Monday, November 20, 2023

More Groceries on Monday

Daughter and I had a relaxed morning, today.  She slept in and I confirmed my ophthalmologist appointment that is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday), mended a rip in daughter's jacket, and unpicked the waistbands of some fleece pyjama pants she had brought down so I could replace the stretched out elastics in them.  I used the new longer handled seam ripper she had bought for me (my old seam ripper has been coming out of the handle).

In the afternoon, we picked up the Thanksgiving groceries I had ordered last night; Jennifer brought them to the car, this time.  I bought:

1 Turkey (frozen; 13.7 lb. @ $0.79/lb. with $25 additional purchases) = $10.82

10 lb. bag russet potatoes = $5.99

1 bag Caesar salad kit, 11.4 oz. = $4.49

12 count pack brown and serve dinner rolls = $2.00

1 can (6 oz.) crispy fried onions = $4.49

1 carton passion fruit/white grape juice cocktail = $3.99

2 bottles sparkling apple cider ($3.50@) = $7.00
2 bottles sparkling apple-cranberry cider ($3.50@) = $7.00
California redemption value on four bottles = $0.40

1 Pecan pie (8 inch/19.5 oz.) = $9.99 + $0.10 redemption value (for the foil pie plate) 
1 Pumpkin pie (8 inch/21.5 oz.) = $5.00 + $0.10 redemption value (for the foil pie plate)
2 cans of dairy whipped topping (one original, on extra creamy; @6.5oz.; @$2.50) = $5.00

Bag fee = $0.30

$5 off store coupon = -$5.00

Total spent = $61.67

My November grocery budget is $100 + $71 carried over from earlier = $171.00

Spent to date = $57.72 (on 11/17) + $32.89 at the Sri Lankan store (on 11/19; I spent $36.89, but $4 of that was on non-grocery items) + $61.67 (on 11/20) =  $152.28

Balance left in the November budget = $18.72

I don't anticipate going grocery shopping again during the rest of this month, though!


After we came home, we had leftovers from the Sri Lankan restaurant meals for our lunch.  Then, I gave my daughter's hair a hot oil treatment and watched the evening news while she took a nap.  

My late friend A's daughter texted me in the evening asking me what I'd like them to bring.  I said nothing, just bring themselves, but, then, she texted back saying her dad might roast a turkey breast to bring!  I quickly replied that I have bought a whole turkey to roast!  I asked her to bring a dish of stuffing if they liked and she said they'll do that.

I have also invited my friend R to join us on Thanksgiving day; she said she'll let me know on Wednesday if she's coming.  There will be plenty of food if she decides to join us.  

Later in the evening, I watched a TV program.  We had more of the leftovers for dinner.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to order groceries online and pick up, curbside
- All the groceries I ordered were available and there were no substitutions
- A safe drive to the grocery store and back
- Daughter is cleaning the litter box while she's here!
- A relaxed day

Today's joyful activity was spending time with my daughter.

Plans for tomorrow include going for my medical appointment and later, once my eye dilation wears off, making the cranberry sauce ahead of time.  

How was your Monday?  What are your plans for Tuesday?


  1. Your Thanksgiving meal is going to be lovely. I see you are having the traditional pecan and pumpkin pies for dessert. It will be nice if your friend R is able to join you for the meal.
    I hope your ophthalmologist visit goes well today.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; yes, I'm making a mostly the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, minus the sweet potatoes because we want to try our butternut squash, instead. :) It would be nice if R is also able to join us, but, I will understand if she declines the invitation. The ophthalmologist visit went well, but, I took a long time to recover from having my eyes dilated, this time. The whole afternoon was spent dozing in a darkened room!

  2. It's a good job she checked about the turkey - otherwise you might have had way too much!! It all sounds as though you're ready for a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy it! Love FD xx

    1. It was a very good thing she checked about the turkey! We would have had turkey coming out of our ears! I think it will be a nice Thanksgiving. Just need to tidy up the house a bit, tomorrow, and prep everything to make it easier on Thursday.

  3. Can I come visit and have you do some mending and cooking for me? :) Besides spending time with you, I know your daughter appreciates all of the little things you are doing for her.

    1. June, you are more than welcome to visit and bring your mending! I will cook some mild, white curries (they are usually yellow in color with turmeric, but, they are called white curries because they don't have red chili powder added) that aren't too spicy for your visit. :) Yes, my daughter does appreciate the mending, etc., and today, she drove me back from the doctor's appointment, and I appreciated that very much, because I know she doesn't like to drive.

  4. I chuckled at the inclusion of your daughter's cleaning of the litter box this week. :)
    With your latest grocery purchase, you seem to be all set with your plans for your holiday meal.
    Yum - pecan pie. I really like pecan pie. I remember years ago I made a chocolate pecan pie that I still think about.
    I have a mince pie for our dessert (and some chocolate covered cherries hidden away to surprise my husband) We both like mince pie.
    I grew up eating it at Thanksgiving and Christmas and now my husband is used to having it.
    I thought of you when I paid $2.02 for an acorn squash the other day.
    Thinking of your Thanksgiving squash story (and how it did not cost you $2.02 lol)

    1. I am very thankful for the break from cleaning the litter box! LOL.
      I think I have just about everything I need (and more!) for the Thanksgiving meal. This is the first time I've held a dinner at my house since the pandemic! I am a bit nervous about it, but, I'm hoping it will be OK and there won't be any health consequences!
      Your chocolate pecan pie sounds delicious! I made a regular pecan pie, once, but, these days, I'm going for convenience! Mince pie and chocolate covered cherries will be just fine with me, too! I love chocolate covered cherries!
      Butternut squash is selling for $1.49/lb. at the grocery store, so mine would have cost a bit over $3.00 if I had bought it! :) Acorn squash is yummy, too!

  5. It's satisfying to do sewing jobs for loved ones, isn't it? I often have something brought to me when the family visit, often a challenge!
    I had a sweet e-mail note from DGD when she found out that I had tested positive for Covid!

    1. Yes, it is, Bushlady. I know how you get items to mend and repair when your family visits you. :) Aw, that was very sweet of DGD to send you an email note when she found out about your Covid test results. :)


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