Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Errands on Tuesday

"Where's my other human, Mummy?"

Poor Dancer keeps going around the house, meowing, looking for his other human.  Earlier this evening, he was sitting in front of the front door, staring at it, as if expecting my daughter to walk in at any moment!  

I ran a few more errands today!  First, I went to the gas station to put some gas in my car.  I was down to quarter of a tank, although I usually try to keep the gas tank at least half full at all times.  I put $50 worth of gas, at $4.79/gal. and it was enough to fill the tank.  $50 is what I budget each month for gas, but, since I don't drive that much, anymore, I tend to fill up only every other month.  I am considering lowering my monthly gas budget to $25 per month, next year.  

After that, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication refill.  The line wasn't all that long, but, there was only one person at the counter and the line moved very slowly.  The store was rather busy, too, for a weekday afternoon.  I was almost sorry that I decided to pick up the medication instead of having it mailed to me!  But, mailing charges have gone up to $5; the medication cost $50.00.

Then, I went next door to the dollar store.  I was hoping to find a 2024 wall calendar - the kind with big squares in which to write appointments and times.  I was happy to find one for $1.00.  In addition, I bought 3 bananas (@ $.49/lb.), a bag of grapes (@$1.79/lb.), a package of dates (@$3.99), two rolls of wax paper (@$1.50), and a box of snack sized sandwich bags (@$1.50).  My total came to $14.08.

I was happy to be able to get about and run my errands, but, at the same time, I felt a little stressed about it, too.  Even with my mask on, I felt uncomfortable being exposed to so many people in the stores.  I think I'll continue to stay at home for the most part in the coming weeks.  

I spent the rest of the day relaxing at home.  I brought in the emptied trash cans, picked another handful of ripe cherry tomatoes, called friend S to check on her (she had burned her hand earlier in the month when hot oil splashed on her hand and forearm), watched news and the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars and another musical program on TV, and looked through the week's grocery ads.  

Breakfast was half a bagel with butter, lunch was rice with the last of the beef curry, and dinner was sauteed turkey with the last of the butternut squash.  Snacks included a mandarin orange, some grapes, some preserved/dried pineapple, some potato chips, and the last piece of cherry pie for dessert.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Gas for the car
- Being able to drive
- My medications
- Finding the calendar I wanted
- A sunny day and a relatively warm afternoon

Today's joyful activity was video chatting with my daughter.

Plans for Wednesday include tending to the garden with M and reading.

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for Wednesday?


  1. Poor Dancer, he'll settle down soon, but it's a shame he doesn't understand why your daughter is no longer at home. I buy those calendars with the big squares and it's hung in my kitchen, I don't know how I would manage without one. Is your friend with the burned hand doing OK? Her accident sounded awful must have been very painful.

    1. Yes, Dancer will settle down and then, my daughter will be back for Christmas and he'll get used to having her home again, and then, she'll go back and he'll be missing her all over again! Sigh.

      I've been hanging the calendar in the hallway, where I have a small table with a telephone on it (the land line). I'm thinking of finding a better spot for the new calendar.

      My friend said her hand is healing, but, she's still in a lot of pain.

  2. Poor Dancer, how confusing to lose a human like that! Our Tuesday was very quiet as Bob had picked up the vomiting bug. Fortunately we are both fully recovered today, We had porridge [oatmeal] for breakfast as it is bland and comforting, and easy on the digestion!!

    1. I know; Dancer has been spending his days sleeping on my daughter's bed, missing her!
      Sorry to hear that Bob caught the same bug, but, glad you are both fully recovered, today. I wish I could learn to like oatmeal/porridge! My mother liked it and so does my daughter, but, I don't!

  3. Some of pharmacies around here have a drive through for prescription pick-ups that I use frequently. Do you have that option where you are? I am more relaxed now, but earlier during the pandemic, I had strategies to minimize exposure in the stores. I avoided aisles that had people in them until they were clear, etc. I still do that somewhat, but am more relaxed that I used to be.

    1. There are some pharmacies with the drive through pick up services, but, the one I go to (nearest to my house) doesn't. I just need to ease into being out and about, I guess. Maybe that's something to work on in the new year.

  4. Poor Dancer, he is having a hard time adjusting, isn't he?
    I like the calendars with the big squares, too. We keep one in the kitchen and DH has his own in his office. However, I have to check on his sometimes to make sure we are both on the same page! I need to keep up with his appointments and travel as well as my own events, so we can dovetail our activities.

    1. Yes, Dancer usually takes several days to stop missing having daughter around. He'll be happy when she comes home again. :)
      I can see how you'd need to check your DH's calendar, too, to coordinate everything! I remember having to do that when my daughter lived at home.

  5. Sweet Dancer...I know he will be so excited to see your daughter again. I'm assuming she will be coming home for the holidays? Gosh, gas is so expensive where you live. I think it's at $2.69 here in Mississippi. I miss the days of $1 a gallon! Haha! Hope you and Dancer have a wonderful rest of the week!

    1. Yes, my daughter is planning to come home for the holidays; Dancer will be happy! :)
      Gas has actually come down a bit over here - it was above $5/gallon earlier (it still is over $5 at certain gas stations - I just go to the cheapest one in my neighborhood!)
      Thank you, Mandy. Hope you are having a good week, too.

  6. Poor Dancer!
    The shops are getting busier and there are a lot of bugs going around right now so perhaps it would be better to avoid it when you can. I've picked up another cold somewhere - no idea where as I don't go out that much only to walk!

    1. I know; Dancer is definitely moping!
      Yes, the stores are definitely getting busier with the holidays approaching. And this is the season for colds and flu, etc., isn't it? Sorry to hear that you've caught another cold. Are you wearing a mask when you do the grocery shopping, etc.? If not, maybe something to consider doing?

  7. Oh poor Dancer, missing his sister. He will be happy when she returns for Christmas.
    I understand your reservations about venturing out especially as this time of year is a crowded one in the stores.
    I do still wear a mask in stores like the Dollar Store and CVS with lots of people and small crowded aisles. I wear a mask at my doctor's office even though it is no longer required. I note that my doctor still wears a mask even though all of her colleagues do not. I find that telling.
    I have relaxed a bit though in wider, more open, less crowded situations -although I think that's just me fooling myself about safety when it comes to germs.
    My two friends who I meet up weekly with for coffee -outside- are this week moving indoors. I told them I want the table in front of the door so I get nice new fresh air every so often hahahahaha
    And I'm meeting up with my old knitter friend who I haven't seen in person for 3 years.
    So I am starting to relax a bit. At least this week anyway. Although I may go back to my old stay at home ways as there is a lot of illness out there.
    My grocery store is in a shopping center with an Urgent care clinic and this weekend at 7:30 am there was a line to get in the door. That along with the covid numbers climbing in our area makes me want to avoid places and stay home and knit and read my book. :)

    1. Yes, Dancer will be very happy when my daughter comes home for Christmas. :)
      I had to go back to the pharmacy to pick up more refills and this time, I felt a little better about it. I have my mask firmly in place and I check on the infection numbers on a weekly basis. My daughter has gone out to eat with friends and co-workers, but, I have not. Thanksgiving dinner was the one exception.


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