Monday, June 8, 2015

June Grocery Shopping - Week 1

On Thursday, I bought a loaf of French bread from the farmers market for $2.50.  But I did the first "proper" grocery shopping, today.

I spent a total of $58.60 after loyalty card discounts and coupons, but that included a bag of dry cat food ($9.99), 3 air fresheners ($.80 @ after coupon), and $1.18 taxes on the cat food and air fresheners (food items are not taxed). 

I purchased:

1 gal. milk ($2.55)
1 qt. half & half/creamer ($2.29)
1 doz. large eggs ($2.99)
5 lb. flour ($2.29 - $.40 coupon = $1.89)
1 bottle oil ($1.99)
1 17-oz. box cereal ($3.99; free with coupon!)
1 box saltine-type crackers; unsalted tops ($1.50)
1 2-liter bottle soda ($1.99; free with coupon! Paid only $.10 deposit)
1 bottle apple juice ($2.99 - $1.00 coupon = $1.99)
1 bag potato chips ($2.99)
2 cans peaches ($1.25@ - $.40 coupon on purchase of 2 cans = $1.05@)
2 12-oz. bags frozen corn ($1.00@)
1 12-oz. bag frozen green peas ($1.00)
1 4-pack fruit cups (mango; $1.99)
3 cans tuna ($.89@ - $.45 coupon on purchase of 3 cans = $.74@)
2.25 lb. red grapes (@$1/lb;= $2.23)
1 bag of 6 apples ($.99)
1.42 lb. bananas ($.69/lb; = $.98)
1 pkg. chuck steak ($3.99/lb; = $4.63)
1 pkg. ground sirloin ($3.99/lb; = $3.51)
1 loaf French bread ($1.59)
3 bars chocolate ($1.50@ - $1.00 coupon = $1.166@)

Total = $45.03
With the $2.50 for the French bread earlier in the week, June Week 1 grocery totals = $2.50 + $45.03 = 47.53

My grocery budget was set at $75 for myself.  I went over the May budget by $10.47 (partly because I bought some stuff for daughter when she visited).  I will be deducting that from my June budget, so my June grocery budget is $75 - $10.47 = $64.53.

Balance left in June grocery budget: $64.53 - $47.53 = $17!

This is going to be an interesting month!  I don't want to increase the grocery budget because I am making special treats for daughter, every month!  But I just might have to do that!   

Blurry Receipt!

The potato chips are a total indulgence, but I've been craving potato chips for well over two weeks, now.  The chocolates are an indulgence, too.  I am well aware that I could have saved almost $6.50 from the grocery bill if I hadn't given in and bought these two items.  On the other hand, these items are cheaper at the grocery store than at the convenience store near my office, where I sometimes buy them from my eating out/miscellaneous budget.  :p

The chuck steak is to make the spicy beef stir fry that daughter loves - I'm planning to make it this weekend when she comes home and will probably send the leftovers back with her.  The ground sirloin is to make more curry puffs, because, you guess it - daughter was craving curry puffs when she saw that I had made some for myself the other day!  LOL.  Regular ground beef (30% fat) was the same price as the on-sale ground sirloin (10% fat), so I bought the lower fat version, which is usually priced higher (ground sirloin, reg. price = $7.49/lb., per package)

For brunch, today, I had a sandwich made with some of the French bread, the last of the turkey cold cuts I had bought earlier, potato chips and grapes.  Haven't quite planned my dinner, yet, but it will probably be something with leftovers - rice, green beans, and some of the leftover curry puff filling from earlier.

Have you gone grocery shopping in June, yet?  How is your June grocery budget coming along?  


  1. Great job on your grocery finds.. I too, buy and cook things for my grown children..When I know they are coming for a visit.. I will cook/bake things I know they like.. Always so happy to see them..It is worth the extra cost.ha
    Proud daughter is coming home this weekend..Know you two will enjoy the weekend together..
    I haven't bought groceries for June.. But, will do so soon.

    1. Judy, I guess we mothers are all like that when it comes to feeding our children. I tend to show love through food. I've a fairly well-stocked freezer & pantry, so I should be fine. If I need to, I can always take from one of the other categories, such as "Miscellaneous".

  2. Have a great time visiting with your daughter. It's very nice of you to cook things for her. I did some shopping one day last week, I need to find that receipt! I bought grocery items, household items, etc that I wanted to break down to get a more accurate number.

    1. Thanks, Jess. We are both looking forward to her visit. Hope you find your receipt and are able to break it down by category. I know that some people just call it all "groceries", but I like knowing how much for pet food, household supplies, toiletries, and actual people food groceries.


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