Saturday, March 16, 2019

Friday: Painted Ladies, Not Monarchs!

Painted Lady Butterfly

The butterfly migrations continue, but, today, a few of them stopped by to sample the flowers in the front garden and I was able to take some photos.   I realized that they were Painted Lady butterflies and not Monarch butterflies!  It was hard to tell the difference when they were flying past!

Unlike Monarchs, they are not poisonous

They seem to like the osteospermum

Hard to photograph them with my cell phone camera!

I read an article that stated that we are having more butterflies migrating this year than in other years because the recent rains have resulted in a profuse wild flower bloom!  These painted lady butterflies are flying south east to north west, at a speed of around 20 miles an hour, according to the article, going to Washington, Oregon, and, even Alaska! 

Painted Ladies have white spots on black background on the tips of their forewings

While I was in the garden, I took a couple of other photos, too.

I love how the osteospermum looks!  They've spilled over the brick edging!

I can't grow any grass, but I can grow flowers!

Today, I woke up without a headache, but, later, I could feel a headache threatening!  I checked my pressure and it was elevated, so, took some medication and took it easy in the morning.  But, then, I felt that I was procrastinating too much on the tax papers and it was starting to bother me, so, I worked on the tax file.  I had put all the tax documents into a file folder as they arrived in the mail, but I needed to verify that I had everything I needed and include the documents I needed to back up my deductions, such as property taxes I paid, monetary donations to the temple, etc.  Once all that was done, I dropped off the file folder at the tax preparer's office, so she could review it before my appointment with her (scheduled for next week). 

On the way home, I stopped to buy a new door lock handle for the sliding glass door.  I forgot to check the paint for the front door while I was there, so that will have to be done another day.  The store had changed all the check out stands to self-serve!  When I asked an assistant where the cashiers were, she told me to go to the other end where the customer service section was.  When I went there, I was told that it was only for online order pick up and returns!  But, when I told them that I had asked the assistant helping with self check out and she had sent me to them, they rang my order through.  I do not like self check out! 

I came home and installed the door handle.  The outside handle, with the key lock, had broken; I bought a new outside handle, but the lock that came with it had a metal bar which needed to be cut down to size.  Well, I didn't have a way to cut it!  So, I installed the new door handle with the lock from the old door!  At least, I don't have to switch keys! 

I spent the rest of the evening watching TV and knitting.

I cooked red rice and stir-fried cabbage for dinner.  I added the few radish leaves from the single radish I harvested from the garden, to the cabbage.  Did you know that radish leaves are edible?  They maybe eaten raw, in a salad, or cooked.  I prefer to cook them.  I also thawed a packet of cashew curry I had in the freezer and some tomato chutney:

Vegetarian Dinner
I am not a vegetarian by any means, but, I didn't miss the meat when I ate my dinner, tonight. 

Later in the evening, I wished my cousin for her birthday and video chatted with my daughter.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Not having a headache
- Getting my tax file organized and taking it to the tax preparer
- Being able to install the new door handle and lock
- A relaxed morning and evening
- Butterflies!

Friday's To Do List:
- Sort through the tax papers folder - DONE
- Drop off the tax papers at the tax preparer's office - DONE
- Buy a new door lock for the sliding glass door and install it - DONE
- Check out paint for the front door
- Call and wish cousin for her birthday - DONE
- Continue to clear file folders

Saturday's To Do List:
- Buy a gift card
- Buy or make a birthday card
- Cook the garbanzo beans
- Bake a dump cake
- Attend cousin's surprise birthday party

I won't have time to do these following items on Saturday, but I am listing them so that I don't forget them!  They are for next week's to do lists:

*Check out paint for the front door
*Continue to clear file folders

How was your day?  What are your plans for the weekend?  Do you eat, or have you eaten, radish leaves? 


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I like meats at times (although I'm not the best cook) but I also like plain non-meat meals like pancakes! Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. I'm sure you are a good cook - I've seen photos you've posted of the things you make, especially the yummy looking baked goods! :)

  2. I totally understand being thankful for not having a headache. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have one for a few days and it's amazing how much more you can get done when you feel better. Also, you garden pictures are so pretty.

    1. I hope you are headache free today, too, Live and Learn. Yes, headaches can be rather debilitating. Thank you, the garden is looking well, after all the rain we've had!

  3. I didn't know monarch butterflies were poisonous.
    Your flowers are so pretty. I read in the news that CA just came out of a 7 year drought.

    I do eat radish leaves. I normally add them with other leaves from the yard and make a mixed green dish.

    1. Yes, monarch butterflies feed on milkweeds, which are poisonous, which make them poisonous, in return. It is their defense mechanism, as it makes them taste bad to any bird or anything that might try to eat them. Yes, we've just been declared drought free! Of course, we are still urged to conserve water, as the ground water supply is depleted (we used more ground water during the drought, to supplement what we bought from the metropolitan water authority).

