Sunday, November 26, 2023

The Garden in November

The Front Garden in November 

The garden continues to do well in November (if you overlook the bare ground between plantings).  

The Succulents Border (from the sidewalk)

The succulents are showing new growth and here and there, the paperwhites are flowering!


The pomegranate tree is starting to shut down for winter:

Pomegranate Tree Changing Color

But, the rest of the front garden is still quite green.

Meanwhile, in the back garden:

Back Garden

The citrus fruits are ripening-

Ripening Oranges

Ripening Lemons

The avocado plant I grew from a seed is thriving:

Avocado Plant

The nectarine tree is starting to shut down:

Nectarine Tree

While nearby, the roses are still blooming:

November Rose

And the serrano chilies are growing well (I'm waiting until they turn red to pick them)

Serrano Chilies

The chrysanthemums are starting to fade, but, they still provide a bright spot of color:


One of the passionfruit plants I grew from seed has been under attack:

Passionfruit Seedling

The Culprit, I Presume!

The original passionfruit vine is still bearing some fruits:

Ripening Passionfruit

And flowering:

Passionfruit Flower
(near the top of the picture)

While the papaya seedling is still growing in one of the blueberry planters!

Papaya Seedling

Thank you for visiting my garden with me.  I hope you enjoyed the visit.  


  1. Both gardens look to be flourishing, Bless. Mine always becomes a mulchy mess at this time of year.
    By coincidence, only yesterday I mentioned your lemon trees to a friend, as I was deliberating whether or not to bring mine into the house. In the end I decided to leave them in the unheated back porch. They have always been okay in there up until now. I may change my mind if we get an extended period of cold weather, but they are becoming quite large now, I'm not sure where I would put them :) Xx

    1. Thank you, Jules. I hope your lemon trees will do well in the back porch. If it does get very cold, maybe you could wrap the pots with burlap or something to keep the roots warm.

  2. I certainly did enjoy visiting your gardens they do look very green and I'm so envious of your fruit trees.
    I had a look around my garden yesterday and I still have a few flowers in bloom and it's the end of November already :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour of the garden, Eileen. I am hoping to add another couple of fruit trees next year, including a tangerine tree and maybe another blueberry bush. My thinking is, if I am going to spend the money on growing trees and watering them, then, I want them to produce something edible, in return!
      Is it unusual for you to have flowers blooming in your garden at the end of November? Is this winter milder than usual for your area? Our coldest month here is usually February.

  3. Your November garden still looks lush & productive. How do you rid your plants of those invading caterpillars? Do you know if it is a butterfly in the making or moth?

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou. I really don't know what type of caterpillar it is, but, I didn't do anything to it! I just left it on the plant! I leave pest control up to the birds and lizards, although M will squish any grubworms he finds!

  4. Oh, those ripening oranges. So exotic (for my climate, anyway) and so delicious looking. As always, I enjoy seeing your gardens and all of the things you can grow in your warmer climate.

    1. I love seeing the oranges ripening, June, and am looking forward to enjoying them this winter. :)

  5. Very nice garden, Bless! Looks healthy and thriving. Good you were able to see the culprit! andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. I enjoy seeing the changes in the garden over the year - not big changes, but, even small changes are fun to see. :)

  6. Beautiful.

  7. A very nice walk around your garden today. Things are looking good. And the mums made an indoor vase appearance for the holiday, right? I'm assuming they were the source for your nice arrangement.
    Almost December and still you have roses :)
    I always enjoy seeing what your garden is putting forth.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour of the garden, Debra. Yes, the mums I arranged in vases in the house were from the same patch of mums shown in the picture, above. The picture shows the rest of the mums, the ones I didn't cut to bring inside. :)
      Yes, almost December and I still have roses. M will usually wait until January to prune the roses because sometimes, we get a few December roses, too. :)

  8. I did indeed enjoy the visit to your garden. I love the different shapes and different greens of the succulents, and the oranges make my mouth water, they look so fresh and perfect!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; glad you enjoyed it. :)


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