Saturday, June 6, 2015

1st Weekend in June To Do List

This weekend, I'm back to making a To Do list; I think I'll reserve "weekend plans" for next weekend when daughter will be visiting.

So, on the to do list for this weekend:

- Laundry (sofa dust sheets, bed sheets, etc.)
- Grocery shopping (milk, bread, fruit, maybe chicken)
- Meal planning for the week
- Cooking/baking for the week
- House cleaning (bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen)
- Decluttering (file folder of cards, recipe binder)
- Dishes
- Gardening (buy mulch; re-pot some plants; weed; etc.)
- Sewing (placemats, repair/redo quilts, sew on hexagons quilt)
- Shopping? (fabric store sale!)

The fabric store sent an ad in the mail - they are having a sale on broadcloth for $1.99/yd (regular price $3.99).  I usually wait for the $1.99 sale and then, stock up.  But I still have some broadcloth I bought during an earlier sale in my stash, so I am debating whether to stock up some more or wait for another sale, later in the year (by which time, hopefully, I would have used up at least some of what's in my stash).  Daughter is encouraging me to stock up, but I remember telling myself I won't buy more fabric until I use up what's in the stash!  The sale doesn't start until tomorrow, so I have the rest of today to debate with myself!  LOL.

In the meantime, if I am to get anything done, I had better get off the computer and actually start on my to do list!

What's on your to do list for this weekend?  What would you do if you have a stash of fabric and there's a sale going on?  Should I buy more fabric or should I give it a miss?


  1. I don't even know what broadcloth is, but I'd stock up if you don't have a huge amount. They could always not go on sale when you expect it or you could need more before then or maybe you will be unable to go next time. Just my thoughts.

    Today I attended a friend's high school graduation and I have no plans for tomorrow.

    1. Jess, thank you! Broadcloth is a cotton blend fabric. I use it for my quilting and other sewing projects. Hope you have a nice, relaxed day, tomorrow.

  2. Bless, I am too late reading this..But, I had to laugh at your decision to buy fabric or not.. I am a fabric hoarder for sure.. I just love it... ha I too , wait for the broadcloth to go on sale, before I buy.. I am pretty well stocked at the moment.. but when that sales flyer comes really temps me to buy more.. .. I need to go on a fabric fast....but, that probably wont happen. lol.
    be sure and let us know...did you or did you not buy fabric HA

    1. Judy, I knew you'd understand! :) I didn't go yet - the sale is good till Saturday, June 20. But I am leaning towards not buying any more because I still have most of what I bought when it was on sale for 75% off (Christmas before last). I think I will hold out for a similar sale. I really need to sew down the stash before I buy more fabric!


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