Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Update on Weekend To Do List

I didn't get around to doing everything on my weekend to do list, but I did some of it.  I spent most of my weekend resting and sewing (repairing a quilt).  As a result, not much of the to do list got done during the weekend and some of it got carried over into the week!

- Laundry (sofa dust sheets, bed sheets, etc.) -  I did the laundry and changed the dust sheets, etc.

- Grocery shopping (milk, bread, fruit, maybe chicken) - I did the grocery shopping on Monday and bought beef instead of chicken.

- Meal planning for the week -  I didn't do any meal planning as such, but that's not such a big deal, when it's just me.  What's more important is to have options in the fridge, freezer and pantry so that I can make something I like as needed.

- Cooking/baking for the week - I did some bulk cooking (a big pot of rice, some sauted green beans), but didn't bake as it was too hot!

- House cleaning (bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen) - I cleaned the two bathrooms, and I spot cleaned the floors, which included pulling out the bed and one of the sofas to clean under (Dancer cat had furball issues on Sunday!) but I didn't dust or vacuum.
- Decluttering (file folder of cards, recipe binder) - Not done

- Dishes - Done, but they are never really fully done, are they?

- Gardening (buy mulch; re-pot some plants; weed; etc.) - I watered the garden (front and back) on Monday and spent over an hour weeding on Tuesday.

- Sewing (placemats, repair/redo quilts, sew on hexagons quilt)  - I spent most of the weekend repairing one of the quilts.

- Shopping? (fabric store sale!)  - I didn't go shopping for fabric, after all!  The sale lasts until this Saturday, but I think I will resist going.  I still have most of the fabric I bought on a 75% off sale after Christmas a year ago (not this past Christmas, but Christmas of 2013!)  I really, really need to use up what I have in the stash before I add to it!

I will continue to work off the list (and add things to it as needed) throughout this week.  Maybe I should have called it a "weekly" to do list instead of weekend to do list!

How is your week coming along?


  1. Bless - You continue to motivate me. I like that you're very flexible and can change meal plans as needed ... Depending upon what you feel like eating or what ingredients are a good buy that particular week. It works so well!

    1. Carolyn, I like that term, "flexible". :) For a long time, I felt guilty because I didn't meal plan the way so many others do, but, it's OK and it works for me.

  2. BLess, I didnt do the fabric shopping either.. Proud of my self for refraining/as I really didn't need any..
    You did a good job on your list.. And as you said...dishes are NEVER
    Have a great day.

    1. Judy, good of you to hold off on buying more fabric! It'll be less for you to pack and carry, too, when you move to your new place.


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