      I need to grow more greens in my garden. I used to grow gotukola, kangkung, nivithi, etc., but, they died out. I must ask my friend for some gotukola plants and nivithi seeds; I can grow the kangkung from the stems when I buy a bunch from the Asian stores.

  4. How lovely to live on a migration route. Is this something you see every year? Your flowers look lovely, so cheerful.

    I’ve never eaten radish leaves. I don’t grow them and the ones I buy have already been trimmed so it’s unlikely I’ll get the opportunity. Do they have a strong flavour?

    1. The migration takes place every year, but, I don't recall seeing this many butterflies migrating at one time! There are hundreds of them, flying by at any given time!

      They have a peppery taste, a bit like a radish. But, cooked as I did, yesterday, I couldn't detect any strong flavor.

  5. Congratulations on being able to rig your door handle and lock. Smart thinking!
    The butterflies are beautiful. During the summer the lantana gets huge and attracts butterflies. Most sunny days I can find 5 or more anytime I go look at it. I need to start taking photos.

    1. Thank you, Anne; I felt rather proud of myself for figuring out a way to make the handle and lock work! :D

      I think I need a proper camera to take pictures of butterflies, but the cell phone camera tried its best! I'm looking forwards to seeing your butterfly photos, later this summer. :)

  6. Good job with the door handle. I'm sure you're glad to have that taken care of as well as getting your tax information to the preparer.
    I do my own taxes and am just about done. It will be a good feeling when they are all filed for another year.
    Beautiful flowers!

    1. Yes, it's a great relief to get those two tasks done! I used to do my own taxes, but, over the years, they became more complicated and I got audited a couple of times, as well! So, now, I pay to get them done!

  7. By the time I read through your introduction and photos of Painted Ladies, I learned a lot about butterflies that I never knew before. I didn't know the differences between those butterflies and Monarchs and therefore how to tell them apart. I didn't know that Monarchs are poisonous. What a wealth of knowledge you are. And why wouldn't the butterflies stop to smell the flowers? They are absolutely gorgeous.

    Good job getting your tax papers gathered up and organised. I also put that on my to-do list this week, but you have taken it a step further and actually have dropped them off to your accountant ahead of your appointment. That must be a great relief! You won't need to give them another thought over the weekend.

    They really seem to be pushing these self checkouts. I don't understand why, since I believe the majority of people still oppose them. When given a choice, I always choose to stand in line for a cashier. You probably forgot to pick out paint for your front door because the whole "trying to find a cashier" had you shook up. There should be paint sales coming up soon in time for spring maintenance.

    1. I studied biology when I was in college and the internet is a good source of information, as well. :)

      Yes, I'm glad I got the tax papers in by the end of the week. Now, I get to relax!

      I think I just plain forgot about the paint! I really need to write down a list when I go shopping! But, I hate those self checkouts; I don't know why, but I almost always seem to need help when I use them! I don't like it when machines show just how incompetent I am! LOL! I'll go back and check out the paint, another day, and maybe get some plants for the garden, as well.

  8. Your flower gardens are so pretty! I knew radish leaves were edible, but I haven't tried them. They don't appeal to me raw, but I might try adding them to a stir fry sometime.

    1. Thank you, Jan. I think the cooked radish leaves are more palatable than raw, especially when they are added to other ingredients.

  9. Those butterflies and flowers are so lovely, and especially the way the flowers spill over the brick edging.

    You did well to fix your door handle. Give a woman a screwdriver and she can accomplish marvels, (but don't tell the men!) That was a smart move to use part of the old handle to avoid having to deal with the part that was too long.

    I don't like self serve checkouts either. Even a surly human being would beat a machine any day!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; now you don't have to worry about monarchs getting there before the milkweed flower! LOL! Painted ladies, I read, don't feed on milkweed!

      The new door lock had a long metal piece that was scored with lines on which to cut, depending on the width of the door, which was good, but I didn't know how to cut it to the length I needed. I wasn't sure if my wire cutters would work or not and I didn't want to try. The old lock mechanism worked and now, I have a spare lock, if needed!

      Everything is becoming self service, these days, in order to save money! Fewer workers whose salaries and benefits have to be paid! I don't like it, at all, but, I suppose it is the way of the future.

  10. The butterflies are gorgeous! We have them here, too. I didn't realize they were two different species. Your flowers look lovely. It's been a wonderful weekend. I didn't work so hard. Just relaxed, knit, read, rode the bike with Lula, and made a loaf of no knead bread.

    1. At first, when I saw them flying, I thought they might have been monarchs, but wondered why they were much smaller, and thought maybe they were baby monarchs, not fully grown, yet. But, later, realized that they were painted ladies, not monarchs, at all!

      I'm glad you had a relaxed weekend. I should dust off my no knead bread recipe! Do you use a Dutch oven for your bread?


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