Sunday, December 10, 2023

Catching Up

Saturday's Harvest: Five Cherry Tomatoes and 
Two Ripe Serrano Chilies

I am behind with my blogging!  I meant to do a post Friday night, then Saturday morning, and now, here it is, very early Sunday morning!

Thursday night, I stayed up practically all night (went to bed at 5:00 a.m.), partly because there were some weird noises up in the attic space above the living room.  I think that perhaps a possum or maybe a small raccoon got in there, although, the noise sounded like someone was dragging something!  I couldn't see anything, outside, even though my neighbor's motion detector light kept coming on.  I wondered if a burglar had got in there and if I should call the police, but, eventually, the noise stopped and I went to bed!  Saturday morning, I went around the house, checking to see if there was anything out of place or if there was an opening in the roof, but, I didn't see anything.  It must have been a small animal and I hope it managed to get out!  

Friday was fairly productive, considering I had been up practically all night and got about 5 hours of sleep.  I did a couple of loads of laundry and put away laundry I had done on Thursday.  I called and scheduled one of my medical appointments for next year.

Then, I called Dancer's pharmacy to find out if the vet's clinic had called in his medication refill.  Apparently not!  But, the pharmacy staff person I spoke with said they will have the refill ready by Monday.  Later, there was an email from the vet with Dancer's blood test results.  The good news is he is improving, he has gained half a pound in weight, and his thyroid levels are better, but, still not quite where she would like to see them.  So, she will increase his dosage and would like to see him again, sometime between January and February.  I was happy to hear that he seems to be improving. 

Tammy from the pharmacy called me at 5:30 p.m. to say that Dancer's medication was ready for pick up, but, they close at 6:00 p.m.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get to the pharmacy before they closed (besides, it was dark by then and I don't like to drive when it is dark).  So, I told her I'll pick up the medication on Monday.  Then, I asked her if the vet's clinic had called in the new prescription dosage and they had not!  The medication that was ready to be picked up was a refill of the current dosage.  She said she will call the vet's clinic right away to find out what's going on and then, she called me right back.  She said she will have the new prescription with the new dosage ready for pick up by 12 noon on Monday.  I asked her if I owed them for the refill they had already prepared at the current dosage, but, she said not to worry about it, she had other clients who needed that particular dosage and it wouldn't go to waste.  I was happy to hear that because the medication costs $79 for a 30 day supply, so it's not exactly cheap.

I had meant to ask M if he could check the roof to see if there was a place that a small animal could have used to get into the attic space, but, he didn't arrive until after 5:00 p.m., when it was already starting to get dark.  Maybe I'll ask him to check the roof on Wednesday. 

Moringa Pods

The moringa tree didn't come out of its dormancy until quite late in the summer and as a result, there are just three moringa pods on the tree and they are not ready to be picked, yet.  But, I am happy to see that I have some moringa pods!

Saturday, it was warm enough to open all the doors and windows to air out the house.  I put away the laundry from Friday and did another load of laundry (my bed sheets) and remade the bed.  Dancer helped!  I also did some paperwork and paid some bills.

I managed to walk for 30 minutes in the afternoon and exchanged greetings with neighbor S.  Earlier in the week, I had heard from neighbor S's older daughter that neighbor E had passed away.  He had been another very good neighbor who would help me with fixing small things around the house.  I have not been able to condole with his widow, yet, but, I plan to bake something and take over on Sunday (later, today).

I am grateful for:

- Dancer's health is improving
- His new medication will be ready on Monday
- Helpful pharmacy staff
- Working appliances
- The noise in the attic space has not been heard since that one night

My joyful activities have included phone calls and emails with friends, online chats with my daughter, and spending time in the garden.  Plus, dancing around this character:

"Ha, ha, I'm a character!"

 How is your weekend coming along?


  1. That must have been very scary thinking someone was in your attic space and glad it has stopped now. It probably was a small animal. We had a mouse in ours one time and I would hear it running above the ceiling of our living room. It had been going up and down through the boiler and made a hole in a sack of dog food so was feeding on that and I would find droppings on the floor of our utility room. Husband dealt with it so I didn't have to see.
    Good to hear that Dancer's health is improving, that's a great photo :)

    1. I was a bit concerned when I heard the noises, especially as some of the noises sounded like someone was pulling something! I am more used to hearing noises in the crawl space under the house as I know some of the critters get in there! Glad your husband was able to deal with the mouse!
      Thank you; it's good to know that Dancer's health is improving! It has taken nearly 6 months! It is a funny photo of him, isn't it? :D

  2. Noises in the attic? I've just read a book with that, but she had just moved into the house and it was an old radio left by the previous owner. My eldest son, then age about 24 got up in the middle of the night and cut a branch off a tree that was tapping on his window.. hope you can have a nap later to catch up.

    1. I often hear noises under the house, where there is a crawl space to access plumbing, etc., and I know that the garden cats and other critters get in there and that noise doesn't bother me. But, this was the first time there was a noise in the attic space and I've no idea what it was! I just slept in the next day and was fine. :)

  3. I could use Dancer's help making the bed. It would be more fun but would take forever, I'm sure! His photo makes me think he could be imitating a cartoon character!

    1. He came running and jumped onto the bed even before I could get the fitted sheet on! Then, he stretched out on top of the fitted sheet and tugged on the flat sheet as I was spreading it out! He just loves to help make the bed! That photo makes me laugh each time I see it! :D

  4. You have been very busy! So good to see Dancer is improving, and being a funny character! A squirrel once got to into my sister's attic, and it sounded like someone stomping around! They can be very loud. They can squeeze through small spaces. Ive been making stuffed dumplings this weekend for my sister's Christmas present. It's our French grandmother's recipe, so much work! Sister loves them, and always asks for this. I think they are ok, but not worth the trouble for me! But I'm happy to make them once a year for her. I freeze them to take with me when I visit. It's sad your neighbor passed away.

    1. I'm trying to get a few things done, but, it seems like laundry is never ending and neither is the paperwork! I'm very thankful to see that Dancer is improving!
      It must have been a squirrel, then, because I took another look at the wall and roof around the chimney, this afternoon, and couldn't see any opening that a raccoon could have got through!
      You are a good sister to make those stuffed dumplings for your sister! I'm sure she appreciates your efforts.
      Yes, E was a good person, very helpful to all the neighbors and a kind person, too. But, cancer doesn't care how good a person you are, does it?

  5. It is a good idea to have M check the roof for you. That noise must have been quite unnerving, especially as things always seem worse during the night. Also, any sounds seem to be amplified when it's so quiet. Xx

    1. Yes, I will ask M if he can take a look at the roof when he is here, tomorrow (although I haven't heard the noises after that).

  6. Oh gosh - those attic noises would've frightened me too. I hope as I read on that M was able to figure out what it was and determine it's gone and close up any openings.
    Good news about Dancer :)

    1. Yes, I was wondering if someone was trying to get into the attic space, going by the noises! M wasn't able to find anything, but, today, he shared the fact that another client had squirrels nesting in the chimney and a young man who was trying to get them out was bitten for his efforts! I'm noticing more squirrels in the area, these days (now that I don't have many garden cats and Mama Cat is only interested in sunbathing and sleeping). I'm wondering if a squirrel managed to get in (and, hopefully, got out, again!)
      Thank you; yes, very good news about Dancer. :)


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