Friday, July 24, 2015

Busy Day Thursday

I've had a busy day, today.

Went to the office, in the morning and had a fairly productive day.

During my lunch break, I strolled through the weekly farmers market and stopped to buy a crusty French bread roll - smaller than a baguette, but just right for a sandwich roll.  I had taken some butter and slices of pan-roasted chicken breast with me for the sandwich filling.  I ate half for lunch and half for dinner.

Put gas to the car on my way home; $3.92/gallon for the cheapest, unleaded.  $46.51 to fill the tank (I had about 1/4 tank left when I put the gas).  But now, I've a full tank of gas for my 400 mile drive to visit daughter, tomorrow.  :)

Came home and called my neighbor to condole with her as her father passed away earlier this week.  Neighbor wasn't home, but I spoke with her daughter.  I will call my neighbor again, over the weekend.

Then, put water to the front garden (had watered the back garden, yesterday).  Temperatures will be in the mid 90s over the weekend, so the garden needed to be watered before I left on my weekend visit.  After that, I watered the houseplants.

I baked another batch of eight curry puffs, to take with me.  One or two will be for my brunch which I will eat at a rest area on my drive; the rest, I will share with daughter.

Then, I packed my weekend bag and the two boxes of stuff I am taking to my daughter.  I put the two boxes in the car, but not the weekend bag as I have a few final items to pack in the morning - toiletries, etc.  I will have another box of food stuff to take, as well - again, to be packed into the cooler, in the morning.  

I wrote out my to do list for tomorrow morning:

- Leave a note of instructions for the gardener
- Clean Dancer cat's litter box and set up an extra litter box for him
- Set out extra food and water for him
- Take out the kitchen trash
- Pack up the rest of the food items
- Pack my laptop and charger

I had been planning to leave very early in the morning, in order to avoid driving in the 100F heat in the afternoon.  But it is already 12:30 a.m. now, and I won't get to bed before 1:00 a.m. at the earliest.  So, I don't think I'll be able to leave at 5:30 a.m. as originally planned!  A 7:30 a.m. start seems more realistic!  Oh, well.

Wish me a safe drive, please. 

How was your day?  Was it a busy day for you, too?



  1. Bless, praying for a safe trip. and a very enjoyable time with your daughter..
    Nothing more special than time spent with our children.
    Gas is so expensive there.. I filled my car up today also..It was $2.31 gallon.. At one time it was around $3.50 gal.. That is very difficult.. I will pray that the prices will come down at your gas pumps also..
    Be safe..

    1. Judy, thanks. I had a safe trip up and arrived mid-afternoon. We've looked at the new apartment (rented it sight unseen!) and did the move-in check list to note any existing damage (like dings on the washer/dryer, nail holes in the walls, etc.) to file with rental office so they know the conditions at move-in and there won't be any problem getting back her security deposit ($1,000). We are taking a coffee break and then, we'll start cleaning. Daughter has packed up most of her stuff, but closet rods have not been installed in the new apartment, so she can't move her clothes and hang them! But, we'll pack everything and move the furniture, etc., tomorrow.

  2. Proud your safely there.. You two enjoy your time together, even though, it is a busy time moving..
    Very smart to do the move in check list.. save troubles later on.

  3. I hope you take a few days holiday to recover from all the work of moving + highway! Landlords are getting so demanding and management seem so determined to retain damage deposits, I suggest taking photos with cell phone to electronically forward along with list of dings on possession.

    1. Hon, LOL, daughter has to go to work on Monday and I have to go to work on Tuesday. As it is, I'm already taking off 2 days (Friday and Monday) to travel. Yes, I told daughter to take pictures with her phone to document.


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