Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weekend Activities

Completed Placemats
Today, I finished sewing the placemats I started earlier, here.  I had cut out six placemats and during the course of the week, I hand sewed the bindings down.  Today, I finished hemming the binding on the last placemat and machine quilted them a bit to hold all the layers together.  That's another project completed.

Altogether, this has been a good weekend for projects. 

On Friday, my gardener came to attend to the garden and he put up the room air conditioner in my bedroom window, for me (it is too heavy for me to lift up to the window sill by myself).  It wasn't hot enough over the weekend to use it; I haven't even plugged it in, yet.  But it is now in place for me to use when I need it, over the summer.  I'll take it down again, after the summer.  The gardener also brought me a pile of magazines to read. 

Also on Friday, I went shopping to buy the supplies I needed to make the terrariums and I also bought 5 bags of mulch for the garden.  And I assembled the terrariums, ran the dishwasher, cleaned my bathroom, hemmed the binding on one placemat, and gave the cat his flea prevention medications.

On Saturday, I did a couple of loads of laundry, sewed the bindings on another placemat, made the birthday cards, and went to my friend's home to dinner.  Afterwards, we watched a nearby fireworks display which was visible from her front garden. 

Today (Sunday), I video chatted with an overseas friend (isn't technology marvelous?), washed the dust sheets on the family room sofas (and put new dust sheets on the sofas), finished sewing the placemats, cleaned the kitchen, watched some Wimbledon tennis and Women's World Cup soccer on TV, and spoke on the phone with a cousin and with another friend.  And video chatted with my daughter, too, of course. 

Focus on abundance:  A pile of magazines for my reading pleasure.  :)

How was your holiday weekend?  Did you have a good weekend?


  1. That was nice of your gardener to give you some magazines. I love reading magazines,but don't buy them. Too expensive for me. My weekend was good. Mostly hung out in the house while it stormed outside.

    1. They are gardening magazines he had received. I don't buy magazines, either. I generally borrow them from the library. Daughter gifted me a subscription one year, for Mothers Day or my birthday, and that was nice. Hope the storms have moved on and you are having nice weather now.

  2. Proud you got the air conditioner up in the window, when you do need it.
    The placemats are beautiful.
    I enjoy reading magazines.. I have a big stack of old Good Housekeeping [vintage ones]..They were given to me.. So enjoyable to read the recipes, and hints of yesteryear..
    Have a blessed week.

    1. Of course it cooled down after the a/c was put up! :D Haven't needed to use it yet! I saved a Better Homes & Garden magazine from the month/year my daughter was born - as yet, she's not interested in looking at it, but, maybe one day she'll find it amusing to look back and see what was the "in" thing in the early 1990s. :)

  3. Old magazines are really fun to look thru! I have a Sears catalog from the year my sons were 2 and 3 and it really brings back memories ... The home decor, color schemes that were popular, and the clothing styles. Fun!

    1. It is kind of fun to look through old magazines. A Sears catalog would be even better, I think. It's probably a collector's item, now.


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