Wednesday, November 29, 2023

On Wednesday...

 Iceberg Roses (Old Photo)

On Wednesday...

... I didn't take any new photos for my blog post, so I am reposting an old photo!  This rose bush used to be in the front garden where it didn't do too well and we transplanted it in the back garden where it did quite well for several years.  Then, this summer, it just withered up and died!  I haven't decided if I will replace it or not.

... M arrived in the late morning to tend to the garden.  He filled the yard waste bin with some of the branches he cut from the bottlebrush tree, weed whacked some of the overgrown areas at the back, and watered the garden which hadn't been watered since last Wednesday! 

... there was sunshine in the morning and then, it clouded up and we had some rain in the afternoon.  Not a lot of rain, 10 minutes or so of drizzle, but, even a little rain is welcome!

... the high temperature was 63F and I felt cold enough to have the big gas heater on almost all day!  It is set at 70F, which means the family room warms up to about 65F.  I spent most of the day in the living room (since it was the warmest room), but, moved to the family room in the evening to watch news.  Then, I took a short nap on the sofa, while watching the news!  

... I did a load of laundry (kitchen mat, bathroom mats, Dancer's rug, etc.).  The folding metal drying rack was put away before company arrived on Thanksgiving Day, but, I have set it back up in the living room, near the gas heater, and today's laundry was hung on it to dry.  

... I called the tree trimmers and left a message regarding trimming the eucalyptus tree.  Hopefully, they'll call back with a quote and I can schedule it for December or January.

... I made a pot of turkey broth from the turkey bones.  There was a little bit of turkey drippings and a bit of leftover gravy, too, and I added both to the broth!  I will leave it to cool in the fridge, overnight; tomorrow, I will remove any fat and either make soup or freeze the broth for later.  

... I replied to blog comments, read and commented on a few blogs, watched some online videos, and wrote this blog post, of course!  

... Looked up mailing costs for packages (trying to decide if I want to mail homemade gifts to family living out of state - the bulk of the cost will be for postage - or order something online and have it shipped).

... I chatted with my daughter; she said she went to the store to buy some half and half for her coffee and spotted a seasonal snack, thought that I would like it, and bought it to bring to me when she comes down next!  How sweet is that?

... I cleaned the litter box and swept the bathroom floor as usual,   

On Wednesday, I am grateful for:

- M's help with the garden
- The little rain we received
- Working appliances 
- A warm house
- My daughter thinking of me and picking up a treat for me

Today's joyful activities included picking some ripe serrano chilies from the garden, taking a nap on the sofa, and chatting with my daughter.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment with my primary care physician.  I am not looking forward to that because I am anxious about the blood test results.  Hopefully, all the numbers will be within the normal ranges!  

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. It is much too cold to do any gardening here at the moment. The ground is frozen! This year I managed to get the garden ready for the winter months, at least. I'll need to go outside in a moment and melt the water for the birds and I'll also be keeping a close eye on the lemon trees :)
    I hope your blood results come back okay. Try not to worry too much. Xx

    1. Well done with getting the garden ready for the winter! I hope your lemon trees will survive! Maybe consider covering them with some burlap during the cold nights?
      Thank you, Jules; the blood rest results were better than expected. :)

  2. It's freezing cold here so my central heating is on all day now. I hung a few things on the line outside as I didn't want to tumble dry woollens and they are stiff as boards!
    It's nice that your daughter thinks of you and buys treats to bring home, bet you can't wait to see her again.
    I hope your doctor's appointment goes well.

    1. A warm house when it is cold outside is one of the best things in life, in my opinion! I decided that I will keep the house at a comfortable setting this winter and pay the heating costs! Hope your woolens soften up as you wear them.
      I thought it was very sweet of her to buy treats for me. :) Yes, I'm looking forward to her next visit home. :)
      Thank you, Eileen; the doctor's appointment went very well!

  3. I bet it's a sweet snack bought by a sweet girl for her sweet mother. :)

    1. You might be right about the sweet snack and the sweet girl! But, the mother needs to be careful not to be too sweet! :D

  4. That's sad about such a pretty rose not making it. Getting professional tree trimmers in is a good idea, but on my they can be expensive. Sending lots of positive energy for good results of your blood work. :)

    1. I know, Mary-Lou; one by one, my rose bushes have been dying on me! It's difficult to water them as they should be watered during our summer droughts and water restrictions.

      Professional tree trimmers can be expensive, but, the eucalyptus tree is too big for M and me to trim. The alternative is to cut the tree down!

      Thank you for the positive energy! The majority of the blood work results were good! The two "not so good" results can be turned around with some effort on my part. :)

  5. Ah poor rose. I say plant another one!
    The cost of postage over here is ridiculous. I order online and have things sent to people now. Sometimes you can get a shipping discount. They have come up with a different class of US shipping now Ground Advantage which is a little cheaper!

    1. I think I just might replace that rose! :)
      I might look into Ground Advantage! It's crazy when the cost of postage is more than the cost of the gift!

  6. Now we are all curious, as you are, to know what "seasonal snack" your daughter has bought for you. We will have to wait! Your Serrano chilies must be red now if you have picked some? I see above that your doctor's appointment went well, I'm so glad.
    I had a senior moment this afternoon, got it into my head it was Friday and made fish and chips for supper! Must be because I didn't sleep well last night. Oh well, I'll have something else tomorrow.

    1. Yes, we'll have to wait and see what the snack is!
      There was one red Serrano chili which I picked; I'm waiting for the rest to turn color - if they all turn red at the same time, it will look very pretty!
      Yes, the doctor's appointment went well, thank you. I am very thankful!
      Oh, I almost bought some fish and chips on my way home from the doctor's, today! I settled for hamburgers, instead! I'm sure you'll make something equally delicious for tomorrow's supper. :)

  7. Oh that's too bad about the rose bush dying. Had you just transplanted it this year?
    As I read your response to comments, I see your blood work turned out okay. I'm glad :)
    I just had my trees pruned last week. I am glad to have that done.
    It's been an expensive fall for me for home maintenance items.

    1. Yes, I'm sad that the rose bush didn't make it through the summer, this year. It was transplanted several years ago; maybe 25 years or so ago? Probably it was just its time to go.
      Yes, the blood tests turned out well! I'm very happy. :)
      I'm glad you got your trees pruned. You've had a lot of expenses, but, knowing you, it was all budgeted for , no doubt. :) Next year is going to be my year for home maintenance expenses!


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