Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wednesday's Happenings

Happy International Day of Happiness!  A lot was happening on Wednesday, March 20!  It was both International Day of Happiness and spring equinox!  There was also another supermoon, tonight, which is known as a Worm Moon, apparently because worms begin to emerge around this time of the year as the soil warms up (in the northern hemisphere, at least).

I woke up feeling a little better, this morning.  But I have been taking it easy, today, too.

The biggest accomplishment, today, was getting my taxes done, and filed.  I met with the tax accountant in the afternoon to go over the taxes.  I had been concerned that I would owe taxes and I was pleased to find out that I would receive a small federal tax refund and that, while I owed some state taxes, it was much less than what I owed, last year.  The tax refund is enough to pay the tax preparation fees and the state taxes I owed, so I am pleased!  LOL.  I used to do my own taxes (and my mother's too), a long time ago, but, after having been audited a couple of times, I am now happy to pay a professional to do them for me!

It rained on and off all day, today.  Or, rather, it drizzled.  Nothing like the rain we've had, earlier this year.  In fact, the ground was quite dry, when I dug a hole in the backyard to bury some banana peels by one of the rose bushes.

After I came home, I buried the banana peels and picked a few oranges from the tree.  Breakfast had been a banana, lunch was egg flower/egg drop soup, followed by one of the oranges.  Dinner was leftovers - red rice, the last of the cabbage, the last of the beef curry, and some of the cashew curry.  Followed by another orange!  Fresh vitamin C to fight off the cold (although, I think it is more of a sinus infection than a cold).

In the evening, I did a load of laundry, watched news, and knitted.  I also called cousin P and cousin R.  And video chatted with my daughter, as usual.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Getting the taxes done
- Getting a small refund on federal taxes
- Owing only a small amount of additional state taxes
- Feeling a little better
- Video chatting with my daughter

Plans for tomorrow include an appointment with the podiatrist in the afternoon.

How was your Wednesday? 


  1. It's always a relief when you get your tax return filed for the year isn't it? I always do my own and file online - luckily it's a user-friendly system and much easier to understand than it used to be!

    1. Yes, it is a relief, Eileen. In fact, I am thinking of trying to get it done a bit earlier, next year. I'll need to stay on top of my paperwork, but, I think it will be manageable. :)

  2. What a very nice surprise on this International Day of find out that you don't owe the government any money, and to get a refund large enough to pay what you owe for getting those taxes prepared. I have no idea for myself and I will ask my brother to do mine sometime when we get together.

    Drizzle is fine. I find that the ground has a good chance of getting saturated if it is a prolonged drizzle. It is much better than run-off. Hope you continue to feel better and can ward off this infection.

    1. It did make me feel very happy, Susan. :) I do budget for the tax preparation fees, it is a line item in my monthly budget, so now, that amount I saved towards it is a little extra money to do with as I please!

      It rained more, early this morning, and it looks very overcast right now, so maybe we'll have more rain later in the day. I'm feeling a little better, today, thank you.

  3. I am so glad there will be more daylight than dark for a while. I love the different seasons and don't mind the cold in winter but I hate the long long nights. From the 2nd week in December until about 4th week in January I am in some kind of mourning and them magically (as it does every year) I start noticing the increasing daylight and I am happier again.

    1. I like the longer hours of daylight in the spring and summer, myself, Anne. Although, cozy winter evenings are pleasant, too.

  4. I need to remember to bury a banana peel under my rose bush. I did hear that coffee grounds were good for roses so last year I sprinkled some around it. I'm waiting now for the snow to uncover it. Having above zero temperatures helps.

    1. Banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds...I've read that they all help! Hope it warms up soon and spring makes its appearance, up there! Did you DH start tapping the trees, today?


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