Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

I made two more birthday cards, using supplies I had on hand. 

Purple Lace and Rhinestones

Cream card stock, overlaid with lilac card stock and a bit of beige card stock, polka dotted border around, a bit of the Happy Birthday printed paper matted with a different shade of purple card stock and, because it looked too plain, a bit of purple lace laid over the lilac and beige strips at the top. I felt it needed a little more embellishing, so, I took three stick-on rhinestones (leftover from when daughter took dance classes and we embellished her costumes for performances) and added them to the card for a bit of "bling".

White Lace and Buttons

The second card also started out with cream card stock; I overlaid it with a piece of thin paper which had tiny bits of wildflowers embedded in it.  It's barely visible in the picture, above, but more visible on the card and it provides a little texture, as well.  I used a piece of white embroidered lace to embellish this card and, because the purple strips looked too plain, I added some white buttons from my collection.

I think, without the Happy Birthday paper, these two cards can be adapted for any occasion.   What do you think?


  1. Oh Bless.. these are beautiful.. I just know, this is so much fun... and the person receiving them, will be thrilled.
    Yes, I think they could be for lots of different occasions.

  2. You did great, Bless! The colors and textures make them so interesting and I think you're right ... They could be used for any occasion by replacing the "Happy Birthday." I love things that are multi-use!!!

    1. Carolyn, thank you! I'm pleased with the way they turned out.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE homemade cards!

    1. Thank you, Joy. Your comment just reminded me, I should make some Valentine's Day cards. :)


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