Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July Grocery Shopping andTuesday's To Do List

July Week 1 Groceries
I went grocery shopping, yesterday and bought what's shown above:

8.72 lbs. tomato, @ $.39/lb = 3.40
.72 lb. ginger, @ $1.19/lb = $.86
.43 lb. garlic @$2.29/lb = $.98
.67 lb. red onion @ $.39/lb = $.26
1.21 lb. zucchini @ $.89/lb = $1.08
.28 lb. kohlrabi @ $1.99/lb = $.56
2.02 lb. papaya @ $.69/lb = $1.39
1.04 lb. nectarine @ $.49/lb = $.51
1.14 lb. bananas @ $.49/lb = $.56
2 mangoes @ $.50 = $1.00
1 coffee creamer = $2.99
1 loaf bread = $1.99
1 packet sesame sticks/crackers = $2.39
2 packets cashews; $3.95 + $3.70 = $7.65
12 cans coconut water, @ $.59 = $7.08 + deposit $.60
almost 1 lb. beef shoulder steak @ $3.99/lb = $3.51

Total spent = $36.81

I went over budget in June by $13.02, partly because daughter was visiting and I bought extra groceries to send back with her.  I will be deducting that from the July grocery budget, so, my grocery budget in July is: $75 - $13.02 = $61.98.

What's left in the budget = $61.98 - $36.81 = $25.17

The tomatoes, some of the ginger and some of the garlic are to make tomato chutney, which I make once a year in the summer, when tomatoes are on sale.  My tomato chutney is like a very spicy version of ketchup and it is a favorite condiment in the family.  Daughter and I eat most of it, but some of it gets gifted at Christmas, etc.

One of the packets of cashews is for daughter, and most of the cans of coconut water, as well, since she loves it (regularly priced at $.99 @).

I bought the kohlrabi because a friend mentioned buying one to try it after disliking it as a child and I thought  I should try it, too (I, too, have had it as a child and not cared much for it).  I bought the smallest one I could find, so that very little would be wasted if I decide I still don't like it!

I cooked the beef in a spicy curry, tonight, and I have thawed 2 previously cooked salmon steaks.  They will be my main sources of protein for lunches and dinners, this week.

Today, I had tuna salad sandwiches for lunch (with canned tuna from the pantry) and dinner was some of the beef curry with bread.  I plan to take more of the beef curry and bread for my lunch, tomorrow.  I also made a "trail mix" of cashews, dried cranberries, and the sesame sticks for snacking.  Bananas and nectarines for fruit.

Today's To Do list was much shorter than yesterday's:

- Eye Exam - done
- Pharmacy for aspirin - done
- Library to pick up book I had requested/placed on hold - done
- Bring trash cans in - done
- Cook beef curry - done
- Paperwork - done
- Mulch front planting bed
- Take cuttings from succulents

Have you gone grocery shopping yet, in July?  Have you eaten kohlrabi and if so, do you like it?


  1. Bless when I eat kohlrabi, I slice it about 1/4 in thick then sprinkle salt on it. It is the only way I ever ate it. Are you planning to cook it?


    1. Frugal, I want to try making a type of salad with it - I've read a few recipes on-line where the kohlrabi is finely julienned or grated and mixed with either apples, or carrots, or both; slaw-type recipes. I thought I'll give it a try and see if I like it like that - maybe with half the kohlrabi. And cook the other half, to see which way I prefer it.

  2. Coconut water: Have you ever purchased coconut powder to reconstitute with water or milk to create the liquid form? I wondered if you get the same result

    1. Hon, coconut powder is dehydrated coconut milk; mixing it with water would reconstitute it and make coconut milk. What I bought in the cans is coconut water, not coconut milk. Coconut water is the liquid inside the coconut, ideally young coconut. It makes a refreshing drink.

  3. Great prices on your July Groceries.. Tomatoes are really cheap.. I have never made tomato chuntney.. Sounds good .. Might have to try it.

    1. Judy, thanks. I wish I had waited to buy the zucchini, because they are on sale this week for $.39/lb. Oh, well, you win some, you lose some.


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