Saturday, March 9, 2019

Paperwork on Friday

On Friday, I woke up at 9:00 a.m., full of good intentions to get started on the paperwork, but, then, couldn't settle down to do anything until almost noon.  But, after that slow start, I spent all afternoon and part of the evening processing papers!  In the process, I tossed four grocery bags full of paper to the recycling bin!  I minimally cleaned out file folders while I filed, as purging the files isn't that much of a priority, right now (although the filing cabinet is rather full and that makes it hard to file!).  I am almost caught up with the backlog; I should be able to get it all done, tomorrow.  At one time, I had files and papers spread out all over the dining table, but, later, I moved to the family room so I could watch TV while I processed papers.  The dining table has since been cleared, but I have some files out on the family room coffee table!  It will be cleared off, tomorrow. 

In between the paperwork, I did a small load of laundry (the bath mats, kitchen rug, and Dancer's towel he likes to sleep on), dusted my dressing table and cleaned the mirror, mopped the bathroom, mopped the kitchen, and did the dishes.  A chocolate cake might have been baked, too, and a slice (or two!) eaten, although I am not admitting to anything!  LOL!

Of course, I overdid things and got a mild asthma attack as a result!  Too much paper dust from all the tearing of paper and fumes from the floor cleaner, no doubt!  I had to take my rescue inhaler, as well as the regular inhaler, but I am not wheezing, anymore.  

Friend M came to do the garden in the early evening and he mowed the back yard for me.  He said it was still too cold at night to plant the rooted pineapple, so we will wait on that for another couple of weeks.  

I called neighbor S today to check on things and to see how her mother-in-law is feeling.  Later in the evening, Aunt C called and we had a bit of a chat.  Still later, in the night, I video chatted with my daughter.

I am really pleased with the cleaning of my bedroom over the week - I did the top of the chest of drawers on Monday, the bedside table on Tuesday, the desk on Wednesday, and the dressing table on Friday and the room got vacuumed on both Monday and Wednesday.  The majority of the house, too, got cleaned over the week, one room or area at a time.  I am hoping to be able to maintain the cleaning schedule, next week, too, with some modifications - the smaller bathroom won't need to be cleaned, next week, for example, since no one used it, this week, after I cleaned it.  

On Friday, I was grateful for:
- All what I was able to accomplish, today
- A dry day (more rain is in the forecast!)
- Rescue inhalers!
- Friend M tending to the garden
- Chatting with my daughter 

Friday's To Do List:
- Dust/Tidy the dressing table top - DONE
- Finish cleaning my bathroom - DONE - bath mats washed, floor mopped, etc.
- Sweep and mop the kitchen floor - DONE
- More paperwork - DONE
- Have M plant the rooted pineapple top (from earlier) - NOT DONE - too cold at night, still, he said

I am not going to make a long to do list for Saturday.  Both my daughter and a good friend think my to do lists are unreasonably long and I am trying to do too much!  I don't think so, but, I am going to try to keep the weekends relatively free.

Saturday's To Do List:
- Finish up the paperwork backlog
- Clear the family room coffee table
- Another load of laundry?
- Take a piece of cake over to neighbor T
- Change the clocks before I go to sleep in the night

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I really LOVE to find a free day at the weekend. I can potter around the house doing bits and pieces as the mood takes me (or read and respond to blogs)! Today (Saturday) is one of those days but tomorrow will be taken up with a longish drive to meet up with my daughter. In theory she is staying with me for a few months but the reality is that she is often away with work or visiting. Currently she is away for a month so we are meeting up half way for brunch.

    1. I hope you had a lovely day, pottering around the house and taking it easy. Hope you have a fun meet-up with your daughter, tomorrow. What kind of work does she do that requires her to be away from home for a month at a time?

  2. Maybe it's time to get a shredder. We have one and it doesn't produce much dust even when we do a lot of shredding. An asthma attack doesn't sound like much fun.

    1. Yes, I think it is definitely time for a shredder. I've some documents that I need to shred more finely than I can tear them and cutting them by hand is tedious. I also want to get a better chair for my desk. I think a visit to the office supply store is in my future!

  3. I also like the way you cleaned your bedroom over the week, by doing one area at time. That way you are not tackling the "bigger" job all at once and feeling overwhelmed, but at the end of the week, somehow the job got done. It is what attracted me to the "10 minute decluttering" items from Organized Moms. I liked the plan, but I didn't DO the plan. Ha,ha. I need to adopt the notion of baby steps instead of the all or nothing mindset.

    I am excited that you are nearing the end of your paperwork project. I get such a sense of accomplishment when the piles of paper are dealt with and cleared away.

    1. It took me a long time to adopt the "baby steps" method, Susan, but, it works. In theory, once a room has been cleaned and one keeps up with the daily maintenance (putting things back after you use them, etc.), it shouldn't take long to clean the whole room during the next go around.

      Thank you, it is a huge relief to be close to being caught up on the paper backlog! Seeing all those papers piled up was getting me down!

  4. Watch the sales and you can get a shredder for very little money.
    Now repeat after me "If no one saw me eat the chocolate cake, it doesn't count"

    1. "If no one saw me eat the chocolate cake..." LOL! I took a big piece of the cake over to my neighbor, today.

      Yes, I shall look for sales for the shredder.

  5. Hi Bless, You have inspired me to keep up on my paperwork. I just cleared a lot of it today. Now the stack is manageable. I will make that a daily chore. I need to tally up my receipts, too.

    1. I'm glad to have inspired you to keep up on your paperwork! I have a love/hate relationship with paperwork. I really should process things as soon as it comes in!

  6. I guess Dancer has been sworn to secrecy regarding the mysterious chocolate cake that might or might not have been baked and sampled? 😻

    1. Ha, ha, Dancer says he doesn't know anything about any cake, chocolate or otherwise! :D My neighbor T, however, was very happy to receive a big piece of it, this afternoon, though. :)


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