Friday, July 22, 2022

Sunny and Warm


Sunflower Cascade

"Sunny and warm" is what the weather forecast said and yes, it has been very sunny and with highs of 95F on both Wednesday and Thursday, it has been warm.   

Yesterday, Wednesday, was when work began on neighbor T's roof that she is having replaced.  The workers arrived at 7:00 a.m., but, I only heard them when they were up on the roof, removing the old asphalt shingles that are used on the roofs here.  They were using some sort of scrapers to loosen the shingles.  Scrape, scrape, scrape...T's house is right next to my bedroom.  I took a quick peek and saw that there were at least 5 workmen up on the roof.  They finished their work around 3:00 p.m.   Earlier in the day, there had been some stray debris that had fallen on my driveway (T's daughter K had already apologized in advance for that and I had assured her that it was OK), but, the workers cleaned up everything before they left.

Wednesday was also M's day to tend to the garden.  He watered the garden and started trimming back the overgrown osteospermum in the front.  He also brought me a rooted pineapple top that he had potted up, but, I forgot to take a picture of it!  I served him some of the yogurt I made, topped with the peach topping, and he liked the yogurt.  I offered him some to take home, but, he had to do another garden after mine and didn't want to have the yogurt sitting in his truck in the afternoon heat.  He asked if I can keep it until Friday, when my garden is the last garden of the day.  

Later in the evening, I picked more broccoli side shoots (tiny florets) and two small zucchini that were already starting to yellow from the sun:

Wednesday's Harvest

Wednesday was also the anniversary of my father's death.  I felt a little wistful about that because his passing had a big impact on my life.  

Today, Thursday, has been a fairly relaxed day.  While it was still relatively cool in the morning, I did my usual Thursday kitchen cleaning.  Then, I made myself a fruit salad, with an apple, an orange, some grapes, and the rest of the mango I had cut, earlier in the week.  I had some of it for my breakfast:

Fruit Salad

In the afternoon, I replied to blog comments, had some of the pizza I had frozen earlier for my lunch, and relaxed.

Dancer decided to pretend going camping, using the clothes drying rack as his tent (I had placed the towel there to catch some drips from some items I had hand washed and hung to dry, overnight: 

"This is Dancer's tent!"

I spent a relaxed afternoon, had some Maria cookies with my afternoon tea, and then, watched some news and the January 6th Committee Hearing which aired at 5:00 p.m., our time.  Afterwards, I cooked the broccoli I had picked yesterday and had it with rice, leftover stir-fried pork, and zucchini chutney for dinner.  There is enough of everything leftover for one more meal!  Dessert was another bowl of fruit salad.

Later in the evening, I called friend R and chatted with her for a bit and, afterwards, video chatted with my daughter.  

I am grateful for:
- Fans and other appliances and electricity to operate them
- Garden produce
- M tending to the garden for me
- The rooted pineapple plant M gave me
- Chats with daughter and friend R

Joyful activities have included gardening and harvesting the garden produce.

Plans for tomorrow include some housekeeping and tending to the garden with M.  

What are your plans for Friday?  Are you managing to keep cool during this heat wave a lot of us are experiencing? 


  1. Your sunflower cascade looks gorgeous. At least there were plenty of workers doing the job on the roof so it speeded up the process and they cleaned up after themselves, sounds a very professional job. I'm sorry the anniversary of your father's death made you feel sad but these memorable days are a chance to remember a loved one with fond memories. Fancy Dancer going camping I'm sure his supplies were nearby :) It's much cooler here now thank goodness.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. I've never seen a sunflower having so many flowers at one time!
      The roofers are back, hard at work, this morning. The sound of them working woke me up, earlier than usual! They are not overly noisy, but, my bedroom is right there and I heard them.
      Yes, special anniversaries are a good time to remember loved ones. My father died when I was 7 years old and while I have some memories of him, I always feel that I didn't get to know him as a person, what he was really like.
      Dancer had his supplies just a few feet away, within easy access!
      I'm glad it's cooler where you are. It's quite cool, here, too, this morning. It's cloudy and 69F (20.5C). :)
      I hope you and Tilly have a lovely day, Eileen.

  2. How many days will the roofers be working on T's home? At least they are clearing up after themselves but it's a shame your sleep is being disturbed.

    Anniversaries of the death of loved ones are always emotional times but it's good to remember the person and dip into all your memories.

    I've spent the morning in the garden with M and then enjoyed a surprise visit from L this afternoon.

