Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday: Party Time!

Today, Saturday, is a warm, sunny day.  I took it easy and slept in, in the morning.  In the afternoon, I went to the store to buy a gift card and made a birthday card:

Birthday Card
This is fast becoming my favorite card design!  The lacy paper edging came in a bag of paper odds and ends I purchased for $1.00 at a specialty paper store (featuring handmade paper) on a visit to Bergamot Station, which is an arts center featuring private art galleries and shops, in Santa Monica, when she was in high school.  As part of her art class, she needed to visit the Bergamot Station and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), provide proof of her visits in the form of photos, etc., and do an art project.  For her art project, my daughter did a T-shirt with photos transferred on to it.  Her art teacher said that it was one of the most original art projects she'd seen!

Bergamot Station photos on one side

We bought a large T-shirts so she could fit all the photo transfers in!

LACMA on the other side
Each side has a photo of my daughter standing in front of the building sign, as proof that she was there, in person!  My daughter refuses to wear the T-shirt, so it's in the linen closet!  LOL.

The flower I used for the card was originally white, but the white flower wasn't that noticeable, so, I colored it with a permanent marker!

Afterwards, I baked an apple dump cake:

Didn't spread the butter, evenly, and it shows!

And, cooked the garbanzo beans appetizer:

Boiled garbanzo beans, sauteed with onions, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and chilies

Cousin's surprise party is being held at our aunt's house; we've all been asked to arrive by 8:00 p.m.; cousin's daughter will bring cousin around 8:30 p.m.  I expect the event to go on at least until midnight, if not later!  I am going to try and get there a little before 8:00 p.m. to find a parking space!

Today, I am grateful for:
- A sunny, warm day (I actually took off my cardigan and am in a short sleeved blouse!)
- The ease of dump cakes
- Family getting together to celebrate a birthday
- Having fun making cards
- My daughter saying, "Love you" at the end of each phone call and video chat

Saturday's To Do List:
- Buy a gift card - DONE
- Buy or make a birthday card - DONE (made one)
- Cook the garbanzo beans - DONE
- Bake a dump cake - DONE
- Attend cousin's surprise birthday party - Will do!

I don't think I will make a To Do List for Sunday; it's going to be a "Me" day or maybe I'll just catch up on things.

How was your Saturday?  What have you planned for Sunday?


  1. Your card is so pretty.
    I can see where your daughter got her creativity from. 😊

    Have fun at the party.

    1. Thank you, Nil. It was a good party, even though only about half the invited people actually came. There was too much food, as usual. Cutlets and patties, biriyani rice, chicken curry, biscuit pudding, ribbon cake, etc. :)

  2. That "I love you" is SO precious - we are blessed to have such good daughters (but I do understand her reticence to wear the shirt)

    1. We are very blessed when it comes to our daughters, Angela. I tell her that the T-shirt is a work of art, but she doesn't think so! LOL!

  3. I'm having a lazy day today (Sunday), just reading, eating and doing very little else.

    I hope you enjoy the party - those garbanzo beans look very tasty!

    1. I'm glad that you, too, are having a relaxed day, today. Sundays are supposed to be days of rest, aren't they?

      The party was good. Cousin was very surprised. :)

  4. That's a great design for a T-shirt. I see all kinds of possibilities as a travel souvenir. You could make just what you wanted and not have to settle for what's in the gift stores. It will take a little effort, but I bet it would be cheaper.

    1. Yes, for the cost of the T-shirt and photo transfer paper, one could have a customized souvenir! Although my daughter wasn't too thrilled with this particular T-shirt, she took the idea and made T-shirts for her friends, one Christmas, downloading images of their favorite cartoon/animation characters from the internet and transferring them on to T-shirts. Her friends were thrilled with their customized gifts.

  5. I find it relaxing making cards. Sometimes I just NEED to sit and cut and glue! It's very satisfying, isn't it? As is cooking, of course!

    1. Every time I sit down to make a card, I tell myself I should make several while I have all the supplies out, but, never do!

  6. What a great card! It is a very lovely design and your cousin will be pleased that you made it especially for her. I could see it working as a masculine card as well in shades of blue and embellished with a button. The background could work as a plaid design. Great job.

    Your daughter presented a very unique art project. How very clever! Why won't she wear it? Is she saving it as a souvenir? If it is an oversized shirt, she could sleep in it.

    I hope you had a wonderful time yesterday at the party and I hope we hear all about it. Was it a real surprise?

    1. Thank you, Susan! I'm glad you approve of the card. :) Yes, a versatile design. I copied it from a card a card-making friend sent to me. She made a square card, and put a pre-cut butterfly in the middle. I don't have embellishments like butterflies, but, I do have plenty of buttons! :D

      My daughter thinks the T-shirt is "tacky". Also, the transferred photos make the T-shirt a bit stiff and she wants all her clothes to feel very soft. That's the first thing she looks for when she goes clothes shopping and finds something she likes; no matter how much she likes the style of the item of clothing, if it doesn't feel soft, she won't buy it, because she know she won't wear it!

      It was a good party and, yes, it was a real surprise. My cousin had no idea!

  7. Oh I used to do those t shirt designs all the time!!!

  8. Your card is so pretty. I hope you had a nice time at the party. I relaxed today and did a lot of knitting. For some reason, your blog is no longer showing in my sidebar, and I missed your last post. I'll have to figure out what happened.

    1. Thank you, Stephenie. I did have a good time at the party. I have yet to add any blogs to my sidebar! I hope mine reappears on your sidebar. :)


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