Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday's Doings


Today, I overslept, so had a bit of a scramble to get dressed and out the door in the morning!  Had a fairly quiet day at the office and a long, slow drive home due to traffic.  I had planned to mulch the front planting bed, this evening, but I have a sore shoulder (not sure what I did to cause it), so, I decided that hauling bags of mulch would not be the best thing to do (don't have a wheelbarrow).  I guess I will let the gardener do the mulching for me on Friday.

Instead, I put away the last bits of laundry and tidied the living room and dining area.  Then, video chatted with daughter and read a bit. 

Dinner was salmon, potatoes and green peas, with a piece of papaya for dessert.  Tomorrow's lunch will be leftover fried rice with papaya and a banana for desserts/snacks. 

It was a cooler day, today, with highs only in the upper 70s.  Tomorrow, too, will be a similarly cooler day.  The temperature will rise over the weekend.

I didn't make a to do list for today (other than mulching the front planting bed).  My to do list for tomorrow (Thursday) include:

- Bank
- Pharmacy
- Post office
- Tidy family room

 How was your day?  Did you have a busy day?  Or was it a slow day like mine?


  1. As mentioned when you we initially preparing for DD's move, you might find a small, folding luggage cart a practical gizmo for wheeling heavy bags of mulch to location, merely strapped in place with a bunjee cord.
    Items like this are often $ 5. at yard sales or possible $8. at GW or similar charity shop in the luggage zone. You might find these efficient to move boxes for DD's next move.

    1. Hon, that is a good suggestion. However, I just got my gardener to do the mulching for me, so that worked out fine.

  2. We worked in the garden today.. And I did laundry and hung on the line to dry..
    Hope your shoulder feels better real soon..

    1. Judy, sounds like you had a busy day. My shoulder is better, again, thank you. I rubbed an ointment on it and that seems to have helped.


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