Monday, November 13, 2023

November Meal Plans - Week 1Review and Week 2 Plan

This was the meal plan plan for November Week 1

Brunches: Scrambled eggs (Monday), salad, boiled mung beans (haven't had that in a long time), waffles, leftovers

Dinners: Turkey soup and salad (Monday); sausages with sauteed vegetables; mackerel beef curry with dhal, moringa curry, chutney, and rice; leftovers, birthday meal compliments of friend S

Snacks: Fruit (apples, pomegranate, dates, canned peaches), popcorn, cheese and crackers, roasted peanuts, roasted almonds, birthday goodies compliments of friend M and neighbor S!

That is the plan.  Let's see how it works out!


Brunch: Scrambled egg
Dinner: Turkey soup and cucumber salad

Brunch: Apple slices, grapes
Dinner: Sausage with green peas and corn

Brunch: Toast and seeni sambol
Dinner: Scrambled egg on toast

Brunch: Toast and seeni sambol
Dinner: Sausage with green beans and tomatoes sauteed, toast

Brunch:  Boiled mung beans and katta sambol
Dinner: Salad, some of the treats for dessert

Brunch: Boiled mung beans and katta sambol
Dinner Rice, beef curry (from the freezer), dhal, tomato chutney; some of the treats for dessert

Brunch: Rice and curries from friend S
Dinner: Leftover rice and curries from friend S; some of the treats for dessert

All in all, it was a good week and I'm very pleased with how the meal planning turned out, with some birthday treats thrown in!

On to this week - November Week 2

Brunches: Scrambled eggs, salads, sauteed chick peas, French toast, Sri Lankan style pancakes, leftovers

Monday: Leftover rice and curries 
Tuesday: Soup and toasted cheese sandwich
Wednesday: Leftover rice and curries
Thursday: Hamburger patties with vegetables
Friday: Leftover hamburger patties with vegetables
Saturday: (Daughter comes home) - Sauteed salmon with rice and vegetables
Sunday: Maybe take out or leftover sauteed salmon!

I am not going to do a meal plan for the week when my daughter will be home; I anticipate we will be getting some take out and there will be a Thanksgiving Meal on Thursday and leftovers from that!  I will try to keep a record of what we ate, but, I am not making any meal plans.

Are you making a meal plan for this week?


  1. Your birthday treats all looked delicious. I'm sure the salmon enjoyed with your daughter will be an extra special meal and the week ahead will be a wonderful one for both of you.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. The birthday treats have been enjoyed and I'm looking to eat more sensibly this week before all the Thanksgiving goodies are enjoyed the following week!

  2. I am sharing my meal plan later on this week. As usual I kept to last week's partially but events got in the way of some meals - but that's what freezers are for!! I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter. Love FD xx

    1. Flexibility is the key when it comes to meal planning, I think. We need to be able to move some meals to different days or keep them for another week. Looking forward to see what you've planned for the upcoming week, FD. :)

  3. A week with birthday treats is a good eating week indeed!

  4. I would love for someone to bring a surprise meal to me!
    My plans for this week are made, but I imagine they will be pretty fluid. I did go ahead and make a plan for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Son3 and DIL3 will be here for the duration and I like to have things made in advance, so I need to know what direction I am headed.

    1. Make it known to your family and friends that you'd love a surprise meal brought to you! :D My friends know that I am not going out to eat, still, so, they will bring me a meal from time to time.
      That's wonderful that Son3 and DIL3 will be with you for the Thanksgiving weekend (and, no doubt Son2 and DIL2 might drop in, too?) Having things planned ahead will make it easy. :)

  5. You had some nice food and the wonderful birthday food gifts only added to it :)

    1. Yes! I didn't go hungry, that's for sure! :D


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