    1. I'm not sure, Eileen, but, they were working on it this morning and I think they still have at least one, maybe two days more of work to do.
      Yes, it was good to remember my father and offer a prayer for him. 59 years is a long time! :)
      Sounds like you've had a fun day, so far! I'm sure M was happy with all the flowers in your garden. My M will be over later in the evening. :)

  3. Is it only one broccoli plant that all this is coming from? It has really been a producer for you.
    My tomato plants continue to add tomatoes. A couple are getting to be a nice size but most are still pretty small. I have two regular size tomato plants and one cherry tomato plant (which is full of little tomatoes ;)
    It's hot here again so I'm mostly staying indoors. Yesterday I met up with a friend to take a nice long walk. I almost cancelled because of the heat - I'm glad I didn't. It was nice to see her. She was my boss years ago when I had a parttime job at a bookstore in addition to my regular job and we've remained friends over the years. It was good to see her.
    I don't know what we will eat tonight. I turned the rest of the chicken into chicken salad and that's pretty tasty so maybe we will have that.
    There are other leftovers and plenty to chose from so no new meal will have to be cooked which is always nice.

    Pretty sunflowers. They are a happy flower aren't they?
    Dancer, you are a funny guy!

    1. I have six broccoli plants; they were planted in a sort of block, two rows of three plants per row, spaced fairly close to each other. I think it helps to keep them cool!
      Sounds like your tomato plants are doing well! I hope you get a bumper crop of tomatoes!
      That was nice that you were able to go for a walk with your friend who was your former boss. It's becoming harder to keep in touch with friends, these days, because I'm back in my cocoon, but, yesterday's reported new Covid case count was 8,691. Today's numbers are not up, yet.
      Chicken salad sounds nice and cool on a warm day! I have yesterday's leftovers, unless I change my mind and opt for something else!
      Sunflowers are indeed very cheerful flowers; I think I'll buy a packet of seeds and plant more, next year, too.
      Dancer knows how to keep himself amused! :D
      Hope you have a lovely weekend, Debra; stay cool in that heat!

  4. The workmen must have been hot working on the roof! Ours is going to be done next month sometime. That Dancer is too funny. Any soft item unused seems to be his by right!
    Our trip yesterday went well. DH will need cataract surgery on one eye which will improve his sight. Today is lovely, dry and sunny with a wind. I got dressed before breakfast and served it on the deck! I've been washing the sheets from the guest beds, vacuuming the basement, sweeping the porch, cleaning up the bird feeders that I am putting away till fall. I hope I can keep up the momentum after that 4 day break. It certainly did the trick!

    1. I'm sure they were hot, Bushlady. They were out there, today, too!
      Dancer likes new spots for naps. He was under the "tent" today, too, taking a nap. I think this is my signal to wash his other "quilt"! :D
      Glad to hear that yesterday's trip went well. Hope DH's surgery will go well, too. Sounds like you are enjoying some nice weather today and you are on a roll with the housekeeping! Don't get too tired! Relax over the weekend!

  5. I imagine those small broccoli florets would have been sweet and tender. Delicious!
    I love the photograph of Dancer in his 'tent'. He looks very happy there. X

    1. The broccoli was good. They tend to be a bit stronger and tougher growing in the heat, but, they were good, lightly stir fried. Dancer seems very happy in his tent! He was back there, today, taking a nice long nap!

  6. Ooh, your sunflowers are gorgeous!!! The broccoli is wonderful too! I've not tried growing it but should do!

    1. Thank you, Kezzie. The broccoli has been producing so well, this year! I encourage you to try growing them; their leaves are edible, too, so you get double the produce for your effort! :)

  7. Dancer has the perfect tent and location! Smart kitty, staying in the shade of his tent:)

  8. Like much of the country, we are having days in the 90s and with the humidity, it feels like the 100s. But unlike you, we are using our AC and are very good to have it.
    Anniversaries are definitely a time of mixed emotions. My father's birthday was a two weeks ago, and it was a sad time, but also good as we had ice cream to remember him by. He had ice cream almost every night when we were growing up. However, unlike you, I was lucky to get to know him well into my adulthood. I'm glad you had your step-father that stepped in after the passing of your father.

    1. I'm glad you have AC, June, because you have that high humidity to deal with. I'll probably ask M to bring my window AC unit in and set it up next week. August and September are usually our hottest months.
      I remember you mentioning how your father used to have ice cream almost every night and how you and your sisters remember him by having ice cream! I don't know if my father had a particular food he liked, but, he used to make sure I was well supplied with chocolate bars (which my mother made sure I shared with my half-siblings before I could have a piece - I had to go around the dining table and offer everyone a piece and one half-brother used to always tease me by pretending to take the whole bar of chocolate!) :D


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