Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday: Summer Solstice and a New Nightdress

Today is the 1st day of summer, and the longest day of the year.  Today was slightly cooler than yesterday.  The house stayed a comfortable 80-84F; it's 82F right now (6:30 p.m.).

Today is Father's Day, too, of course.  My father died nearly 52 years ago (will be 52 years, next month), when I was seven years old.  My step-father died 28 years ago, this month.  So, I don't really do anything to observe Father's Day, except remember them and say a prayer for them. 

I had a relaxed day, today, and finished sewing my nightdress:

New Summer Nightdress

Pale green broadcloth.  With hand embroidered "lazy daisy" stitch flowers around the yoke:

Flowers on the Yoke
I love the lazy daisy stitch for when I want a touch of quick embroidery; the leaves are lazy daisy stitch, too, and the flowers have French knot centers.

I used an old nightdress my mother had sewn as my pattern; it was the last nightdress she ever sewed. I used sewing thread, embroidery floss, and a snap I already had (the yoke is fastened with a snap).  The fabric was bought on sale at 70% (or 75 %; I can't quite remember) off; I either paid $1.20 or $1 per yard (regular price, $3.99; it's on sale this week at 50% off, for $1.99/yd.).  I bought 3 yd. lengths for nightdresses, so, this nightdress cost either $3.60 or $3 to make (plus electricity, of course, for the machine sewing).  And, of course, I now have some leftover fabric for future patchwork projects.  :)

Today, I am grateful for:

- A new, low cost nightdress
- What first hand memories I have of my father
- My step-father who always called me his daughter
- More freshly picked cherry guavas, even if they were blueberry sized
- A slightly cooler day

How did you spend this first day of summer?  Did you do something special to celebrate Father's Day? 


  1. It's always nice to have relaxing days sometimes :-) I'm glad you have some memories of your father and that your stepfather called you his daughter. I hear people all the time talking about step kids but never once say 'theirs'. I just don't understand that. One of my nieces is actually my brother's step daughter, but he never refers to her like that and we sure never say oh, my step-niece. Blood doesn't make family.

    Anyways, we ended up going to a cookout at the in-laws. Had some good food, Little Wolf's great grandpa seen him for the first time, my mother-in-law walked him by the pool and let him splash his hands in. He absolutely loved it and held on to the pool railing refusing to let her pull him away. It was adorable watching him smile and giggle.

    1. Jess, sounds like it was a fun family gathering at the in-laws. How special to have Little Wolf meet his great grandpa! Sounds like Little Wolf will enjoy swimming when he's older. It's always so much fun to watch little ones discover the world around them. :)

  2. This night gown is beautiful..Love your embroidery on it.. So pretty.. Know you will enjoy it on these hot days, we are having.

    1. Judy, thank you! I like yokes because I can then do embroidery (love to embroider). LOL, I never thought I'd post pictures of my nightwear on a blog for all to see!


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