better than what you can get in the store. So you did rip the scarf out. I don't think I would have, but I don't knit as well or as fast as you do. :)

    1. Thank you, June; I'm hoping that at least some of them ripen, although, I like green tomatoes, too.
      Yes, I ripped out the scarf and have started knitting it again. I noticed one mistake, but, I am going to ignore it. I'm not planning to rip it out a second time! I don't think anyone else will notice it.

  3. Nice that you were able to salvage the remaining tomatoes.
    We are leaving mid day to head to Nashville for a little visit with DIL3 and Son3 before they leave for Sweden for Christmas.

    1. Thank you, Anne; no tomatoes will go wasted!
      I hope you have a lovely visit with DIL3 and Son3 and they have a wonderful Christmas in Sweden!

  4. I hope your green tomatoes will ripen as well. That is a good crop to finish with. How nice to have the leaves blown off the parkway as well as the driveway. I hope the mammogram goes well.
    Friday has been stay at home day, except for a nice walk to the mailbox in nearly 50°F temperature.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I'm pleased with this year's tomato crop.
      It was nice to have the leaves blown off the parkway, too. Today, the neighbors were busy cutting down the big tree trunk into smaller sections that they could carry and put in the truck to be taken to wherever they were taking the parts of the tree.
      The mammogram went well, thank you. Sounds like you had a nice day with some mild temperatures. :)

  5. A nice harvest. It's good you're still getting some at this time of year or is that usual in your part of the country?

    It was nice of your new neighbour. Hopefully they will be a good neighbour. It sounds like you have a few around you.

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Usually, the tomato plants have finished producing by this time, but, these particular plants didn't start growing until late summer. It's the season for cold weather crops now (broccoli, snow peas, chard, etc.), but, I haven't planted any of that, yet.
      Yes, hopefully, the new neighbors will be good neighbors and we'll become friends over the years. I do have some really good neighbors. :)

  6. That's so nice that the new neighbor E had your area cleaned up after his work. That's a good indicator for the future don't you think?
    I'm glad the scarf knitting is working out and, if need be, a snowman embellishment is a great idea.
    Under budget for Christmas is a good thing:).
    I've been spending a bit too much but haven't added things up yet.
    But I have recorded them in my weekly blocks in my monthly sheet and last week I had to double enter in each space because the week's block didn't have enough room for my receipts! uh oh
    NOT a good sign. lol

    1. Yes, I thought so too - hopefully, new neighbor E will be a considerate neighbor to have.
      The scarf knitting is coming along nicely; I need to take a picture and post. There was plenty of red yarn; in fact, I had some left over!
      I'm sure you'll find that you haven't overspent at all, or, if you did, it was not by much. :)


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