Friday, July 17, 2015

July Grocery Shopping: Part 2

This Week's Groceries

 I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work, today, and bought:

1 gal. milk, $2.69
1 loaf bread, $1.99
1 box pancake mix, $1.99
2 cans tuna, @ $.89
1 package (12 oz.) frozen fish fillets (pollock), $2.49
1 doz. eggs, $3.49
1.78 lb. bananas, @ $.69/lb = $1.23
1+ lb. ground beef (sirloin), 90% lean, $3.99/lb = $4.71  (73% lean was the same price per lb., so I chose the leaner meat)
Total = $20.37

I also bought a bag of cat food (9.99) and a personal care item ($3.99), both of which were also taxed ($.79) which I don't include in my grocery total.

I also had a "valued customer" coupon from the grocery store, which entitled me to a 15% off total bill; the discount came to $5.15!  With the discount and tax, the total bill came to $29.99.  I figured the groceries-only portion of my bill (with 15% discount) came to $17.31.



I had $25.17 left in my July grocery budget after last week's grocery shopping.  So, with today's shopping, I have: $25.17 - $17.31 = $7.86.

That will still allow me to buy a couple of whole chickens, which are on sale for $.89/lb. at a different store (whole chickens at the store I went to today were $1.89/lb).

I also have a second 15% off coupon valid for later this month - I might have to borrow from the August budget to take advantage of the coupon.  

I haven't quite decided what to make with the ground beef, but I will cook it tomorrow, with onion, carrots and celery added to it.  Then, it can be portioned and frozen for future meals, too.

I didn't buy any additional fruits, other than the bananas, because I still have apples, mangoes, and an orange in the fridge.  And I didn't need to buy any vegetables because I have cabbage, beets, carrots, 1/3 cucumber in the fridge and frozen corn and peas and tomato in the freezer.

How is your July grocery budget coming along?  Are you managing to keep to your budget?  



  1. We've a new 'authentic' Italian grocery unofficially open this week in our neighbourhood. I stopped by since the parking lot seemed empty but the store was full. Prices were better than I expected so I bought rutabaga, parsnips, a wedge of wine cheese, 10 slices of Italian ham, a made-on-site Olive bread and a dessert that has more chocolate than I realized..

    1. Hon Min, sounds like you found yourself a good grocery store!

  2. Bless, It was nice you got to get your grocery shopping done, after work. So you want have to make a trip to the store..
    You found some good deals. Haven't seen milk that cheap in awhile.. And the whole chickens too.
    How nice to get the 15% off.. I would definitely borrow from August budget, to use
    your other coupon.. That is a good savings..
    Hope you have a nice weekend. [Try to say cool]

    1. Judy, yes, I'm trying to get back into the habit of doing my shopping during the week, after work. It frees up the weekend, a bit. I think I might have to reconfigure my grocery budget! I bought 4 whole chickens, today, at $.89/lb; each chicken was 5+ lbs.; and I spent $20.38 total.

      Hope you'll have a good weekend, too.


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