Thursday, October 31, 2019

October Decluttering

October Decluttering - Magazines

The goal in October was 50 items decluttered (set aside for donations, given away, recycled, and tossed in the trash, but, only as a last resort) .

7 magazines (from 2014 & 2015! To be donated)
1 small corningware dish  (fell and broke! Tossed in the trash)
8 plastic jars (recycled)
6 glass jars (recycled)
12 plastic food containers - several were reused to send food home with friends; others recycled
1 old paint tray (tossed)
1 dried up paint brush (tossed)
1 paint roller (tossed)
2 boxes (recycled)
1 glass (cracked; recycled)
1 rug (tossed)
1 cleaning sponge (tossed)
5 tubes of lotion (given away)
2 sewing kits (donated)
1 decorative cookie tin (recycled)

= 50 items

Plus, several items of daughter's clothing given to a friend for her granddaughter.

I met my goal, but, I am vaguely discontent because much of it are small bits and pieces which don't make a big impact.  However, it all adds up, doesn't it? 

Did you have a decluttering goal in October?  If so, how did you do?  Did you meet it?


  1. Every little bit helps doesn't it? I always feel better once I have throw out or given away things I am not using. I need to get busy here doing just that. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Yes, it does, Susie. That's what I keep telling myself. Decluttering is hard for me.

  2. You have done well with your decluttering for October. All those bits and pieces you mention are very much clutter and it is good to have them out of the way. I did take a couple of boxes of stuff to a charity shop last week but one box was Christmas items set aside in the basement as I didn't want the shop to have to store them until it would be time to put them on display.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I am starting to see some empty spaces! Well done on taking the boxes to the charity shop! That was kind of you to store the Christmas stuff until they can be put on display at the shop. :)

  3. It definitely all adds up. Just think where you'd be if you keep all of those little things. While I did get rid of things that needed to be trashed or recycled, I didn't get rid of anything else. However, I have a clothes basket, that I keep in a closet, where I put anything for give away. When it gets full, I take it to the thrift shop. That will be happening soon.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. You did well to get rid of what you did. I like the clothes basket idea!

  4. I like the way you count every little thing. I only count items I wouldn’t otherwise toss, but I like your method much better ... great motivation to hit your goal quickly. 👍

    1. I count everything I have been storing, Carolyn. Regular recycling doesn't count, but, recycling something I had been storing counts. So, I don't count something like the empty juice bottle I recycled after I drank the juice, but, I do count the empty peanut butter jar I had been storing in the cabinet thinking I might be able to reuse it. I debated counting the dish that broke and the glass that cracked, but, I figured I would have kept them, if they hadn't broken! Involuntary decluttering, I call it! :D I didn't count the rice cooker and iron I tossed because I bought new replacements for them.

  5. No decluttering for me that I recall in October, but I started on some November 1. I used to love that Traditional Home magazine. Good job on getting to 50.

    1. From what I've seen of your home in the pictures you have posted, your home could be featured in that magazine! You have a beautiful home. :)


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