Friday, July 3, 2015

Feeling Guilty

Since the Fourth of July/Independence Day is on Saturday, both daughter and I are having a holiday, tomorrow.  She couldn't come home for the long weekend because we couldn't get a good sale price on the plane ticket.  It's worth it to fly home for a weekend when the air fare costs $79 each way.  But not worth it when the fare is nearly $300 each way.

It only costs me $50 for gas, each way, to drive up to visit her - that and 6+ hours of driving.  This being a holiday weekend, there will be a lot of traffic and the drive could take 8+ hours, which would be a little tiring.  But I also have Monday off from work, so this would have been a good weekend to drive up.

However, while part of me feels I should go up to see daughter, a part of me feels I should stay home and attend to some of the things I've been putting off until I had more time to do them; to try and catch up on some tasks; to get a bit of control over things at home.

Daughter assures me she will be fine, spending this long weekend by herself, she hadn't planned on coming home and she hadn't planned on me visiting her, either, because I will be going up later in the month to help her move into her new apartment.  But I feel guilty that she'll be on her own.  I feel like I am being selfish and not being a good mother!  Sigh.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being treated to doughnuts at the office
- My supervisor's offer of help with a personal, non-work related matter
- A colleague's willingness to help, as well
- A cooler day
- Daughter being so understanding

 What do you think?  Am I being selfish?

Edited to add:  THANK YOU to my tech savvy friend! 


  1. Not at all! There absolutely nothing selfish about staying home! You and your daughter have discussed it and she will be fine. Enjoy your long weekend.

    1. Jess, thanks. Thursday night/early Friday morning, I dreamed that I had driven up to see her and and got lost on my way back - couldn't find the freeway, was miles out of my way, tried to get directions from someone, tried to read a map, etc.! I woke up feeling more tired than if I had driven up! :D

  2. oh Bless. please don't feel guilty.. Some times..we just can't do those things we want to do.. And your sweet daughter was so understanding.. You two, will make up for loss time, when you visit later this month.. hugs.

    1. Judy, thanks. We made up for it by being on video chat for hours on end! But I got a few things done around the house and got to rest, as well.


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