Sunday, April 11, 2021



Saturday's Harvest

The pea vines are almost done and turning yellow, but, I am still finding and picking peapods!  The regular green ones were more productive than the burgundy ones, but, I am grateful to M for sharing his seed packets with me.  

As is often the case in the garden, when one thing is on its way out, another thing is coming in.  I noticed that the zucchini seeds are starting to germinate: 

Zucchini Seed Germinating

M planted them in a semi-circle around the peach tree.  So far, four seeds have germinated. 

Nearby, the irises and the wildflowers are coming up, nicely.  The wildflowers include calendula, California poppies, and a lone cosmos plant!  

Wildflowers and Irises

Cosmos Flower

When M heard that I liked cosmos and was hoping to collect the seeds from this flower to grow them, he offered to buy me a cosmos plant - we planted it in another spot in the garden, on Friday.

Calendula leaves are edible, either raw in salads or cooked like spinach, but, I have left the leaves on the plants to grow and produce flowers.  I have been harvesting some of the calendula flower petals, however, to have on our salads; I can't detect any taste to them, but, my daughter could taste a little bitterness.  She would much rather have rose petals in her salads!  

Fully Opened Double Colored Rose

New Pink Rose

Saturday brunch was a sandwich (the last of the turkey cold cuts and cheese) and salad.  I had some crackers with peanut butter and strawberry jam at tea time, with a cup of tea.  Dinner was a hamburger for daughter and a cheeseburger for me, made with some of the hamburger patties daughter made on Friday night.  

I had a fairly relaxed day; I watered the back garden, again, applied some compost to some of the plants, cleaned the kitchen and the bathrooms, and practiced the piano.  I also spoke with my friend who had a consultation with the surgeon on Friday (she has two diagnostic scans to undergo, next week before any further decisions can be made) and with cousin P and friend R.

On Saturday, I was grateful for:

- M sharing his vegetable seed packets with me
- The ongoing peapod harvest
- Zucchini seeds germinating
- Garden flowers, both edible and not
- The garden cats seeming to heed the caution tape!

My joyful activity was being in the garden and discovering what was growing and harvesting the peapods.

Plans for Sunday include watering the front garden!

How was your Saturday?   What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. I love cosmos and they are definitely on the list to provide summer colour in my garden.

    It's good to hear you have educated garden cats and that they have read your instructions!

    I'm in the middle of cooking lunch - butternut squash and chickpea curry - and later on will settle dow to watch the last two Harry Potter films .... I'm having a lazy day 😊

    1. I used to have a bed of cosmos, at one time, but, they died out and I didn't replant them. But, I got all excited about this one cosmos plant!

      I am very happy the cats are staying out of the okra bed - I think the application of some steer manure might have contributed to them staying away, but, I don't know for sure. :D

      Your lunch sounds wonderful and I approve of your plans for the afternoon. It sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday. :)

  2. You can tell how much you enjoy your little oasis of flowers and vegetables and fruits. Your mother would be proud of how you've carried on.

    1. Thank you, June. I really am enjoying my garden, this year. :) I am just hoping that we won't have another drought year with additional water restrictions, this summer! So far, we've had about one third of our average annual rainfall, this year!

  3. It sure is looking like spring is in full swing there! Have a lovely Sunday Bless.

    1. Yes, it is spring time in the garden over here! :) Thank you, Martha; hope you, too, are having a great day.

  4. Once again your flowers bring pleasure to us, especially those of us who are still waiting for some! But it won't be long now and our rhubarb is already showing so I put some compost on there.
    I went grocery shopping yesterday and it was quiet in the stores, thank goodness. Today is a restful day with a few visits from the dog next door, who likes to be brushed with an old hairbrush! I think it is a mutually beneficial situation as his visits are calming for us, too.

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying the flowers, Bushlady. I am happy to share the pictures. :)

      Glad the grocery stores weren't crowded. I am looking forward to being able to go grocery shopping without thinking twice about it, but, I think I will wait a bit longer before I go in person. Things are scheduled to be opened up, fully, by mid June in California, but, we shall see how that goes.

      Your next door dog is too funny! First he comes to you for treats and now he comes for grooming! :D Dancer will tolerate being brushed for maybe 30 seconds before he tries to bite the brush or my hand!

    2. The dog next door also gets fitness counselling and I try to encourage a bit of a chasing around for our mutual benefit!

    3. I'm sure he considers you as his best friend! :D

  5. I love seeing photos of your garden. It must bring you such joy having a lovely colourful space. As you say, as one things ends its season another starts to grow.

    1. Glad you enjoy them, Sharon. Yes, the garden has brought me much joy, especially since the pandemic began!

  6. Beautiful roses. I have never dared to plant courgette seeds directly into the earth. I start them off in pots and then transplant them when it is warm enough. You have no such worries...only the risk of drought!

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. I picked some of the roses to bring inside, today.

      Well, the last time I planted zucchini, M started the seeds in pots and we kept them in the garage and transplanted them. But, the majority of them didn't take well to being transplanted. So, I am hoping that sowing them directly in the ground will be better (I seem to recall that's what my mother did). We shall see how they turn out. :)


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